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How do I properly use git workflow with rebase?

I am using bitbucket and am running into problems using the rebase feature of git. In short I need to reapply changes I already applied each time I rebase. I have recreated the problem using the steps below. Its a simplified version but the outcome was the same. Developer A creates a git repo and […]

Can I set up my server to automatically pull updates from a branch when new commits come in?

Say I have a project in a git repository. The project has a branch called “Stable” or “Production” where the current version of the project is always stable. I have a production server that ideally should always have the most recent version of the stable branch. I know I could have a cron job run […]

Sync Github repository's pull-requests with private repository

I have a Github repository and a private internal repository. Currently, we just add the two repo references n the git/config file of the repositoy, both as the remote origin. So, when we push changes, they go to both repos. We started doing this as a redundancy policy. However, we started using the pull requests. […]

Git workflow for sub projects?

We have a custom built project “kickstart” This kickstart can have modules added to it quite easily. When we build these modules we build them all based on one clean master copy of the kickstart which is version controlled. When we start a project we create an empty repo, set up the kickstart repo as […]

How to stop a pull request being closed with unmerged commits

Could anyone suggest a way of stopping/informing a user that there is an open pull request on github on a branch they are trying to delete? We currently use the following branches master,rc,hotfix and prod to represent the various environments. When we have a hotfix branch that we want to promote to prod we delete […]

git workflow for merging using fast-forward commits

I use git on several projects with many developers. My usual work flow is to branch locally for a specific feature/request, merge my changes to a local branch tracked upstream as a fast forward merge, and push changes. I always branch for even a single commit. I don’t ever commit locally on a branch I […]

Git checkout doesn't seem to be working

I’m a total git novice but I’ve been using Git as a way to easily ‘upload’ a web application to my production server. This is my workflow:- Do some coding locally and commit to master branch, when I’m ready to release to production I do:- git checkout production git merge master git push origin production […]

How to transfer multiply commits from one branch to another using git?

There are two branches: – production branch which contains product accepted by customer – develop branch where developers perform their creepy experiments Once upon a time young developer decided to branch his super feature from productive branch. So the qustions: 1). How can I transfer production branch to develop without merging all acenstors of feature […]

github like workflow on private server over ssh

I have an server (available via ssh) on the internet that my friend and I use for working on projects together. We have started using git for source control. Our setup currently is as follows: Friend created repository on server with git –bare init named project.friend.git I cloned project.friend.git on server to project.jesse.git I then […]

Collaborate using git and separate branches without adding a bunch of redundant commits

I’m collaborating with a designer on a project called “Verified Accounts” I’m developing on a branch called verified_accounts and the designer is on a branch called chris_verified_accounts. We’ve been periodically merging each other’s changes, and when the project is done we’ll merge verified_accounts into master However, all this merging has been causing a bunch of […]

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