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Android adding custom lint rule to the project (git)

I needed a custom lint rule, so created one using the steps from here All is working ok, the custom rule is now checked by lint. However, I have added the custom rule .jar to /.android/lint path. But this means that this rule is checked only for me locally. The location of the .android directory […]

Why is applicationhost.config still being added to source control even thought it's in gitignore

First of all, I’ve seen .vs\config\applicationhost.config in source control. We are working in a team and Visual Studio changes some path inside applicationhost.config file. We need to exclude this. In my .gitignore file, I’ve added: /.vs/config/applicationhost.config However, in every commit, this is again added to the git. Before VS2015 Update 2, it was no issue, […]

Pod library not updated

I am the owner of a pod library “HDTableDataSource”. When I released initial version, it had a bug in code. So I fixed the bug and updated my pod library but it does not update the code. I fixed the issue in my git push of tag 2.4 and then updated the pod spec file […]

How to show a file from a specific commit that has been renamed between that commit and HEAD?

I know that to show a file at a certain commit, I use git show <commit>:<file path>. But this doesn’t work if the file was renamed between the commit and HEAD, so is there a way to easily do this on the file without needing to manually figure out what the original filename was at […]

IntelliJ + git + submodules -> Where do you put the .iml?

Please note: Not using Gradle/Maven. Scenario: A typical Android App, requires the Facebook SDK, you have a few options: Clone the SDK somewhere in your disk, copy the contents of /facebook-android-sdk/facebook (where the Android src code for the library resides) into your /myapp/facebook for example, import a module in IntelliJ, point it to this new […]

Difference between git clean and system rm

What is the difference between: git clean -f temp1.txt and rm temp1.txt Git doc says: git-clean – Remove untracked files from the working tree So what is really the point of doing this instead of only the system command?

Git with Cygwin – not accepting userinput for Username

I am trying to clone a repository which requires authentication. With msysgit, I will get prompted for the username/password and it will clone. However, in Cygwin (v1.7.9) I will also get prompted, but when I type it will not take my input. I press ctrl-C to abort, and my entry is buffered and it attempts […]

Is there an inverse to Git's octopus merge?

Git has a much-touted(?) octopus-merge capability that can merge many heads into one. But is there something that would do just the opposite, make several simultaneous branches out of one node? Let’s assume that I have a bunch of code for a project, and I just started using Git. Some of the features are complete […]

Git Empty Commit With No Changes

I’m trying to troubleshoot a scenario that pops up, seemingly randomly, every couple of days or so. I switch to a branch I haven’t touched, and am told I am ‘ahead’ of the remote branch, despite not having made any commits on this branch. I then attempt to figure out what local changes I’ve made, […]

what does it mean when git svn clone runs for a long time, completes, and accomplishes nothing

I upgraded git on my mac to 1.7.2. I can no longer get git svn clone or git svn fetch to succeed. With GIT_TRACE=2, the last words on the subject are: trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.branches-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.tags-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.branches-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.tags-maxRev’ ‘12912’ […]

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