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How to have two projects on git. one is based on another one and having sync done automatically in visual studio?

This may be a common problem among developers. We have a base project which is acting as a platform for other projects. let’s say the base project is as follows: project-base file-base-1 file-base-2 file-base-3 the other project which is built upon the base-project should be as follows: project-module file-base-1 file-base-2 file-base-3 file-module-1 file-module-2 file-module-3 the […]

Remove inactive branches from IIS via TeamCity

I’ve got the following setup: I use git (Stash/BitBucket) as my versioning tool. My build- & deployment proccess is automated via TeamCity8.0.5 (TC) Feature & Bugfix branches are automatically deployed to an IIS Web Site. When I merge a feature branch and it gets deleted from git, it gets automatically hidden from display in TeamCity, […]

How can I avoid ignored files when I checkout a subtree branch?

I have a project with the following structure: . ├── development │   └── ignoredfile ├── .gitignore └── master └── masterfile The content of .gitignore file is development/ignoredfile Then I create a git repository and a development branch: git init . git checkout -b development git add . git commit -m “First commit” After that I […]

Git synchronize between two remotes

I’m working with an infrastructure as followed: My laptop, Workstation B and server B are all at my job. Now to allow for working from home, I want to be able to work on workstation A. My laptop is the only device that could connect to both servers simultaniously, as I’ve got a VPN set […]

How to checkout to a different branch in submodules?

We are have 2 rails projects for which /models are common for both of the projects and so we maintained a separate repo by using submodules concept. Now in project1 I created a branch rails3_upgrade from master for my submodules i.e., in app/models. how can I checkout to that branch in project2 models from master? […]

How to find the files that changed more than X times in a git repo?

I am failing to get this info elsewhere. Is it possible to, for all the files in a repository,find the files that have changed more than X times since the creation of the repository? Cheers!

Files changed directly after git clone into shared folder using Vagrant on windows host

I have a windows 7 host system where I want to use a vagrant VM with the LAMP stack scotch box. The project repository requires symlinks (*) which get changed directly after i clone the repository via ssh. I am cloning the repository (on guest) after connecting via vagrant ssh The repository gets cloned into […]

Merge multiple commits git

I have following commit’s in my branch $ git log –pretty=oneline aa2ea957db6bf5f097b0e2f046c4c3f76758c6d9 Merge branch ‘CentralCache_Stats’ of gi ==> When I pull from master it create new commit don’t why ? 4ece4416421334e8be75893ef1416bb8509d2a44 [744] New API for central cache informa ==> I make changes and did commit –amend then also it create new commit. a49d7ef9f2e0c7adedb8dee96f79ce1d9e2855db Merge branch […]

Convert git repo with submodules to single repo

I have a git repository with several submodules which i would like to convert into one single repository containing all the history. Is this possible? The closest solution I’ve found is to merge the submodules into the parent repo as described in these questions: un-submodule a git submodule Git merge submodule into parent tree cleanly […]

jGit clone remote git respository from Java

I am using the below java code to clone a git repo. localRepo = new FileRepository(“/Users/myfolder/git” + “/.git”); git = new Git(localRepo); Git.cloneRepository().setURI(“git@github.com:mygit/TestGit.git”) .setDirectory(new File(“/Users/myfolder/git”)).call(); I can see the project cloned in the folder /Users/myfolder/git, but in the console log I see the exception fatal: Could not switch to Any idea why the exception is […]

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