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Deleting a TFS branch using git-tfs

I have a feature branch in TFS that I’ve used locally with git–tfs using git tfs branch –init. (Normally I just use local git branches, but in this case I wanted to create a build with my changes, so a TFS feature branch seemed appropriate) I’ve now finished with that feature branch, and I’d like […]

git reset –hard isn't resetting the files

I’m using git-tfs and I’m having issues with files changing arbitrarily. When I run git reset –hard it says I’m at the appropriate commit, but that I still have pending changes. Can anyone explain what’s going on here? And here’s my config

Can't ignore *.vssscc, *.vspscc files

I’m using Git-TF (bridge between Git and Team Foundation Version Control (tfvc)) git tf pull downloads .vssscc, .vspscc files into the repository and commits. So if I use git push next, it uploads those files into remote repository which is not desired behavior for me. I was trying to make git tf pull aware of […]

git-tfs rcheckin error: New TFS changesets were found

I was using git-tfs rcheckin after cloning the TFVC team project repo from TFS 2015 onto my local machine and using git rebase –onto master –root otherrepo/master. (I merged another Git repo into the TFVC repo and fixed merge conflicts). In the middle of the rcheckin, I had to shut my computer down and used […]

git-tfs clone creates empty folder

I am trying to clone a project from TFS using git–tfs tool. git tfs clone http://aserver:8080/tfs…. $//ABC/Proj1 Result is a folder with empty git repository which contains history of commits but there are no source code files in it and none of the commits contains diff. Am I wrong expecting to have a directory with […]

How do I add TFS tracking to a GIT-TFS cloned repo?

I am currently working as follows : We have a TFS branch – let’s call it TFS-Master. We have a git–tfs cloned repository of TFS-Master. I have pushed this repository to github. Up until now, people have been working from my github repository quite happily. I’ve been syncing us up with the TFS repo when […]

How do I get the TFS check-in ID in my git log?

Currently the only way to view the tfs checkin id is by using the git log command. As any other git users, I have my prettified git log, so I’d like to include the tfs checkin id flag into my git logs. It would also be a plus if there’s a flag I can use […]

Getting a buildable git-tfs

I am trying to modify git-tfs. However, I cannot seem to get it built. What I did: 1. Read the readme which states for building: 1a. Update submodules. git submodule update to get the libgit2sharp dependencies. 1b. Build with msbuild GitTfs.sln /p:Configuration=debug for the default debug build. 2. clone git-tfs: git clone git@github.com:git-tfs/git-tfs.git 3. git […]

Make Git commit message reflect edited TFS changeset comment

TL;DR As described in this post, I changed a TFS changeset comment. How can I get this to be reflected in the corresponding Git commit in my local Git repository, using Git-Tfs? Verbose version I’m a Git-Tfs user. My workflow is such that I try to commit extremely small increments of code to my local […]

Git tfs – sequence has no elements

I am migrating a tfs project to git and am using the latest version .20 of git tfs and have converted my project into branch in tfs and am still facing this error. Here is the log of what I get: Setting up a TFS workspace at .git\tfs\default\workspace get [C39462]$/Dow Jones Infrastructure/trunk/src/DowJones.Web.Mvc/DowJones.Web.M vc.csproj C39462 = […]

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