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When to create a new repository?

After searching I wasn’t able to find an answer and I was wondering: when should a new repository be created? I’m new to version control and learning GitHub, and while there’s lots of technical information, I haven’t found any about styles and when to create a new repository and how to name it? For example, […]

How to call git commands on private repo using cygwin to execute bash script in Jenkins

I am having trouble connecting to a remote repo through execute shell in Jenkins. I am on a Windows server and am using cygwin in order to run bash commands. I am getting the error that I do not have host-authentication rights to connect to the repo. However, I am able to connect via the […]

Gerrit 2.12 “Cannot Merge” chain of commits ending in merge

We have two distinct repositories on our gerrit server: shared, and main. Periodically, shared/master is merged into main/master, in the form of a long chain of commits to main with a Merge Commit at the top. This time around, there were some conflicts in the merge that needed to be addressed; one file had internal […]

Sparse checkout and shallow clone

When I tried to add library to CDN it’s says I need to sparse checkout and shallow clone to make PR easily. So what’s those? I read some articles but didn’t understand well.

New Git branch option in Android Studio disabled

I’ve been working on an Android Studio project for some time and now want to put it onto a local Git repository. There is no need for a remote repository – I am the only one working on it. Somehow, after I’ve added all files to Git from VCS -> Add, I can’t get to […]

How can I override the Git Branch specified in Jenkins Branch Specifiers?

My jenkins job tracks multiple branches and triggers builds if there are changes to any of those branches. For example I have multiple branch specifiers added to my job – origin/release** origin/develop The job is working fine when there are merges to any of these branches. In some cases I want to be able to […]

Install Gitlab with disabled sign up

I am building an automatic deployment platform containing a Gitlab instance. This Gitlab instance is inside a docker and it is deployed through Ansible. I would like to customize Gitlab settings before deploying it but after some readings of the documentation, I cannot find how to disable sign up without using the Administration HMI. Some […]

is `git diff` able to apply diff to the current working tree?

I have a set of commits, say from commit A to commit Z. That set alters set of files in the repository. That is like development history of the feature with a bunch of tries and failures. Now I want clean up the history, reduce number of commits and remove wrong attempts from the history. […]

How do you manage your dependency libraries?

How do you manage your dependency libraries? I separate my project into a bunch of libraries, because these libraries are also used in several other projects. In the beginning, I make each of them as Git repo, and I use Git submodule to manage them. Soon it becomes a nightmare. Once I make some changes, […]

When I fork a repository can I disconnected the fork from the original project

I have a base repository for all my projects, I want to fork from that for all new projects but NOT stay current with the original fork. I can do this by just cloning the original project and changing the origin of the project to a new repository. But I am wondering if a more […]

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