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Github account authenticated with token in intellij

I recently started working in a new development team. Since I didn’t have access to repos, but we wanted to clone them already, the coworker granted me his access with username and github token, without password, I believe. After I was granted access to company github, I wanted to use my personal token. When I […]

What is the intended purpose of .orig files created by merge tool?

The Documentation does not state why .orig files are created by default. Also, their content after the next merge is undefined. Still, there must be some reason for having them created by default. My best guess is that correcting a failed merge is common and also easier when existing .orig files are present (as opposed […]

Gitlab daily backup to self-hosted instance

My company and I extensively rely on Gitlab for all our daily requirement mapping (issues, new features and bugs) and checking-in code. With the recent outage that Gitlab faced, we were locked out, and couldn’t do anything and were scared that we had lost all our issues. We not want a standalone backup of our […]

Git does not show remote messages (output of origin's hook)

My pre-receive hook at remote origin is: #!/bin/sh echo “****************************” I used to see the echo at client console like remote: ***************************, but now it does not show the remote message any more. Not sure which change caused it. What should I do to see the remote message?

Can I get a list of all pull requests related to a specific file/directory path in GitHub?

Is it possible to get a list of pull requests that have touched any file under a given directory? The other day, I had to wade through dozens of pull requests from the past several months and collect all the ones that had touched any file in under a particular path of interest. I tried […]

Workflow for handling pull requests in a gitflow workflow (with infrequent releases)?

Our previous workflow was similar to gitflow, everything is branched off master, master always reflects production. When a release is being prepared, the feature branches are merged into master, possible conflicts between different features fixed, create a tag for the release, push to master and that’s it. So now we’d like to integrate pull requests […]

git submodule: track 2 branches

Since a while (v1.8.2), git submodule allow us to track a specific branch: git submodule add -b <tracked_branch> <added_sobmodule> That’s pretty useful in a use case where you use meta-projet to track a bunch of project in their releasing branch from a public remote. Now, I have a use case in which I need to […]

Why does git rev-parse –short use a non-default length?

When running git rev-parse –short HEAD on repository A I get a hash output of length 7 as that is the default length for the –short option in the git documentation. When running the same command within repository B I get a hash output of length 9. What could override the default length of the […]

Git pull from same repo through different connections

In short: is there a way I can configure the same origin twice with different ports for a Git repo? Long: I have a git repo, but I connect to my company network by different ways. Over wifi, my origin address is server:/path-to-repo, but over mobile data connection, the address is server:23/path-to-repo. I need to […]

Is there ever a time when only an octopus merge will do?

The octopus merge looks vaguely terrifying. Is it ever the only way to get something done, or is it purely, um, a convenience function?

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