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Git Clean Filter Breaking on Empty Files

I setup the following filters from the Git Attributes documentation: git config filter.dater.smudge expand_date git config filter.dater.clean ‘perl -pe s/\\\$Date[^\\\$]*\\\$/\\\$Date\\\$/”‘ Now I run the following commands: touch nfile.txt git add –all And get the following error: error: copy-fd: read returned Bad file descriptor error: cannot feed the input to external filter perl -pe “s/\\\$DATE[^\\\$]*\\\$/\\\$DATE\\\$/” error: […]

Remedial Lesson on Git Trees

I’ve read and searched, searched and read, rinse, repeat, but a fundamental understanding of trees in Git continues to elude me (beyond the fact that they’re loosely analogous to file system directories). They seem to be intrinsically linked to the index, but I just can’t get the how through my thick skull. Blobs are easy, […]

Android adding custom lint rule to the project (git)

I needed a custom lint rule, so created one using the steps from here All is working ok, the custom rule is now checked by lint. However, I have added the custom rule .jar to /.android/lint path. But this means that this rule is checked only for me locally. The location of the .android directory […]

Why is applicationhost.config still being added to source control even thought it's in gitignore

First of all, I’ve seen .vs\config\applicationhost.config in source control. We are working in a team and Visual Studio changes some path inside applicationhost.config file. We need to exclude this. In my .gitignore file, I’ve added: /.vs/config/applicationhost.config However, in every commit, this is again added to the git. Before VS2015 Update 2, it was no issue, […]

Pod library not updated

I am the owner of a pod library “HDTableDataSource”. When I released initial version, it had a bug in code. So I fixed the bug and updated my pod library but it does not update the code. I fixed the issue in my git push of tag 2.4 and then updated the pod spec file […]

How to show a file from a specific commit that has been renamed between that commit and HEAD?

I know that to show a file at a certain commit, I use git show <commit>:<file path>. But this doesn’t work if the file was renamed between the commit and HEAD, so is there a way to easily do this on the file without needing to manually figure out what the original filename was at […]

IntelliJ + git + submodules -> Where do you put the .iml?

Please note: Not using Gradle/Maven. Scenario: A typical Android App, requires the Facebook SDK, you have a few options: Clone the SDK somewhere in your disk, copy the contents of /facebook-android-sdk/facebook (where the Android src code for the library resides) into your /myapp/facebook for example, import a module in IntelliJ, point it to this new […]

Difference between git clean and system rm

What is the difference between: git clean -f temp1.txt and rm temp1.txt Git doc says: git-clean – Remove untracked files from the working tree So what is really the point of doing this instead of only the system command?

Git with Cygwin – not accepting userinput for Username

I am trying to clone a repository which requires authentication. With msysgit, I will get prompted for the username/password and it will clone. However, in Cygwin (v1.7.9) I will also get prompted, but when I type it will not take my input. I press ctrl-C to abort, and my entry is buffered and it attempts […]

Is there an inverse to Git's octopus merge?

Git has a much-touted(?) octopus-merge capability that can merge many heads into one. But is there something that would do just the opposite, make several simultaneous branches out of one node? Let’s assume that I have a bunch of code for a project, and I just started using Git. Some of the features are complete […]

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