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SSH – ksh: git: not found

I have GIT running on a Solaris server. From a windows machine I installed cygwin to try to clone a repository hosted on the server. I do the following: $ git clone username@server:project.git ksh: git-upload-pack: not found So I try $ ssh username@server echo \$PATH /usr/bin It seems like git is not in /usr/bin/ but […]

Git – how to verify if and where Git is installed on Ubuntu

I am new to Ubuntu and Git. How I can verify that I have installed git on my machine? When I tried apt-get I got: root@ubuntu:/home/nebojsa# apt-get install git Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done git is already the newest version. The following packages were automatically installed and are no […]

How to track new commits with Git?

I’m writing an external Git plugin. It should process commits in Git and create some entity in another system if commit contains some text. Note that I want to search through all entire repository, not some branch. Also I have storage in my plugin, so I can store some revision SHA for example I clone […]

Unable to push to Heroku after being able to do do

I am unable to push to Heroku. When I attempt to I get an ExecJS::ProgramError: of some kind or another. I have had multiple people check my code and no one can seem to figure it out. It appears that I have something saved wrong possibly. When I do git push heroku master I get […]

git ignore file still commits logs

I’m read all kinds of post on this and I just can’t get it to work. in my .ignore file I have */[Ll]ogs/* Although I have tried about a dozen other variations, everything short of explicitly naming the file, I still am commiting these files new file: src/methodfitness.web/Logs/Trace.log.2012-03-15 I also had a similar problem helping […]

Step back a couple of revisions in git branch

I’m still new to git, so bear with me. I started adding a feature to my project in my current branch and committed it, then found out that I needed to add a more important feature first. (If I had thought about it, I would have just put the new feature into another branch but […]

Eclipse Import > Git Option Not Available

I am trying to import a git project, but the git option is not available under “Import.” I have Eclipse 3.7.2, and EGit is already installed. I’ve done Git imports before on this version of Eclipse, but I didn’t have this issue before. I am on a different computer, reinstalling everything, and trying to get […]

git directory structure confusion

Coming from an svn background, although not a that advanced user, I had a confusion on the directory structure of git. For a C++ project, I read the first 3 chapters of the book pro git which is online. I guess that it is a pretty good book with lots of figures that ease explanations. […]

Publishing a “git svn” repo

I’m modifying an open-source project that’s stored in an SVN repo. Since my changes will likely take a while to complete, I’ve checked the project out as a Git repo using the git-svn bridge. I don’t have access to the project’s Subversion repo so I can’t push changes back to it, but I’d like to […]

How do I get all git commits using Jenkins multiple scm plugin with git

Has anyone successfully setup jenkins multiple scm plugin with git where commits from all configured git repos display in both the git build data and jenkins build job build page? I’ve configured all of the git repos with their own name and custom scm name which displays correctly in the middle of the build page […]

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