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What is the internal format of a git tree object?

What is the format of a git tree object’s content? The content of a blob object is blob [size of string] NUL [string], but what is it for a tree object?

Push origin master error on new repository

I just started using git with github. I followed their instructions and ran into errors on the last step. I’m checking in an existing directory that isn’t currently source-controlled (project about a week old). Other than that, my use case should be pretty run of the mill. Here’s what’s happening: $ git push origin master […]

Git: Ignore tracked files

I have some tracked files in a repository which are automatically modified when building the code. I don’t want to untrack them, I just don’t want them to appear as modified and I don’t want them to be staged when I git add. Is this possible?

Merging without whitespace conflicts

I’ve got a problem where I’ve got a large commit which changes about a thousand lines of code, removing whitespace from the end of lines and removing spaces before tabs. There are also about 50 pull requests for this project, which will all have conflicts when my commit is merged. Is there any way that […]

How to diff the same file between two different commits on the same branch?

On git, how could I compare the same file between two different commits (not contiguous) on the same branch (master for example)? I’m searching for a Compare feature like the one in VSS or TFS, is it possible in Git?

Merging between forks in GitHub

I forked a GitHub repository. Then I pushed some changes to my fork. Then the original repository merged my changes and some others. Now, I want to merge those changes I’m missing. I tried a simple pull followed by push, but this yield my commits in duplicate. What’s the best way to do it?

How can I find out who force pushed in git?

Someone used git –force push but I can’t tell who did it from the logs. Is there a way to identify the culprit?

Best (and safest) way to merge a git branch into master

A new branch from master is created, we call it test. There are several developers who either commit to master or create other branches and later merge into master. Let’s say work on test is taking several days and you want to continuously keep test updated with commits inside master. I would do git pull […]

How do you rename a Git tag?

Today I was looking through the logs for a project and realized that I fat fingered a tag name some time ago. Is there some way to rename the tag? Google hasn’t turned up anything useful. I realize I could check out the tagged version and make a new tag, I even tried that. But […]

How to merge my local uncommitted changes into another Git branch?

How can I do this in git: My current branch is branch1 and I have made some local changes. However I now realize that I actually meant to be applying these changes to branch2. Is there a way to apply/merge these changes so that they become local changes on branch2 without committing them on branch1?

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