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git filter branch fatal revision

I’m trying to migrate from TFVC (Visual Studio Team Services) to git (hosted via Visual Studio Team Services). I’ve been able to build a script which migrates all the stuff, branches, does some cleanup etc. I used git tfs (https://github.com/git-tfs/git-tfs/blob/master/doc/usecases/migrate_tfs_to_git.md) and a few online blog posts. Everything works like a charm except when I try […]

How to manage two TFS projects in one git repository?

We are using TFS as main source control and I would like to use git as a “frontend” together with git-tfs rcheckin command but I have problems importing my repositories into git. I have a two projects in my TFS $/ProjectA $/ProjectB and I would like to manage them in one git repository. How I […]

git-tfs local Git repo to TFVC

I’m testing out git-tfs with an on-premises TFS instance (does it work with VSO, too?) and trying to use rcheckin to push my Git commits up to TFVC. However, when I try and use rcheckin, I get an error that no TFS parents are found. The TFVC repo I’m pushing to is empty, and I […]

Git-tfs reset to remote

I want to reset to the state of a remote. Using normal git I would do something like git reset –hard origin/HEAD. I am using git-tfs. Does anyone know how to do this with git-tfs?

git tfs clone with partial history

I’m trying to migrate a TFS repository to git, but I’ve run into an issue. Looking at the history of this particular repository in TFS, it looks as though the parent was copied into a new TFS repository and then at a later time the parent was baseless-merged into it (or something similar). When I […]

git-tfs clone fails with error code 128

I’m using git–tfs to clone a TFS repository, something I’ve been able to do successfully in the past. But with the current version when I run the command, like this… git tfs clone http://NameOfOurTfsServer:8080/ $/NameOfMyProject -d …I get an error code 128, e.g.: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. —> […]

Appending comments in checkintool

Recently, I’ve switched to using git-tfs so that TFS isn’t a nightmare to work with. 🙂 However, I’ve noticed an annoying detail that I can’t seem to track down searching around in the docs and on the web. The issue is with comments when using git tfs checkintool. When the Visual Studio Check-in dialogue box […]

Git permanently ignore changeset

I’ve made a change in my git repository that I don’t want to propagate back to anyone else ever. I do want to keep the changes in my local repository. That is, I want pulls to my repo to merge into the changes I’ve made. An ideal answer will somehow specify to git that it […]

git-tfs: A shelved pending change on a file is required

I’m trying out git–tfs, and I’m trying to unshelve a shelveset by running the following: git tfs unshelve “Shelveset Name” shelf I’m getting the following error: A shelved pending change on a file is required: $/path/to/dir/deleted “deleted” is a directory that was deleted in the shelveset. I’m only just starting with git-tfs. I need to […]

Sync TFS and GIT

Today we have all our source code on our local TFS server. Now we want that some external parties can access a portion of the code. We therefore looking at the possibility that e.g. Clone this code to an external GIT server they can access. I have looked at the git–tfs. But if I understand […]

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