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Handling File ownership issues in a PHP apache application

Env: Linux PHP apps runs as “www-data” PHP files in /var/www/html/app owned by “ubuntu“. Source files are pulled from git repository. /var/www/html/app is the local git repository (origin: bitbucket) Issue: Our Developers and Devops would like to pull the latest sources (frequently), and would like to initiate this over the web (rather than putty -> […]

GitForWindows keeps asking for OpenSSH password (Wish Application)

I just installed GitForWindows and it keeps asking me for a password even if I enter it correctly. I’ve never seen this dialog pop up before on installations on other machines (though I haven’t used Git Bash until now). How can I prevent this from popping up? I’m using ssh-agent manually anyway.

davibennun laravel track push notification

I have done installed APNs in laravel using https://github.com/davibennun/laravel-push-notification and work perfectly on sending push notification to the devices. And now i can’t track if any push notification is failed ( since using this davibennun library can send push notification to multiple device token and if one of them is failed the rest of notification […]

How to update tags after rebase of entire branch?

Recently I’ve rebased my master branch starting from the root –root. For clarity, I visualize it: v1 v2 | | A—B—C—D (master) Now after running git rebase –root -i I have the following: ‘A—‘B—‘C—‘D (master) v1 v2 | | ? ? (old-master) As you can see I just want to update references of v1 and […]

Non-recursive git log and diff

git log -p . only within the current directory but not in subdirectories equivalent svn log –diff –depth files . Is it possible?

Jenkins and GIT: REJECTED_OTHER_REASON when pushing tags

I want to add a tag to my GIT repository via Jenkins and its GIT Plugin. Therefore I configured the GIT Publisher Plugin like this: It shoult create a tag (e.g. Tag-40) and push it to the repo. But when running this job (no other build steps) I get the following error (“REJECTED_OTHER_REASON”): After some […]

Always get checkout error with submodule on GitHub Desktop on Windows

I have a repo with a few branches. On one of them I deleted a directory, which does not really belong to the repo and added it back as a git submodule. That’s what I do: Clone the repo Switch to the branch with the submodule in GitHub Desktop git submodule init Until now I […]

Set up git submodule without creating commit

I have a parent project with the following .gitmodules file [submodule “src/redux”] path = src/redux url = git@github.com:username/sub-package.git branch = master Here are the steps I’m using to clone the parent project to ensure I have the submodule set up. git clone git@github.com:username/parent-project.git git submodule init git submodule update After that, I have the contents […]

Proper way to use git for website development?

So I have searched around this site, I have read the tutorial at gitimmersion.com, and various others as well, but I still have lingering questions which I am hoping someone can answer. Basically I have a webserver, on that server I have two domains, dev.domain.com and the main site www.domain.com. Right now, the “production” domain […]

How can I set a local branch to pull / merge from a particular remote branch?

I have a local branch foo that started life as a branch off of master. Then I pushed it to my remote, and it’s now happily living life with its siblings in remotes/origin I want pull to automatically pull from remotes/origin/foo, and I want status -sb to show me how many changes I am ahead […]

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