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github in Eclipse – not able to push a branch upstream from local

I have a project setup at github remote. I cloned the project in Eclipse, created a branch in local folder and when I try push the branch to the upstream, it says push not permitted I am getting this message in Configure push window: Note that remote ‘origin’ is used from 1 other branches (see […]

How to add existing visual studio project to empty git repository

I have an empty git repository on the server which I can clone to my local machine using git clone. My question is, how do I add a new visual studio 2010 project to that repo? Concretely, I created a folder and named it “repos”. Inside the folder, I run the following command on git […]

See who last changed a specific line in a Git repo

This question already has an answer here: Retrieve the commit log for a specific line in a file? 9 answers

Jenkins is not able to connect to GIT with SSH, but shell works

I have 2 Virtual Machines (both Ubuntu 12), SRV-ATLASSIAN (where Stash is installed) and SRV-CI (where Jenkins is installed). I want to use the Git Plugin for Jenkins, so i installed it, created a SSH key on SRV-ATLASSIAN and copied the private key (id_rsa) to /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh I ssh-add the key When i type in sudo […]

Jenkins GIT connectivity issue

I am recieving this error upon specifying the repository path “ssh://Administrator@WS-GIT/GitCentralRepository/Development” in my Jenkins job. “Failed to connect to repository : Command “ls-remote -h ssh://Administrator@WS-GIT/GitCentralRepository/Development HEAD” returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: FATAL ERROR: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey,keyboard-interactive) fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have […]

Facebook SDK does not work after bitbucket pull in other computer with Xcode project

I have a project where I am using FacebookSDK framework. I have followed the guide and everything works well in my computer, the problem is when I make a push into bitbucket repository and one mate make pull in his computer to work with the project there. He gets this error FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h file not found.. […]

Git status in XCode never change from 'A'

I don’t know what to do, always I do a git commit with XCode, it work but the status of the file is aways ‘A’ (new file). If I do the commit from an outside program, it work but don’t change the ‘A’ status in XCode. What can I do?

what type of information does remote repositories sites may contain and how to access keychain data?

So today I was installing sourcetree on my macbook, and I came across few prompts while source tree setup was registering with Atlassian’s bitbucket so it prompted this . So I want to know what is the information being access and how is it access, If I am not wrong I can use the same […]

Github – Fetching error

I’m using scandit for my qr code mobile app project. I got this issue when try to fetch from github repo. Last login: Fri Feb 7 15:44:08 on ttys000 Mohammads-MacBook-Pro:~ mohammadnurdin$ cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/izify-mobile Mohammads-MacBook-Pro:izify-mobile mohammadnurdin$ cordova plugin add https://github.com/Scandit/BarcodeScannerPlugin Fetching plugin from “https://github.com/Scandit/BarcodeScannerPlugin”… cp: dest file already exists: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/izify-mobile/plugins/com.mirasense.scanditsdk.plugin/README.md cp: dest file already exists: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/izify-mobile/plugins/com.mirasense.scanditsdk.plugin/README.md […]

why sourceTree push automatically files that have local changes?

I work with git on a certain branch. I have edited .cproject I used sourceTree to pull from the remote and some changed were merged and pushed automatically. But why did files with local changes didn’t ask for resolving merge conflicts?

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