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IntelliJ Git rebase error

I have the following situation: A branch master; A topic branch x off of master; I have made a commit to master, and I would like to have this available in x as well. It is my understanding that I have to rebase x on master. This is what I do: Checkout the x branch: […]

git oddity; local modified images are not used on production after deployment ( not updated )

I have the strange issue that certain images from my webapp are not updated when I deploy my app with rails. The old images are still there. What would be a good way to check if my git repo has all the changes available? Normally ill do git commit . -m ‘fixes’ git add . […]

Git hub error for rails_tutorial_sublime_text settings

In trying to follow these instructions for a Ruby on Rails tutorial: https://github.com/mhartl/rails_tutorial_sublime_text When I issue: git clone git@github.com:mhartl/rails_tutorial_sublime_text.git I get this error: Cloning into ‘rails_tutorial_sublime_text’… Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly What does it mean? How do I fix it?

(Ma)git branches drive me crazy

Using Emacs/Magit, I had first a very smooth git experience in another project, but in my actual project I’m confused by all the branches and annoyed by the not tracked #file.ext# that pop up al the time. Here is how it looks: a4cc383 master [remotes//master] e08a624 origin-master [remotes/origin/master] 6a64828 tj-branch a4cc383 remotes/origin/master What I planned […]

What is the easiest way to create a patch from a commit that can be applied to a different folder structure

Suppose I have this folder structure: /projectroot/foo/bar/subfoo/foo.txt Now I change something in foo.txt a make a commit. I have another repository with the exact same foo.txt but the folder structure is like this: /projectroot/somedir/foo.txt It’s obvious that there should be a way to automatically apply the work on foo.txt in the second repository. I guess […]

Tracking another git-repository

I try to set up a development environment “redmine“, that should make it easy for multiple people to develop and maintain our own version of “redmine” including our own features and adjustments. I’m not that familiar with remote branches, but I thought of a config like this: master branch: for deployment dev branch: here we’re […]

How do I clone a git repo taking only a subset of branches and no history only the head of each branch

I’m extracting a subset of one repo to form another. I’m only interested in a subset of the branches and I don’t want any history in any branch, simply the tip or head of each branch. Once the cloned repo is in the desired state I intend to change its origin to a new GitHub […]

Deploying multiple CodeIgniter sites based on the same code to different servers and updating codebase on all

OK so I’ve built an ecommerce system in CodeIgniter and its already been deployed a couple of times as a few different sites. With more sites in the pipeline I need to come up with a way of being able to implement updates across all the sites so that if a bug is found and […]

git removing a file on merge from staging

I have a submodule. I updated a branch, say “x” and committed. Now, I need to update the same changes in branch “Y” which has some difference from X. So here is what I have been doing, I checkout Y and then run git merge X. Now, there are conflicts. Some of the conflicts are […]

Git tools and advices with C++

i’ve been programming with C++ for some time now… Im experimenting with Git/GitHub on my Mint box. I heard about Git GUI’s and I would like to ask you, programmers, if you use any specific tools, or just the Terminal? Any other advice or experience would be appreciated 🙂

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