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git show modify files but i don't change anything git reset did not work

I clone repository switch to my branch and when i print git status i see modify files, i try to do git reset –hard but there was no effect :(( git status On branch release Changes not staged for commit: modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansBoldC.eot modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansBoldC.svg modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansBoldC.ttf modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansBoldC.woff modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansC-Book.eot modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansC-Book.svg modified: htdocs/fonts/OfficinaSansC-Book.ttf modified: […]

octopress the first commit

I am newbie about octopress, so i can face some problems. At the beginning, I cloned the octopress repository, and I created a repository is called OctoBlog, and after that I rake setup_github_pages and rake generate rake deploy At this point, everything seems great. I did every step the tutorial which is on octopress offical […]

How can I pull every linux kernel commit request?

I am looking for a way to pull all requests that have ever been submitted for inclusion in the linux kernel. I want all code that was actually accepted by Linux and company, and all code that was rejected. Is this possible? I understand I can check out the source and see the commit log […]

git merge repeating conflicts

I have a branch master and a branch feature which was checked out from master. master gets commits pushed into it from other developers and I regularly merge master back into feature, so that it keeps up with new developments from other branches. However, I keep getting the same conflicts in the same files every […]

How to discover last related commit based on blob/tree hash?

If I ls-tree a certain tree and get a list of blobs and trees, how can I discover the last commit related to those blobs and trees? I’m looking for something like this: $ git ls-tree HEAD … 100644 blob 734713bc047d87bf7eac9674765ae793478c50d3 myfile … $ git show –commit 734713bc047d87bf7eac9674765ae793478c50d3 commit 734713bc047d87bf7eac9674765ae793478c50d3 Author: Scott Chacon <schacon@gmail.com> Date: […]

heroku & django: server doesn't load staticfiles

Last night I decided to put my django school project on production. For this I used Heroku. Everything is going fine but “the last touch” is driving me crazy. It seems that it doesn’t see my staticfiles like bootstrap css‘es on the website and I don’t know why because for example the ball.jpg is loaded […]

git push fails unless I do a gc on the remote repo first

I am using git on my Windows 7 machine, pushing to a shared folder on a Server 2008 machine. This has been working perfectly for the past 6 months. However, as of yesterday, I can no longer push to the remote repo. Every time I try, I get the following: $ git push Counting objects: […]

Differences between these methods of importing existing Git repositories into GitHub?

I have a local Git repository on my server that I want to import to GitHub. I was looking around to find out how to do this and came across two different methods, both given by GitHub. According to the GitHub Help page Importing an external Git repository, the way to import an existing Git […]

Best pratice for multiple custom projects and Git

In my company we have a base software that gets customized for every client. Today using SVN we have a setup like this: /trunk /tags … /branches /client_project_x /client_project_y /client_project_z How would be the best way do organize this in git? Have a remote repository for each project and one for base code or having […]

WebStorm/PhpStorm + Git integration: “Same” vs “Latest” repository version

I am new to Git, so sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the different between the following two options in the git submenu of the context menu that comes up on right clicking a file in WebStorm/PhpStorm (in the Project sidebar) Compare with same repository version Compare with latest repository version

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