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Basic git workflow understanding

i have some basic git questions, which i do not understand yet I hope someone can help me 🙂 Lets say i am working on a Magento project, i run it local but i want to bring it online. So i push my shop to my server using git. Everything works fine until Magento provides […]

Rejoin developement history of a fork with it's original

I have two projects. One original and one fork. The fork‘s initial state is an older state of the original. Changes have been done to the fork that have not been done to the original. (All source is in src/) (Some of these changes are heavy lets-(move/delete)-lots-of-files sorts of changes) (These changes have been done […]

Git-svn rebase failing tells me update-index failed

Super weird error, I looked around and found these similar questions, however I am not sure it’s the same: Error rebaseing/updating a git–svn repository git-svn rebase error update-index –refresh: command returned error: 1 This part of the error looks the same, however as you can see below, I don’t have anything in my working directory […]

“git svn clone” from almost-standard svn layout

We have a subversion repository that we’re migrating to git. The layout of the svn repository is almost standard, but at some point in the history some idiot developer (okay, it was me) accidentally created a directory, call it “/foo”, in the repository root instead of trunk. “foo” lived there for a few weeks before […]

GIT repository from exported SVN

I have exported tar.gz file from SVN. How can I create GIT repo from this?

git svn fetch with jgit

I use jGit to automate my interactions with git on my projects. There is an API corresponding to git fetch but I need here to execute git svn fetch and could not find anything about svn in the jGit project javadoc. So I am afraid it is not possible but maybe there is a trick […]

Export svn to git without a folder

I would like to migrate svn solution but without a specified files/folder. My problem is such because I commited a big library (50 mb) into svn which I do not need now, and I do not need project which use it. But the rest of solution is still important.

Pushing from git into a subversion repository

I have my work in a git repository, some of my coworkers want to incorporate it into their subversion repository. I’m going to keep working with git, but it would be nice have a subversion repo as a remote that I can push to once in a while. I don’t plan on pulling from it […]

Git-Svn safety and api usage

I can’t find much on this anywhere, before diving into git–svn I was wondering how safe it is to use against an SVN repository. I have experimented a little, and had one check in which seemed to fail part way through, but didn’t seem to affect my test repository. Does git-svn only use the public […]

How to determine LOCAL tracked branch?

Ok the situation is as follows: I have a git branch in my local repository called ‘feature-branch’. This branch is git-svn enabled, it is tracking the local branch ‘remotes/svn/branches/feature-branch’ . And this branch is tracking a SVN branch in an external repository. Now I know how to determine which SVN branch is tracked, this can […]

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