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How to solve: Xcode shows files still as modified after commit

I am using SourceTree as a git client. A while ago, I had a major problem with my project and my git, so I had to reactivate a copy of my workspace from an external source. For that purpose I had created a complete new repository. Commiting to that now. Today I’ve noticed, that most […]

Github network graph not displaying correctly

I’m trying to follow a git branching strategy like the one in the image below: However, when I branch from develop into release, and then merge the release branch back into develop and master, the network graph on Github displays the following: This makes it looks as if develop was branched from release, and not […]

Recover files that were added to git, not committed and then accidentally deleted by git reset –hard

I have a huge problem. Yesterday I mistaken development and production terminals opened side-by-side and ran git add . on production. That caused staging all files in public/uploads path. When I tried git status It showed all files in public/uploads are staged and ready to commit. But I never committed these changes, because on production […]

What happens if I merge a commit that has removed code my new feature depends on

Say Alice and I have cloned a repository and been making changes. Alice commits her changes and pushes to remote. I then fetch that change and merge it with mine. Imagine Alice, in her latest commit, has removed a class called Vehicle. I in my turn, I have added a new class called Car that […]

xcode 8 remove unused working copy under source control

I’m working with Xcode 8 and git as source control. I have made my one git for the project. How can we remove the unused working copy as bellow pic I want to delete the “SAM” working copy to avoid confusion. How can we delete that. Any help is much appreciate. Thanks. Updated: I have […]

Git: Switch between forks, and create pull-request back

I have a git project, which each user has it own fork. I have cloned the original fork, and now I need to go to another fork, to make some code changes and then create a PR from my fork to the original. I’m loosing how to switch between forks, for example: I’m at gitlab.aws.site.net:webapp/webapp.git […]

Stash changes during conflict resolution

I am rebasing a complex feature to another branch using git cherry-pick. When trying to resolve conflicts in a big commit, I find out that I’ve missed some other commit that should be applied first. I can’t stash the current state, apply the other commit and then do stash pop. I could do cherry-pick –abort, […]

SourceTree: updating develop and master when both are way behind active branch

I find myself in the middle of a project that has tried to use the git-flow approach for maintaining code. https://blog.sourcetreeapp.com/2012/08/01/smart-branching-with-sourcetree-and-git-flow/ http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Because the git-flow strategies were not closely followed at the start of the project, the develop branch is months behind the latest feature branch, and the master branch is even further behind the […]

Creating multiple remote branches with git submodules

I am working with git submodules for the first time. Struggling with understanding how to create branches across the board and adding them to all the remote repos. Currently my file structure resembles the following: -parent_repo | |_ submodule_1 |_ submodule_2 |_ submodule_3 |_ submodule_4 |_ submodule_5 |_ submodule_6 |_ submodule_7 If I create a […]

application error on the web after you git push to Heroku

Basically, after I git push to Heroku, my website throws an error called Application Error: An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. But when I refresh the page, my website loads succesfully… Why? For your information, I am […]

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