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git-tfs starting from git

I have an existing git repo that I am being forced to put in tfs. I would like to use the git-tfs tool, but can’t figure out for the life of me how to do this. All of the examples I have seen start with git tfs clone, but I already have a git repo […]

Merge two Git repositories imported through git-tfs

We’ve been using git–tfs to import three major folders which lived side-by-side in our TFS repository in three individual Git repositories. Now we want to merge the two of them together using git –filter-branch. Is there a way to do this without breaking the link with TFS so that we can continue fetch any changes […]

How to resolve discrepancies found by Git-TFS verify

Git-TFS has a verify command, which the help describes thus: “The verify command helps identify inaccuracies of a fetch, clone or quick-clone from TFS.” I have a proprietary repository which I am migrating from TFS to Git. Running git tfs verify revealed that there are a significant number of files missing from my Git repo […]

will adding .gitconfig in repository override my global .gitconfig file configurations?

I am having my project hosted in TFS-GIT server. I am having an issue with pull request merges on TFS . one option is to update git configs on TFS server itself to make “merges –no–ff” because of time crunch and other issues that cannot be done sooner . I am looking for a workaround […]

How can I use GIT-TFS and GIT-SVN in the same source tree?

I have a project at work that I’d like to make needlessly complexeasier by using git for my local source control. We use TFS at work, but I also have to push the source to the client’s SVN server for production releases. TFS needs to be the official source of record [until I can make […]

Git tfs without bare repository

I work in a lot of different projects and would like to use git-tfs from several computers without an extra bare repository. My idea is to store the git-tfs repository on a share and do all pushes into a work branch. Merge changes to the master and push to tfs. I was hoping I could […]

Can't get git-tfs to clone for me

Trying to use git–tfs to clone a TFS directory I’m using this command: C:>git-tfs clone http://xxxtfs10:8080/tfs $/Servers/YYYYYY mygit I created mygit using: git init mygit I’m trying to get the directory at Servers/YYYYY in tfs. But consistently it tells me the “Specified git repository directory is not empty”. I didn’t try to put anything in […]

Migrate Git repository to new TFVC repository

How do you use git–tfs to mirror/copy an existing Git repository to a NEW TFS 2010 TFVC repository? The existing Git repository was NOT cloned from TFS. I need to move the source code from our master branch in our remote/local Git repository into a new TFVC repository for posterity sake, and to update it […]

Git-tfs fetch and diff

I’ve been using git–tfs and been doing git tfs pull all the time. Now I’m trying to find a way to see diff before merging after git tfs fetch and can’t find a way. git remote doesn’t show a tfs repo as a remote.

Migrate to GIT from TFS with multiple branches and their history

C:\>git tf clone https://companyname.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection $/companyname/Main OldTFS –deep This only gets me main branch history. That was git tf. C:\>git tfs clone https://companyname.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection $/companyname/Main –with-branches This fails after fetching few branches at one of the merge changesets saying that Please report this case to the git-tfs developpers! (report here : https://github.com/git-tfs/git-tfs/issues/461 ). git branch gives me […]

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