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How can you use submodules with git-managed dotfiles?

I use a git repository to manage my dotfiles, and I’m having the hardest time getting submodules to work right (most of my .vim has a lot of external plugins) I have an alias cgit to do (not sure if it’s relevant) alias cgit=’GIT_DIR=/home/myuser/.config-git GIT_WORK_TREE=/home/myuser/. git’” So, I can pull the repository with cgit pull, […]

TeamCity Github one project works, the other does not

Both vcs roots show success when testing the connection, but one always errors on: git fetch command failed I did notice that with the project that fails, when I do git bash, I must do git pull origin master instead of just git pull. I made sure both config files under the .git directories are […]

Git, having permission issues pushing

So I’m brand spanking new to Git and development in general. I’m a Linux and Mac user on a few different machines and have a couple cloud servers with AWS, I work on small little python projects on all of them. I’ll try to explain what I want first, hopefully I’m close to having the […]

git commit queue tool

Our team and project got really big and we can no longer sustain it. So we decided to do the right thing and move to continuous integration. As a first step, we dumped clearcase and moved to git. This made our lives significantly easier. However we still suffer from broken builds. Now I am looking […]

Why does pip install -e git-repo change HEAD to master when called a second time

If I do this: pip install -e git://github.com/nimbis/django.git#egg=Django-dev Then pip will grab the default branch from that repository (1.4.1-patched) and install it, as you can see in the src directory where it’s installed: cd ~/.virtualenvs/nimbis/src/django [(1.4.1-patched) ~/.virtualenvs/nimbis/src/django] $ git log | head -n4 commit a5d7c7b3a2d6a729bf5ede2254b5c75be9da94d7 Author: Lorin Hochstein <…> Date: Mon Jul 30 21:44:20 2012 […]

BitBucket colored diff email service

Does anyone know about anyway to send out colored diffs of commits in bitbucket? I reckon you can do that by pushing out a HTTP call to your own server, but I need a solution in case you do not have your own server to rely on. I am a big fan of SVN::Notify, so […]

Password Prompt issue when trying to connect to GitHub

I have configured my account on GitHub to host my Xcode project. I followed this article on GitHub official website. All goes fine until i tried to test everything out: $ ssh -T git@github.com Here, i get the following password prompt : Enter the password for the SSH key <<id_rsa>> I opened the id_rsa file […]

Difference between Smart Git and Tortoise Git credential?

In Windows box , i use tortoise git to clone remote repository with private key and passphase . Everything seems ok . In Linux box , i searched and got Smart git . It seems very useful but i can not credential to remote repository with same private and passphase Someone tell me what’s going […]

How to set timezone in tig?

I want to set timezone to tig http://jonas.nitro.dk/tig/, and I want to use Japanese timezone(+0900) in all commit, even if commiter has another timezone. Can I set specific timezone? Actual: Thu Oct 11 01:07:31 2012 -0700 Expect: Thu Oct 11 17:07:31 2012 +0900

Where does Monodevelop Git Extension on Windows look for SSH keys?

I’m running Monodevelop on Windows. I’ve install Git Extensions (which includes msysGit). I used mysysGit to generate an RSA key pair (ssh-keygen -t rsa), and added that key to our Git server (using Gitlab). That set up is correct: I can push and pull using the command line, as well as the Git Extensions GUI […]

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