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Git – error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 401 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I am using ubuntu 11.10 machine. I have installed git of version I am using git-cola to push and pull my code and I was able to commit and push my changes successfully. Now, I have changed my machine and my new system is with the same above configurations. (Ubuntu 11.10 machine and git […]

On conflict, GitHub for Windows puts me in “rebasing” state, how to go from there?

I recently started using GitHub for Windows. I just got a conflict. On command line I would know how to handle this, but GitHub for Windows choosed to put me in a state I am not familiar with: C:\Users\w\Documents\GitHub\CmisSync [(6026d18…)|REBASE +0 ~1 -0 !1 | +0 ~0 -0 !1]> git status # Not currently on […]

What is libintl.h and where can I get it?

Trying to do a make install of git from source, and it keep kicking up the error: make install * new build flags or prefix CC credential-store.o In file included from credential-store.c:1: In file included from ./cache.h:8: ./gettext.h:17:11: fatal error: ‘libintl.h’ file not found # include <libintl.h> ^ 1 error generated. make: *** [credential-store.o] Error […]

Undo a git rebase using onto

I rebased my branch version2 against master using: git rebase –onto master version1 version2 How can I undo this? To undo it I did git reflog Currently, git status (on version2) gives me : Your branch and ‘origin/version2’ have diverged, and have 2563 and 222 different commits each, respectively. nothing to commit (working directory clean) […]

Delete branches listed by git branch -a

The command git branch -a lists a bunch of branches that are NOT on the repository, and NOT local branches. How can these be deleted? * develop master remotes/origin/cloner For example, remotes/origin/cloner used to exist in the repo, but it has since been deleted and I’d like it not to appear when typing git branch […]

Is it safe to use a copied git repo?

If I make a copy of a tracked folder using rsync -a or cp -R, can I then use the copy as if it were a git clone, or will that cause all sorts of weird problems? This is all running on my computer, so no one else is accessing the repository. Obviously, the git-cloned […]

How do I fix a failed git commit?

I am new to git and was trying to commit, but I got stuck in what looked like vi which I’m not familiar with. I managed to get out of it, but I think I got out the wrong way because my git status says “changes not staged,” but I still can’t try again. Could […]

vim syntax highlighting for git commit messages – custom commentchar

As mentioned in this answer, since Git 1.8.2 you can use core.commentchar config value to change commit message comments to something else than the default # (hashmark or hashsign). That is a life-saver e.g. if your commit message policy wants you to start commit message with ticket number: #123 Fixed array indices Sad part is […]

Multiple repos with single submodule

I’ve looked for a while and didn’t find answer (maybe I don’t know what to look). We’ve got a main library which is a repository by it self (let’s call it Lib) it contains most of our modules and submodules. Let’s also say it has a size of 2GB… Now we’ve got many projects such […]

Storing generated files in Git

We have a reasonably large, and far too messy code base that we wish to migrate to using Git. At the moment, it’s a big monolithic chunk that can’t easily be split into smaller independent components. The code builds a large number of shared libraries, but their source code is so interleaved that it can’t […]

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