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How to push a Git repository containing multiple projects

I have an Objective-c project, which I originally started in Xcode3. This has a Help Book, started in a directory at the same level as the project. I have since added a Automator Action, which is a self contained project, but I added a Workspace to include in the Application bundle. When Xcode introduced Source […]

Removing previously tracked files from git repo without deleting them on pull

I have a few files that I’d like to stop tracking in my git repository, but which I don’t want to actually delete. git -rm –cached works well locally, but will still delete the files when someone else pulls the changes. Is there a way to stop tracking a previously tracked file without deleting it […]

Directory structure for using git with Eclipse

I”m going to have to re-organize my directory/folder structure in order to use git with Eclipse, since repo’s are not supposed to be located within the workspace. Being a git newbie I’d like some confirmation that my intended structure makes sense before I start re-organizing and init’ing repos. My current workspace includes an Android project, […]

git/GitHub property configuration

I am learning git and have found a great series of articles at http://gitimmersion.com/. However there are a few questions surrounding git “properties” that I’m still not quite understanding. Properties like user.name and user.email…where are these configured? The .gitconfig file? Is this where all git properties are stored? What SSL/auth properties do I need to […]

git beta release before live on other subdomain

This is how it is now set up: we have one bare repository, we made it like git init –bare then we have many other repositories like: johnson.sample dot com, marry.sample dot com, john.sample dot com and if we are done with development we push to bare. After this we go to live server like […]

Give Android apps permission to access files

Is there any way to give Android apps permission to access hidden or other files? I am trying to use Sgit to do stuff with Git, but I need some SSH keys. I put some keys in the .ssh folder inside the “root” folder (I think), /storage/sdcard0/, but I couldn’t access that .ssh folder with […]

What is a practical way for maintaining a secret (from public) patch to a git repo?

I am doing a demo app for a particular platform (Jolla Sailfish) on github and it is going to have some ids/keys that I don’t want public to see. For example, I definitely don’t want public to see the real Mixpanel or Google Analytics keys. Public version should have them empty or use completely different […]

continuous integration with travis ci and openshift

I try continuous integration with travis and openshift. Travis log Total 387 (delta 202), reused 387 (delta 202) error: Could not read f296a9effed3a7c3f86be451613e529c1818667b fatal: revision walk setup failed error: Could not read f296a9effed3a7c3f86be451613e529c1818667b fatal: revision walk setup failed remote: Stopping MongoDB cartridge[K remote: Stopping Ruby cartridge[K remote: [Wed Nov 06 16:24:47 2013] [warn] PassEnv variable […]

Synchronize Remote Git repository with web server

I have a website I am working on with git as version control. However, it is becoming annoying to have to manually update the web server with changes to our code as well as the git repository every time we want to make a commit. Is it possible, perhaps with third-party software, to synchronize my […]

Export a stash to another computer

I need a way to export a stashed change to another computer. On Computer1 I did $ git stash save feature I’m trying to get the stash patch to a file and then import it to another computer $ git stash show -p > patch This command gives me a file that I can move […]

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