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Pushing projects to different GIT repositories

in my Visual Studio 2013 I have a solution with a handful projects. Among others, I include a project where I have stored classes that I use in different projects. Those projects are located in different directories on my hard drive. Solution X Project 1 Project with common classes (different folder) Project with classes to […]

Git / SourceTree: how to delete a branch?

Following git flow, I have merged my finished feature branches into develop branch. But then I’ve created the release branch to soon accidently. What I’d like to do now is go back into the develop branch (where the feature merge has happened, f250065) and delete the release branch. I can’t delete the release branch because […]

gitignore – include everything in repo directory, ignore nothing, completely discard any user/machine ignores

I have a repo. I want everything in the repo’s directory to be included. I want to make it so that any user or machine settings related to ignoring files are not used at all. Anyone who pulls this repo will have to check-in any file in any directory within the repo. An empty .gitignore […]

Can we add git-annex to GitLab CE?

I know GitLab EE supports git-annex. However, us being a small team (of 2), plus lower cost projects, we’re using GitLab CE in self hosted environment. Now facing problems with big binary files and images, we’re starting to look for a solution. If there is any way git-annex can be manually integrated to gitlab-shell, or […]

php uploading to bitbucket without installing git on server

Is there anyway I can upload some new files into my bitbucket repo without installing GIT into my server? I am trying to use PHP (on a shared hosting Linux server) to upload files git add into a shared repo. A friend suggested me that I use this but that also needs an installation of […]

Jenkins “git command not found”

I have a project where build script using some git operations but my job fzailing due to it. I have added git executable in slave’s tools locations(using following combinations) but it’s still failing C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\’ C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe” ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe’ java –version git –version Java worked but […]

Best practise to get in sync core code in different projects using git

There is a core part in most of the projects I am working on. Each project is being stored on a separate git repo. I want to make a core repository to make all the core changes there and push them to other projects. I see these ways so far: Make one git repo, master […]

Replay local git-svn history to new svn server (lost access to old svn server)

I had an old svn server and used git-svn to maintain a local copy of the entire history on my machine. I have since lost access to the old svn server but I still have a working git-svn repo on my local machine. Now I would like to export my local repository to a new […]

Appending history of one git repository to another

How can I tack the history of one git repository onto another? I have two similar projects I’d like to merge the histories of. They have diverged somewhat, but essentially the job they do is now the same, which is why I wanted to do this. So essentially I’d like it to take it from […]

accidentally removed all files noted in .gitignore and I want them back

I ran the following command and it was a disaster. $ git clean -xfd => Removing config/application.yml Removing config/honeybadger.yml Removing log/development.log Removing log/production.log Removing notes.rb Removing public/assets/global/plugins/angularjs/plugins/angular-file-upload/uploads/ Removing public/assets/global/plugins/icheck/demo/css/custom.styl Removing public/assets/global/plugins/icheck/demo/js/custom.js Removing test/controllers/calculators/ Removing tmp/ It promptly removed all the files that were not tracked by git (desired). But it also removed all files that […]

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