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Mirror git to svn

I have a primary git repository for an opensource project I want to mirror all commits to a svn repository (on code.google.com), is it possible ?

“git rebase <branch>” on git svn repo changed remote tracking destination?

I have a git svn repo. I have multiple release branches in here. I was preparing a new release and as part of it, I figured I’d do a “git rebase” from the previous release to pull over any changes that hadn’t been merged. So I set up my branches… git branch new_release remotes/svn-branches/new_release git […]

Difference between git pull –rebase, git rebase and git merge

Could anyone explain this with keeping even the remote repositories in mind?

How does git decide which version of svn to use in git-svn?

I have installed git and svn with homebrew on my mac running 10.7.4. There is a version of svn on my machine in /usr/bin which appears to be the version that git svn is using. $ git –version git version $ svn –version svn, version 1.7.5 (r1336830) $ git svn –version git-svn version […]

Avoiding “warning: There are too many unreachable loose objects” during git svn clone/fetch

When running a git svn clone or git svn fetch against a large Subversion repository (100k+ commits), the fetch regularly stops with: Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance. See “git help gc” for manual housekeeping. error: The last gc run reported the following. Please correct the root cause and remove .git/gc.log. Automatic […]

git-svn clone ignore-paths regular expression for folders

Am trying to do a git-svn clone to import all the files in SVN to GIT. The command that was given was this; git svn clone –stdlayout –ignore-paths='(/cache|/tmps|/file/conf/setting.xml)’ –authors-file=../authors.txt file:///svnFolder/local-repos/PRG PRG.git The above clones but the issue is it ignores all the files and folder that has cache and tmps. Like for instance it ignores […]

When cloning an svn repository into git, should I clone only trunk, or the entire repo?

What is the best practice here? The repository in question is here: http://svn.osqa.net/svnroot/osqa/

What are the advantages of using git-svn over the normal svn client?

I’ve seen a number of posts recently suggesting that if you have to do team development with an SVN repository, git is a better client than svn: a successful workflow with git how to use git-svn as the only subversion client you’ll ever need These articles seem to focus on the how, and skimp on […]

git svn dcommit without rebasing

Our company uses (and supports!) SVN, but I tend to use git. What I want to try is to have git repository – one per project, project developers will be able to pull from this repository (and of course pull from each other if they will want to). But I still want to push all […]

How to synchronise remote branches with trunk using git-svn

I’m using git-svn to work against svn repository. The layout is standard, and I have created the local repository with: $ git svn clone -s http://mysvnrepo (master)$ I need to work on a remote (svn) branch – MyBranch, so I created a local branch to track the remote one: (master)$ git checkout -b localMyBranch remotes/MyBranch […]

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