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Show current git interactive rebase operation

When in the middle of an interactive rebase, e.g. git rebase -i HEAD~12 and adding/editing some commits, I’m often confused as to which commit I’m editing, especially when there’s a merge conflict: > git status rebase in progress; onto 55d9292 You are currently rebasing branch ‘master’ on ’55d9292′. (fix conflicts and then run “git rebase […]

How to setup SSH keys for buildbot user

I’m trying to setup SSH keys for Buildbot’s buildbot user, so it can clone my private repo without needing a username and password. This is how I’m testing: sudo -u buildbot bash export HOME=/var/lib/buildbot cd $HOME mkdir git cd git git clone git@bitbucket.org:myproject/myrepo.git the last step fails with: Cloning into ‘myrepo’… Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

How to get all commits without downloading to local system with JGit?

that I need to get all commits from a remote repository. This is how I clone a repository to a local system, but it’s not a good idea to download all files because there is so much. git = Git.cloneRepository().setURI(repo).setDirectory(pathGit).call(); File pathRepo = new File(pathGit.getPath() + “/.git”); repository = FileRepositoryBuilder.create(pathRepo); How to resolve this issue?

Can't run raw git filter-branch

I’m using git–python in one of my projects, and currently I have this code: tpl = “”” if test $GIT_COMMIT = “%s”; then export GIT_AUTHOR_DATE=”%s” export GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”%s” fi “”” s = “” for commit in filter(lambda x: x[“newdatetime”] is not None, self.commit_datetime): s += tpl % ( commit[“hash”], commit[“newdatetime”].replace(tzinfo = None), commit[“newdatetime”].replace(tzinfo = None) ) […]

How to stop tabs on Python 2.7 RawConfigParser throwing ParsingError?

I am writing a package compatible with both Python 2.7.13 and Python 3.3, and using the following: try: import configparser except: from six.moves import configparser But when I load my .gitmodules file on Python 2.7: configParser = configparser.RawConfigParser( allow_no_value=True ) configFilePath = os.path.join( current_directory, ‘.gitmodules’ ) configParser.read( configFilePath ) It throw the error: Exception in […]

Bluemix Watson Putting project on github

I have a question about sharing a Watson application on github. I am planning to build a small project in Java which would use Rest Apis as I am learning about connecting to rest at the moment. The worry I have is how to share the codes and passwords for cloud services on github. If […]

TortoiseGit – reset a folder to original files

My files are not pushing, I continue to receive error 128 when I enter: git push At this point, all I am looking to do is reset the entire folder where the files are to the original form (how it appears globally not locally). How do I do this? Note: I already saved the files […]

Break linear git commits into two merged branches

I have a long linear git history. I want to rebase some commits so it is as if I created a feature branch and merged it back to master using git merge –no-ff master. Current A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F master Desired master A -> B -> E -> […]

Github thinks branches are different after merge

I’ve banged my head against the wall with this Github issue enough to finally come here for help. My repo has two branches of interest: master, which is the currently live release branch, and alternate-testing, which is exactly what it sounds like. Our dev process has feature branches regularly branched (and forked) off alternate-testing, then […]

Getting fatal error running node.js git hook

I’m running a git hook (pre-push) and getting a fatal error. Here’s my code: #!/usr/local/bin node var exec = require(‘child_process’).exec process.exit(1) Nothing crazy, just testing things out. And it’s executable. But when I run a push I get: fatal: cannot exec ‘.git/hooks/pre-push’: Permission denied And the process hangs.

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