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Git isn't fetching upstream data?

I have Git setup to have access to two github repositories: the upstream remote that I don’t have collaborator (write) access to, and the fork I created of that which I do have write access to. Below is what I get when I run git remote -v. origin https://github.com/samholmes1337/secret-society (fetch) origin https://github.com/samholmes1337/secret-society (push) upstream https://github.com/asm-products/secret-society.git […]

How does one disable Git's HTML help (on Windows)?

I installed Github for Windows which comes with the Git command line client, and whenever I forget a switch or something and want to use –help, instead of dumping to the console it’s launching a browser. Is there a way to ask Git to dump the help to the console (as it does in most […]

Make changes on Git project but dot nor overwrite file on project without approval

I’m new to git and I wanted to ask a question. I’ll tell the scenario here. 2 friends and I are working on a project. I am the owner of the project. I have given permissions to my friends to edit the project, source code etc, and when they sync the project, the new files […]

How do I split a git repository(by branch)

I started with a piece of code which got split into two small programs each in a different branch. They share a lot of similarities but I’d like to split them into 2 repos so I can work on both at the same time in an easier fashion. It’s annoying to have to commit a […]

How to remove range of git stash?

I want to remove all stash’es, except most recent, from git stash list. E.g. I want to remove stash 1 to 3 in a single git command: stash@{0}: On master: Test related changes stash@{1}: On master: Tets stash@{2}: On master: Integrate bunyan logging and http2 stash@{3}: On master: Integrate bunyan logging and http2 I checked […]

GitKraken won't push to new remote (“Select remote branch to push/pull with 'master': ”)

So I’ve create a new repo on remote, and managed to connect it (I belief) to client (Git Kraken). Now it want a branch name from me for a repo that doesn’t have any. Note that its also …push/pull with “master”:, that is master with a colon. Pretty much explaining a mechanic that is at […]

Reject a git commit with a message that is the same as that of the previous commit?

So, I occasionally make the mistake of pressing the up key one time too many or few and end up doing git commit -am “changed foo” instead of ./foo_test, resulting in extra commits in my repo that I then have to deal with. Is it possible to have git reject any commit whose message matches […]

How to organize and setup mirrored backup servers for Git repositories?

I am moving some svn repositories to Git. So, what I basically try to do is this: Setup one server with bare Git repositories from which I will pull and push to Setup a few backup servers for all of my repositories that are on the 1st server. So, let’s say i have a directory […]

Git branch showing in remote branch list even after deleting

I have deleted and pushed a branch, but it is still showing in branch -r for other users: serverAlpha $ git push origin –delete origin/issue186 serverAlpha $ git push serverBeta $ git pull serverBeta $ git branch -r origin/HEAD -> origin/master origin/issue186 origin/master I am aware of git remote prune origin however each other user […]

Remove files tracked by Git

I’m working on cleaning up my local dev copy. I have a WordPress installation on the server, but I don’t need any of the WP core files in the repo. I added wp-*.php to the local .gitignore, and removed some files using git rm –cached wp-*.php. I committed the changes, and pushed to the central […]

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