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Make .gitignore ignore file name contain “_resultlist” in its name

Is there a way to have a git ignore file to ignore all files contain the name “_resultlist” in them? I have files like this: 2014_resultlist 2015_resultlist 2016_resultlist lib/main/sub/test.html test.html test.sh test.txt and so on. I want git to avoid adding or committing any files that contain “_resultlist” in it. Example like: 2014_resultlist,2015_resultlist and 2016_resultlist

Configure Sublime Text 3 as git core.editor in Cygwin

I want to use Sublime Text as my editor for git in Cygwin (I think it’s v. 2.6.1-1, but in any event, it’s a recent version). I set core.editor by doing git config –global core.editor “/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Sublime\ Text\ 3/subl.exe -n -w” Now if I do git commit –amend git launches Sublime, but when I try […]

Set buildpack failed for php application developed using wamp server

My application folder name is “social_network”. It is in wamp\www path. I am trying to deploy app folder(“social_network”) to heroku using git commands.I followed all the instructions of heroku’s instructions pages. I included composer.json file in the app folder, installed composer, kept Procfile. I even gave the commands of “heroku buildpacks:set“.But still the push is […]

Gerrit Replication to gitlab failed

When I configure the replication from Gerrit to gitlab, the replication_log keep reporting: [2016-10-10 09:36:07,517] [d0b90d12] Missing repository created; retry replication to git@mo-3394cf6e0.mo.sap.corp:CI_prep_group/sprmvc-ui5.git [2016-10-10 09:37:07,517] [d0b90d12] Replication to git@mo-3394cf6e0.mo.sap.corp:CI_prep_group/sprmvc-ui5.git started… [2016-10-10 09:37:07,874] [d0b90d12] Created remote repository: git@mo-3394cf6e0.mo.sap.corp:CI_prep_group/sprmvc-ui5.git [2016-10-10 09:37:07,874] [d0b90d12] Missing repository created; retry replication to git@mo-3394cf6e0.mo.sap.corp:CI_prep_group/sprmvc-ui5.git [2016-10-10 09:38:07,875] [d0b90d12] Replication to git@mo-3394cf6e0.mo.sap.corp:CI_prep_group/sprmvc-ui5.git started… [2016-10-10 […]

Add git remote to local source

I have a local directory that contains the source code, minus the .git folder, so it has no git integration. I want to add the remote and pull down any changes. I tried git init && git remote add origin https://…, however it wants me to make an initial commit. As there is an existing […]

Numbers/letters following @ of file (gitlab)

What are the numbers/letters after this @: public @ 6fa07654 I’m in the files and they don’t seem to point to any commits. Furthermore, It’s a folder and there should be some files in it, but when I click on it, it seems to just redirect me to the same spot

How do I combine multiple branches and reduce the number of branches in git?

I have many branches that are all about implementation of tags. My branches are: ms-tags-v1 ms-tags-v2 ms-tags-v3 I would like to combine these branches into 1 single git branch named: ms-tags How do I go about it ?

Differences between NetBeans Git integration and git command line

I am just now trying to learn Git; both the git command line application (henceforth, simply “Git”) as well as the Git integration in NetBeans (henceforth, simply “NetBeans”). From what I can tell, only some of the actions performed within NetBeans actually show up in Git. It is as if NetBeans has its own separate […]

git pull request: resolve a merge conflict properly?

I need to approve pull requests for a development we are doing. It’s a distributed team scattered over the planet but it’s a private (company) project. I’ve had two times now that I needed to resolve a merge. The docs at bitbucket, where we are hosting the repo, say: To resolve these kinds of conflicts […]

Clone multiple repositories into common parent folder structure

My issue is that I have a client, let’s call them ‘Evil Corp’, that provides my company with lots of business through various projects, which we use GitHub repos for. Let’s take 2 and call them ‘TotallyNotPolluting’ and ‘CoveringUpPolluting’. I would like for my employees to be able to clone the ‘TotallyNotPolluting’ repo into a […]

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