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Can't check out specific branches

I created several branches in my repository based on Vincent Driessen’s model. After long time of development, When I use git bash branch command, it shows me, $ git branch develop f7-body-force f8-eos f9-contact-angle * f9-junk master Branch f9-junk was stemmed from f9-contact-angle. Now f9-junk is done and I want to merge it back to […]

Missing objects in git

I had a git repo in a Dropbox folder for quite some time. Now it is corrupted. (Never put git repos in Dropbox!) I deleted a few empty objects files. Now, a git fsck shows a list of broken links, dangling blobs, and missing trees. However, I’m pretty sure that my working copy is fine. […]

How to get the raw content of a file through GitLab REST API?

The following REST Url of GitLab API gives me the repository tree of a project. Get Repo Tree (WORKS) https://gitlab.gspt.net/api/v3/projects/2931/repository/tree?private_token=XXXX Output: [ { “id”: “a49d11794ed56db7f935abfd61002aef67159d10”, “name”: “src”, “type”: “tree”, “path”: “src”, “mode”: “040000” }, { “id”: “0fbd98527d4b36e3d22c164293d8fd8eee4d18cd”, “name”: “.gitignore”, “type”: “blob”, “path”: “.gitignore”, “mode”: “100644” }, { “id”: “0ef0da472176f2e6a24843ac9d4bb738c8310d23”, “name”: “pom.xml”, “type”: “blob”, “path”: “pom.xml”, […]

Process returned an error (exit code -3) in cake execution

While executing the cake script for test projects i’m getting, An error occurred when executing task ‘test’. Error: System.Exception: DotCover: Process returned an error (exit code -3). at Submission#0.<.ctor>b__29(Exception exception) at Cake.Core.DefaultExecutionStrategy.HandleErrors(Action`1 action, Exception exception) at Cake.Core.CakeEngine.HandleErrors(IExecutionStrategy strategy, Action`1 errorHandler, Exception exception) at Cake.Core.CakeEngine.ExecuteTask(ICakeContext context, IExecutionStrategy strategy, Stopwatch stopWatch, CakeTask task, CakeReport report) at Cake.Core.CakeEngine.RunTarget(ICakeContext […]

Do I need to specify the branches to list commits between two revisions in JGit?

I want to get the list of commits between two revisions (hashes) in a repository using JGit. I don’t know if the commits (start commit hash, end commit hash) are in one branch or different ones. I know how to walk through the Tree starting from a commit in JGit. My question: Do I have […]

How can I set merge “No Fast Forward” as the default in TortoiseGit?

I don’t use fast-forward merges in my workflow. I note that in git itself, one can include this in their .gitconfig to get fast forwarding off by default: [merge] ff = false TortoiseGit doesn’t seem to do anything with this, though. When I go to merge, the “No Fast Forward” checkbox is still unticked. When […]

merge two git repositories – consistent history

I have found a few similar topics but please take a look at my solution. It looks like git subtree is intended to solve a slightly different problem. I have two repositories A and B. Repo B has only one directory which is unrelated with the repo A content. I only want to add that […]

git: re-setting DEV to latest version of LIVE

we run git and I have 2 branches: LIVE and DEV. There are 2 servers 1:LIVE and 2:DEV. They both are linked to respective remote branch. Sometimes we need to “completely reset” the DEV server to the latest version of LIVE. I understand I can merge; I can checkout … but the problem is that […]

Change remote branch of repository and pull only the changes

I have a remote repository that has a lot of branches. Every time there is a new version, a new branch is created. How can I, when a new version is available, change the branch and pull the changes avoiding to clone it all again. I want to only download the new committs.

What to do when you branch out from the wrong branch and have unwanted commits?

I’ve made a mistake and when I wanted to branch out for a feature I forgot to change to the dev branch and create a new branch from there… Instead I created a new branch while being inside another feature branch. I just pushed my feature branch I have just finished and realized that there […]

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