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git rebase fatal: empty ident name not allowed

So I’ve seen this question asked and the resolution is always to update the ‘user’ settings with git config. I’ve done this and I’m still getting the error. Here is my output: $ git config -l –global | grep user user.email=A@B.com user.name=A $ git config -l –local | grep user user.email=A@B.com user.name=A $ git rebase […]

Is it possible to work with git or something similar and not need to have the whole repository saved onto computer?

Looking for a way to file share with version control between a lot of people on the same network. We are looking at using git, but we are wondering if there is any way of not having to download and contain the whole repository on your computer. The files shared will include regular text files, […]

Completely remove file from all Git repository commit history

I accidentally committed an unwanted file (filename.orig while resolving a merge) to my repository several commits ago, without me noticing it until now. I want to completely delete the file from the repository history. Is it possible to rewrite the change history such that filename.orig was never added to the repository in the first place?

How can I know which commit was used when installing a pip package from git?

If I install a package from git using https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/reference/pip_install/#git does the specific commit that was checked out logged somewhere?

I can't clone repository with AWS CodeCommit. What does it mean?

Although all permissions are already set, when I try to make the “git clone” from a repository in CodeCommit I get the following message: fatal: unable to access ‘NAME_OF_REPOSITORY’: gnutls_handshake() failed: Illegal parameter This only happens with AWS CodeCommit, but no with any type of another git repository.

Installed Git, but accidentally deleted a file. Now I'm lost

I am a total noob when it comes to coding in the command line and I was following a tutorial on Git. I installed it and followed the directions fully. However, after everything was set up, I must have accidentally deleted a file, as now I receive this when I enter Terminal: Last login: Wed […]

Change branch after using the –branch arg

I want to change the branch after my repo was cloned with this command: git clone –depth=50 –branch=master https://example.com/Repo.git Repo How can I checkout now e.g. the develop branch? When I execute: git checkout develop I get: error: pathspec ‘origin/develop’ did not match any file(s) known to git. Any idea? Some commands I tried (which […]

Visual Studio wants to clone my GIT repo when it's already there

So I’ve been working on my project and then at some point Visual Studio has decided that I haven’t cloned my repo and wants to do it again. If I open my solution directly from the File | Open | Project/Solution then Team Explorer doesn’t seem to know it’s a Team Services project and is […]

using git cloning with pause and restore

Im currently working with pretty large projects in the size of GB. Is there any feature in git to pause my clone and save the files cloned until now and resume the clone sometime later. If not, is there a way for me to add that feature to git. Should it be added as a […]

Angular 2 polyfills trouble

So I had a hard drive failure and lost everything but of course github to the rescue. I recently finished my first Angular 2 project and did a git clone to recover it and every time I try to run ng server I get this error… ERROR in ./src/main.ts Module build failed: TypeError: Cannot read […]

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