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Linking SVN repository trunk as branch for Git repository subfolder

I have open source project in Git repository. In the project, I’m using source code of another open source project. That code is stored in Git repository subfolder. I’d like to add the SVN repository [interested in trunk only] as a branch, but only for that specific Git subfolder. Note that I have modified the […]

Equivalent of “svn switch” for git-svn?

(RHEL 6.2, git I’m using git-svn to access an SVN repository. I’ve done the initial checkout with the commands git svn init -s https://svn.myhost.com/svn/myrepo/ git svn fetch I can checkout the latest on the trunk fine, but I can’t find a way to switch to a branch without destroying and recreating the entire local […]

git svn workflow: how to use svn remote branches?

I have cloned my svn repo using git, specifying branches and trunk (no tags involved). Then, I ran fetch for a limited range of revisions. Now, I have: $ git branch * master and $ git branch -r version-2.3.1 version-2.3.2 version-2.3.3 trunk So, I understand that these branches are remote branches, and I did read […]

Limitations on forking from a GIT repo created with GIT-SVN?

Many open-source projects (e.g. django) have GIT mirrors which are, in turn, forked for private or public development. GIT mirrors are kept up to date with git svn rebase. But the Pro Git Book contains this unequivocal recommendation: Ahh, but the bliss of rebasing isn’t without its drawbacks, which can be summed up in a […]

git and git-svn and multiple branches and push and fetch

A git svn clone with –stdlayout get me multiple branches if the source SVN repo has multiple branches (and tags). I want to push all of them to another git repo. The git svn clone did seem to have retrieved all the history for all the versions. Is this a matter of giving better instructions […]

git svn ignore paths use ignore file

I am converting a svn repo to a git repo and we have a number of binary files that have been checked in over the years that shouldn’t have, along with images and other files, I don’t really want these files present in the git repo taking up space. I have played around with git-svn […]

Can git svn init handle sibling directories of trunk/branches/tags that should be part of base checkout

The macports svn repository looks like this: branches/ contrib/ distfiles/ downloads/ tags/ trunk/ users/ I want to import this using git svn and use the standard features to correctly interpret the branches and tags. What I would like to see is a single git repo that has directories trunk/ contrib/ distfiles/ downloads/ users/ In other […]

git-svn with file-based access to repository

I get the following error when I try to git clone an SVN repository: $ git svn clone “file:////stevenagefs/Projects/6500-6999/6792/DesignSVNRepos” “DesignGit” -T trunk -b branches -t tags -r 0:HEAD Couldn’t open a repository: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL: Unable to open repository ‘file:///stevenagefs/Projects/6500-6999/6792/DesignSVNRepos’ at C:\Apps\Git/libexec/git-core\git-svn line 2210 Is there something I’m doing wrong […]

How do I sync a git repository to subversion?

We use several open source libraries that are hosted on github. I want to be able to clone the git repositories and basically push them into our local subversion repository so I can start a CI build internally for them. How do I set up the connection to the svn server in a git repository […]

git-svn crashing on big repo migration

I’ve been struggling for a couple of days to migrate a big SVN repo to GIT. It contains about 25000 commits, includes some bad history (moving huge amounts of files due to wrong attempts of branching), non-standard layout (no trunk folder, branches which are not branches in fact so I treat them as part of […]

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