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Setting up Libgdx project with git

I want to manage a Libgdx project with my friend. I heard i can do this using git. So… how do i do this with a libgdx project? I have tried doing it with dropbox – probably not a good idea, because it said that libraries are missing on friend’s pc. Martynas

Redmine And Bitbucket Git

I am trying to link my existing remote bitbucket git repository to redmine repository tracker. In other words, I’d like to be able to push commits to bitbucket such as commit -m “Updated Class X Relations, #432, 3h” and have this update my redmine installation to read that Issue 432 has 3 hours worked. However, […]

Netbeans + GIT error when trying to clone a project “Algorithm negotiation fail”

I have got a git repository. I know it works because I have tested it by cloning the repository from a cygwin terminal: git clone git@frojasg1.com:/home/git/proyectos/chessPDF_browser.git directorio.pj I have tryed to clone the GIT repository with Netbeans, with the next data: repository URL: frojasg1.com:/home/git/proyectos/chessPDF_browser.git user: git I used the cygwin private key file in Netbeans. […]

How do I commit live code using GIT?

Our repo folder/tree contains the following folder/files inside: db/ -> this is where we store our db.sql src/ -> this is where we store our Drupal Site Files settings_.cmd -> file that contains DB username and passwords etc setup.cmd -> file that deploys the DB to localhost. Ok so when I deploy the drupal site […]

Use jgit to do git fetch -p

I understood that git.fetch().setRemoveDeletedRefs(true).call() would do the equivalent of “git fetch -p” in my program, but when I run that line, it actually deletes my master and HEAD remote refs. Running “git fetch -p” on the CLI does not. Strangely enough, this doesn’t happen on my teammates’ machines. Also, while I was trying to figure […]

Is there an easier way to integrate a subdirectory of an existing repository into another repository than sparse checkouts + subtree merge?

I have an existing code base (fairly large, being worked on by about a dozen developers) with a structure much like ourproject/src/gui ourproject/src/libs ourproject/src/shared ourproject/src/backend ourproject/tests … I would like to reuse most files beneath src/shared in a separate project, hosted in a separate Git repository – preferably in a subdirectory, something like myproject/src/3rdparty/ourproject/src/shared Now, […]

git prevent deleting ingored files

I need to have two different version of same file – one on local machine and one on the server (repo). I have put file to .gitignore, but now during each push it will delete file on the repo. What to do to prevent deleting file on the repo? Thank you!

using git with Pick D3 database

Is there a way to use git with Pick D3 database since the source code and compiled programs are stored inside D3? I think the only option would be to build routines to import/export the source code into the files in D3, but that seems like a lot of work, and also easily bypassable with […]

Delete commits after some dirty tests

I’ve found a bug in my scripts so I did a lot attempt to fix it. I’m a Git beginner so what I did is probably dirty but I committed after each try on my master branch. so I can push the changes and try if it works on a remote machine. Now everything is […]

Azure github deployment with private submodule

I am trying to deploy private repository with github onto Azure and it used to work perfectly until I made a piece of repository into separate private submodule that is also hosted on github. Now, every time I try to deploy to Azure it breaks during submodule deployment with following message: fatal: could not read […]

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