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PyGit2 – TreeBuilder.insert('name',blobid,GIT_FILEMODE_BLOB) vs index.add( 'path/to/file' )?

I’m a little confused about how to get started with PyGit2. When adding files (plural) to a newly created repo, should I add them to index.add(‘path/to/file’) or would I be better off creating a TreeBuilder and using tb.insert( ‘name’,oid, GIT_FILEMODE_BLOB ) to add new content ? If the second case, I am stumped as to […]

GIT push issue: please make sure you have the correct access rights

I can clone the code from git server, but I can not push my code. I prepare to push the code. First, I execute the command git add, it’s OK; Second, I execute the command git commit, it’s OK; Third,I execute the command git push, the screen prints the information fatal:upload denied for project ‘——‘ […]

Abort commit/add if file does not match rule in gitattributes

Basically the title says it all. If for some reason a file in my current repository does not match any pattern in the gitattributes file it should abort adding/commiting the file. I want to use this to make sure we don’t rely at all on core.eol, core.autocrlf and core.safecrlf. The manpage on gitattributes does not […]

Adding non project folders to TFS with Git

I am using Team Foundation “Service” with Git SVC. All the code etc is pushed nicely but I would also like to push documentation folders, etc which sit beneath the solution directory but are not in the vs solution itself. Im not terribly familiar with Git, is this something I need to do via the […]

Require rebase commands from gerrit

I want to know commands associated with gerrit rebase button to rebase the patch. Our requirement “Rebase the patch and Submit” As most of the time we are below error when we are submitting the patch: Our Gerrit policy is set to “fast-forward” only (it cannot be changed). After submitting one patch successfully, i am […]

Unversioned files keep reappearing after checkout

I am puzzled by this and could not find an answer after thoroughly searching Google and StackOverflow. Basically, I have a repo with 2 branches: master and dev. When I visit github.com, “master” branch is empty, which is should be. The dev branch has about 200MB of files, which it should have. When I move […]

Trying to set up a .gitignore file for WordPress Installation

I am trying to set up git for a WordPress installation and am attempting to write a .gitignore file that will exclude EVERYTHING BUT my child theme folder. Here is what I have so far: # Ignore everything in the root except the “wp-content” directory. /* !.gitignore !wp-content/ # Ignore everything in the “wp-content” directory, […]

Troubles with Bitbucket repositories using Eclipse

I have a problem/doubt with the use of repositories and Eclipse I have a repository stored in Bitbucket, and I want to have it in two computers. When I made some changes in one computer, I commit and push it to the Bitbucket repository. What can I do to have the repository onto another computer, […]

brought changes with git pull, but I don't see them staged

I have a local branch L1. It origins from remote R1. then I made it trackable with R2. Now i want to pull R1 to –> L1 I used source tree software to git pull. I see there are changes, as L1 is 41 changes ahead R2 but i don’t see them anywhere: no in […]

Git server auto sync to another location server

I am using git server in ubuntu. I have another server in other place. Now I have to sync the file between this two git servers every day morning 6 am. how to do this one. because i am new one for git.

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