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Automatically synchronizing a Subversion repository and a Git repository

My project has a Subversion repository on a network file system, and a new team would like to access it using Git, and be able to commit to it and get updates from it. What I have in mind is to create a new bare git-svn clone of the Subversion repository on the same network […]

git svn – clone repo with all externals

I want to use git to clone a svn repository, but unfortunately, where svn checkout gets the repo with all externals, git svn clone only gets the repository without externals. How can I get the externals from the svn repository via git svn? I don’t want to do any fancy stuff, just get the the […]

fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees

I’m trying to import a large subversion repository into git using git-svn (so that I can work in git but still dcommit to subversion from time to time). After importing more than 4000 revisions I’m now getting the following error whenever I run git svn fetch or git svn rebase, which I don’t manage to […]

Git-svn: Bulk removing orphaned remote branches

A project in SVN I’m working on (via git-svn) has frequently-created branches that are then –reintegrated with trunk, and then deleted. Right now the project has about 10 branches that have not been deleted, but in git, git branch -r shows about 50. I can remove these one at a time, checking whether they still […]

Why does git svn dcommit lose the history of merge commits for local branches?

I have a local git repository created with git svn clone. I make a local branch, make some changes, switch back to master, git svn rebase and if it’s all good, I merge my branch back into master. Then the tree looks something like this: alt text http://img.skitch.com/20090108-cjguu3hcci9x2k17mcftamw8f1.jpg Sometimes, later when I git svn rebase […]

How does git-svn know which branch to dcommit to?

My repo is SVN, and I do all development with git. We have a standard layout, and I initialized my local repo with git svn init -s <url to repo> Here’s my workflow for working with branches: # creates a new branch remotely git svn branch new-branch-name # switches to a branch or trunk locally […]

Best way to fork SVN project with Git

I have forked an SVN project using Git because I needed to add features that they didn’t want. But at the same time, I wanted to be able to continue pulling in features or fixes that they added to the upstream version down into my fork (where they don’t conflict). So, I have my Git […]

git svn cherry pick ignored warning

When I run git svn fetch it sometimes prints following warning: W:svn cherry-pick ignored (/path/in/svn:<svn revision number list>) missing 55 commit(s) (eg 9129b28e5397c41f0a527818edd344bf264359af) What this warning is about?

Work-around for failing “git svn clone” (requiring full history)

I want to convert a Subversion repository sub-directory (denoted by module here) into a git repository with full history. There are many svn copy operations (Subversion people call them branches) in the history of my Subversion repository. The release policy has been that after each release or other branches created, the old URL is left […]

git-svn rebase gone horribly wrong

Is there a way to redo a git-svn rebase. or reset any effects by it. In my +8000 commit git-svn repository, something went wrong after merging a branch. My local “master” does not reflect anything near a complete log of trunk. And running git svn rebase correctly fetches new revisions but then tries to apply […]

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