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Why parent is stored in git notes?

The way git store notes: Git only store one note per commit for single namespace. One can have multiple namespace. Default namespace is commit. .git/refs/notes/ contain one hash (say, MainHash_2), which is a tree object. Whenever you create a note the hash get changed. This tree object contain two more hashes. One to another tree […]

git-svn fetch fails on file whose size > LONG_MAX

I am trying to use git–svn to migrate from subversion. right now I am blocked by the failure of $ git svn fetch fails on line 900 of Git.pm (from the git-svn package) … my $read = read($in, $blob, $bytesToReadd); in the sub called cat_blob() The problem is that the file is 2567089913 bytes, and […]

Idea to mirror an svn to git

Today, at my work we host our source code at a public svn repository that we don’t admin access. Now, we want to use git (github) to host our source. For some internal reasons, the svn repository we use must mirror the git one. Apparently, Subgit is the best tool to do this work, because […]

A git-svn checkout peculiarity

My git-svn work flow is as follows: Production code goes in master, off which I do my git svn dcommits/rebase. I work on feature/topic branches, and continue to rebase -i to master and merge until I’m ready to bring those into master and subsequently push to svn trunk using dcommit. I can usually do git […]

project structure from subversion to git

I have a typical trunk/tags subversion repository structure and now moving to git was wondering what the typical/conventional/known structure is, the same as in subversion?

Is it possible to merge a branch in git and preserve the history?

I use git-svn to interface with our Subversion repository at work. I created a branch (let’s call it FeatureBranch) to work on a new feature, but had to switch back to the master branch to work on something else. When I began work on what was supposed to be done on FeatureBranch, I forgot to […]

Create a remote Git branch as mirror for a specific git-svn branch of a SVN repository

I cloned an existing svn repo off a remote server locally using git-svn’s git svn clone <orig_svn_repo_path>. I now want to setup a remote repo for only a particular branch out of several branches of the locally cloned repo say <cloned_repo>/branches/<branch_to_clone>. Is this possible to do? The rest of the repo is pretty humongous in […]

Git pre-svn-dcommit hook

I work on a remote SVN repository using git-svn and I use git-flow workflow for my local development. Unfortunately accidentally a couple of times I did the svn dcommit while being on a feature branch, while I want to only dcommit master. What I’d like to do is to create a pre-svn-dcommit hook that would […]

Which layout to use for git-svn in a project with standard layout currently and non standard layout in past

Should I use standard layout param (-s) for git svn when our subversion repository adheres to standard layout currently although it was not the case for most of the history? I’m trying to import the subversion repository into git with while history. More details First few years the main project folders were in the root […]

How do I completely uninstall git from my Linux Machine

I had installed git by downloading the tar ball and then doing the following steps ./configure –prefix=/scratch/custom/git make make install But after running these commands, I still see that git is created under /usr/local as below bash-4.1$ whereis git git: /usr/bin/git /usr/local/git /usr/share/man/man1/git.1.gz I would like to remove and reinstall again how do i do […]

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