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committing to a branch that's not checked out

I’m using git to version my home directories on a couple different machines. I’d like for them to each use separate branches and both pull from a common branch. So most commits should be made to that common branch, unless something specific to that machine is being committed, in which case the commit should go […]

XCode / Git, status of an updated file is no updated in source control

Guess I have an issue many may have had too. I am using a third party library. Naturally when the vendor publishes a new release I have to update the header files etc. in my project. But XCode does not come with a replace feature, so one has to Delete! the files and copy the […]

How to monitor a git repository for changes?

I need to be notified when a git repository is changed. Simply using hooks is not good enough: I know that some libraries like libgit2 do not honor hooks. Instead, I need a way to monitor the files themselves for changes using inotify or some cross-platform equivalent. UPDATE: Ideally a git-specific library that provides hooks […]

How to get files and content by SHA of commit

How to list files that are changed in specific commit and get content of that files when I have sha number of commit ?

The clean way to make a branch in Git a posteriori

Say you are working on a branch, and you come up with an interesting behavior you want to archive as an experimental branch. What is the cleanest way to do this? Cleanest way I can think of off the top of my head: 1) Backup your local version to another directory. 2) git checkout, to […]

Rugged – fetch, pull rebase possible?

Using rugged how do you perform the following operations: fetch, pull and rebase? I am using the development branch and after reviewing its documentation found here as a guide to the Remote class. EDIT: Since git pull is just a shorthand for git fetch and git merge FETCH_HEAD the better question is how to perform […]

Maven Release-plugin “tag already exists” for nonexistant tag

My setup: git-repository on an Atlassian Stash-server and Atlassian Bamboo. I’m using Maven 3.1.1 with the release-plugin 2.3.2. The plan in Bamboo looks like this: Check out from git-repository perform a clean install perform release:prepare and release:perform with ignoreSnapshots=true and resume=false Everything up to the last step works fine, but Maven states, that it can’t […]

Github doesn't detect new folder

I am working on a windows 8 laptop with github client connected to my remote bitbuckket git. I recently built the mobile version of my website localhost/WEBSITENAME/mobile been working in localhost/WEBSITENAME now in loaclhost/WEBSITENAME/mobile Now github doesn’t detect the new mobile folder so I can’t push my mobile files. Any help would be great as […]

How to modify existing, unpushed commits?

I wrote the wrong thing in a commit message. Alternatively, I’ve forgotten to include some files. How can I change the commit message/files? The commit has not been pushed yet.

git repo in Dropbox, syncing on Linux and Windows, Whitespace issues

I have a git repo in my Dropbox, that syncs between a Linux and a windows machine. I work on both machines on text files (.cpp on linux and win, .tex/.txt on win). So, my editors and programs both write CRLF (the win programs) and LF (the linux programs) files, all programs understand all variants […]

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