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Including js from raw.github.com

I have a github.com demo page that is linking to https://raw.github.com/…/master/…/file.js so that I don’t need to always copy the .js file over to the gh-pages branch every time it’s changed. This works in every browser except IE which complains: SEC7112: Script from https://raw.github.com/cwolves/jQuery-iMask/master/dist/jquery-imask-min.js was blocked due to mime type mismatch This complaint is coming […]

Commit history on remote repository

I am trying to access a branch’s commit history on a remote repository. I had a look at the doc but could not find any substantial information on how to access a remote repo’s commit history using my local git client.

Trying to git pull with error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied

Help me pls. I am run this in terminal asgard@asgard-A7N8X2-0:~/CollegePortal$ git pull error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied Then I try this one asgard@asgard-A7N8X2-0:~/CollegePortal$ sudo git pull Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Help me, I don’t understand this problem. Thank you.

How do I replace a git submodule with another repo?

How do I replace a git submodule with a different git repo? Specifically, I have a submodule: located at ./ExternalFrameworks/TestFramework that points to a git repo git@github.com:userA/TestFramework.git I’d like it to now point to git@github.com:userB/TestFramework.git. The problem is that when I delete the submodule with the method described here, then re-add it using the command […]

How do I merge a sub directory in git?

Is it possible to merge only the changes for a sub-directory from a local git branch to a remote git branch or is it “all or nothing”? For example, I have: branch-a – content-1 – dir-1 – content-2 and branch-b – content-1 – dir-1 – `content-2 I only want to merge the contents of branch-a […]

What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar?

What do folks here see as the relative strengths and weaknesses of Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar? In considering each of them with one another and against version control systems like SVN and Perforce, what issues should be considered? In planning a migration from SVN to one of these distributed version control systems, what factors would […]

Ignore modified (but not committed) files in git?

Can I tell git to ignore files that are modified (deleted) but should not be committed? The situation is that I have a subdirectory in the repo which contains stuff I’m not interested in at all, so I deleted it to prevent it showing up in auto-completions and the like (in the IDE). But now, […]

What is the Sign Off feature in Git for?

What’s the point of the Sign Off feature in Git? git commit –signoff When should I use it, if at all?

Move branch pointer to different commit without checkout

To move the branch pointer of a checked out branch, one can use the git reset –hard command. But how to move the branch pointer of a not-checked out branch to point at a different commit (keeping all other stuff like tracked remote branch)?

Remove folder and its contents from git/GitHub's history

I was working on a repository on my GitHub account and this is a problem I stumbled upon. Node.js project with a folder with a few npm packages installed The packages were in node_modules folder Added that folder to git repository and pushed the code to github (wasn’t thinking about the npm part at that […]

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