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Netbeans remote project with Git repository

I have a remote project in Netbeans, I mean that I have local copy of SFTP project and when I perform changes I can upload them directly to the server. Now I want commit all changes to Bitbucket repository as well. How can I associate my project sources with repository. When I try to perform […]

How to debug Syncing lock on pushing the current branch to Visual Studio Team Services

Last night I committed to local repo just fine but then when pushing up to Visual Studio Team Services (previously Team Foundation Service, not Server), the commit hangs. Visual Studio is not locked up but the commit progress bar stopped progressing. I’m trying again this morning but to no avail. It just says Syncing – […]

Kieran Healy's emacs starter kit in linux (fedora19): “/bin/bash: osascript: command not found” message

I am user of Kieran Healy’s Emacs Starter Kit. I have run it on the Fedora distro of Linux for around a year or so. Things have always run smoothly, but now that I have upgraded from Fedora17 to Fedora19, when I try to commit in Magit, I get the following message: /bin/bash: osascript: command […]

Getting a 403 response when trying to run 'pod setup'

So I’ve started a new Xcode project and want to add cocoapods to it. I’ve successfully installed the gem but when I run pod setup I get the following: Setting up CocoaPods master repo [!] Pod::Executable pull error: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden while accessing https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git/info/refs fatal: HTTP request failed If I navigate […]

Can anyone helpme to set up HoloEverywhere on android studio

I followed the tutorial from HoloEverywhere in the Git page: Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA Checkout from Version Control – Git Typo in Repository URL: https://github.com/Prototik/HoloEverywhere.git Press ‘Clone’, wait until repository checkout If you use Android Studio, then just click ‘Yes’ on the proposal to open a project. Otherwise in IDEA press Import project and […]

WordPress – Best practice for pushing updates to multiple servers using version control

So I am about to add another WP blog, but I’d like to keep it under version control. Then I started thinking, how would that affect my current WP workflow. Based on my limited xp in using WP, when an update is pushed from WP dev team, I see an indication in my admin control […]

Why would deleting working files and then calling Git reset hard result in different statuses

This is happening on a repo on Windows 7 using Git 1.8.3 I have a group of files that when I follow this workflow: delete them locally (using the file system) git reset –hard git status some of the files will show up as changed, and some will not, but which ones are in each […]

Utilize Git Bash Command Values as Versioning Scheme Using Angular

I am inquiring to examine the possibilities of using values I receive while issuing git bash terminal commands within my web application to create a modified semantic versioning scheme utilizing AngularJS. I retrieve my count by issuing git rev-list HEAD –count and abbreviated hash git rev-parse –short HEAD These commands return values of interest to […]

Deploying/Pushing subdirectory from one git repository to another one

I own two git repositories: A and B, both mainly used on their own master branch. A contains these folders: folder1 folder2 B contains this folder: folder3 In order to deploy A containing folder3, I want to push folder3 from B, to A. I want this kind of relationship as only unidirectional, meaning A updates […]

Xcode commit issue with git

I’m having an issue with Xcode trying to commit some changes to a Git repo. Today, I created a branch from master in order to work on future updates of an app while keeping the ability to fix the release version. The problem I have occurs when committing changes. I get the following error message: […]

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