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Git: What to do if accidentally skipped while rebasing?

This question already has an answer here: What exactly does git rebase –skip do? 1 answer

Invalid username or password. Bitbucket

I wanted to start trying to work with BitBucket. I just created a repo and tried to push my first things, but when I “$ git push origin master“, a window appears that asks for my username and password on bitbucket. I introduce them correctly (the ones I log in bitbucket with) and this message […]

How do I pull these commits off my master branch and into their own branch, so I can merge them later?

The commits since origin have NOT been pushed. I did not plan very well, and realized that Targeted Interests and Appodeal are big commits that touch a lot of code and could potentially break things, so I would like to move those commits off my master branch and into their own branch, planning to merge […]

If I git push an existing project to a new remote, will it still have the pre-push commits?

I read this SO topic, and am in the same situation myself. My question is, if I push the branch to a new remote, will it still have the commits that it had when it was a branch of the original repo?

Git push to remote “No such file or directory”

I’m trying to push changes from my local machine to a live server. I followed the steps on this page. On my local machine, here is what I get when I run: $ git push web Counting objects: 3, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done. Writing objects: 100% […]

Sign a pushed Git commit without amending

Considering the following: git commit -m “I forgot to git commit -s” git push Is there any way to go back and sign an unsigned git commit that has already been pushed? Is the only way to do this through amending?

Is there a best practice on maintaining thirdparty javascript libraries in Git repo for a Java project (not Node project)?

I am working on a server side Java project. The Java code is merely 4 KB in size. However, the thirdparty JavaScript libraries (chartjs, angular, jquery, d3, etc.) consume a whopping 50 MB. Right now, the Java code as well as all the thirdparty JavaScript libraries are committed to my git repository. This allows me […]

Go get from private git repository fails due to .git in url

When using github.com, the url used to browse to a repo does not contain the .git extension: https://github.com/someuser/helloworld but the “clone with https” url does: https://github.com/someuser/helloworld.git And you go get it like this: go get github.com/someuser/helloworld In our private git repo, we create bare repos in a directory ending in .git (based on convention): helloworld.git […]

How do I move the added text region in Netbeans

I keep running into the following problem and it really exacerbates my OCD. Look at the following screenshot. I added that whole testAction function to the end of a class but instead of highlighting the whole function as having been added (with that green border), it skips one of the curly braces of the if […]

Permission denied although I can do whoami

My local machine is running Windows and I am trying to connect to a Bitbucket server using Git Bash and SSH. If I run whoami on the remote repository: ssh -p 7999 -i /c/Users/my-username/.ssh/id_rsa git@my-repo.com whoami I get a correct reply: my-username However, if I try to ping the repository: ssh -T git@my-repo.com I am […]

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