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Git/Django: Granular code permissioning/availability

We’re thinking of bringing in a couple of specialists for short-term projects. I’m trying to figure out how to allow them to effectively develop against our code base without releasing the whole code base to them. Each project has well defined areas they need access to; primarily our main models, together with specific pieces of […]

How to access git remote repo since IP address changed

Possible Duplicate: How to change a remote repository URI using Git? I have 2 remote repos remotes/origin/develop remotes/origin/master Originally these were on ip-address-1. The ip address has changed to new-ip-address-2. How can I change my local references so I can access the same repo at a new ip address?

Moving from SVN to …?

I’m currently working in a team where we’re “using” a subversion repository. I say “using”, because in reality, everyone’s just editing files directly on a server through samba shares, while every once in a while our architect does a commit from that server with our changes, which are then pushed out to servers. So basically […]

Test multiple repos in travis ci

So I have many related, but different git repositories. All of which have their own isolated testing. But a few have cross-dependancies (e.g. Mozilla’s “buildbotcustom” and “buildbot-configs” repositories depend on one another for our deployment). Our old jenkins UX performed an integration test whenever any of the related repositories changed. I have mentally looked at […]

How do I do a pristine checkout with git?

How do I return my working directory to the state it would be in if I made a new clone and checked out the current version? For subversion I’d do: $ svn status –no-ignore | awk ‘$1 == “?” { print $2 }’ | xargs rm -r and for mercurial: $ hg status –ignored –unknown […]

Access Git Repository using Eclipse and Netbeans Plugins with LDAP Users

I’ve configure a git server. I need to use ssh because I’ve defined permissions using users of my domain, using LDAP. Only users with permissions could read a project. So, the links to access my repositories are like that: ssh://user@domain.com@hostname/var/git/repo.git When I clone, commit or push a project using linux git commands or using tortoisegit […]

Capistrano deploy from Git HTTP repo

Has anyone experience with Capistrano deployment from a Git repository over HTTP? The following deploy.rb is not working: set :repository, ‘http://git.repository-domain.com:4442/git/repo.git’ set :scm_username, “git_username” set :scm_password, “git_password” set :scm, :git It is working if you pass a repository in as following though: set :repository, ‘http://git_username:git_password@git.repository-domain.com:4442/git/repo.git’ The latter only works as long as either the username […]

Git – fatal: unknown error occured while reading the configuration files

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this problem, but: When I try to do just about anything in my Git bash window, I get this error: fatal: unknown error occured while reading the configuration files I tried several re-installs under different configurations and attempted numerous reboots to no help. I was […]

Unable to get aliases work in .gitconfig

Github has the following recommendation for ~/.gitconfig [alias] # Is this [-] only a comment in .gitconfig? gb = git branch gba = git branch -a gc = git commit -v gd = git diff | mate gl = git pull gp = git push gst = git status The above commands worked in my […]

Xcode loses git history when moving a file

I’m trying to move a file between two projects in the same git repository. In Xcode, I can move the references to the new project fine but as soon as I physically move or copy the files to the new projects folder, git loses all of the log/blame history. On the command line I can […]

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