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Move/rename directory with git-svn

My company uses SVN repository but I would like to use Git. At the moment I’m using git–svn, but when I move or rename a directory with a several of files in Git and “git svn dcommit” such change, in SVN repository this results into individual files moves: Changed paths: D /directory/file1 D /directory/file2 D […]

Problem importing project into git

I am new to web development. I just managed to develop an application using cakephp on shared hosting. I am trying to import the project into git. I am new to git. I have all php files. I read through the documentation on importing to git. I have successfully installed git on the local machine. […]

GIT to SVN migration perseverving user checkin data for multi-user

Question: I was wondering how you would preserve the user check info when migrating a GIT repo to a SVN. Example: Say that I have two repository. One as a SVN and the other as a GIT rep. Say that you have multiple checkin for different users ( user A, user B, user C) on […]

Merging two git-svn repositories with regular git commits on top

I’m using git version from the Arch Linux repository at home, and git version from Ubuntu 13.10 at work. At work, we’re use svn, so I deal with it using git svn. I checked out the svn repository using git svn, at work and at home. The commit messages containing the git-svn-id are […]

git-svn clone server sent unexpected return value (303 see other)

I am trying to clone my project on google code svn into a local git repository. when running git svn clone http://dobberman.googlecode.com/svn -s dobberman i get the following error message: RA layer request failed: Server sent unexpected return value (303 See Other) in response to OPTIONS request for ‘http://dobberman.googlecode.com/svn’ at /usr/lib/got-core/git-svn line 1923 Anyone familiar […]

svn2git or git svn import

I’m about to migrate my SVN repo to GIT. I’m going to use svn2git which uses the git-svn. Is there any way the process modifies the SVN repo? Since obviously this is very sensitive to change, I want to be sure that the original SVN will not be affected in any way.

How can I use git as an intermediate code review stage before pushing out the remote subversion?

I would like to be able to review code checked into the internal subversion repository before pushing those changes to the remote subversion server. How can I use git to stage the development subversion for review? I have already fetched the internal subversion into git on my machine. How do I now push the changes […]

git-svn: commit whole history of an existing git repository into an empty Subversion sub-directory

I’ve been working on some code locally on my computer, tracking modifications using git (no remote). That code is now to become a module in a larger project, the code base of which is stored in Subversion (so something like https://svnserver/svnroot/project/trunk/module_x), so I thought I could use git-svn to manage the Subversion repository as a […]

Can I make git-svn import a Subversion repository which itself contains git repositories

I have a project in SVN which has a plugins folder. Several of the plugins folders are git repositories — I added them to my plugins folder using git clone. This has been working well for me but now I’m looking to migrate my SVN repository to git using git-svn: git svn init http://path/to/my/repo –no-metadata […]

Git svn fetch and then commit to remote git

My customer has a SVN repo and I would like to use git on my side instead. I used git-svn to create a git from my customer’s svn and created a gitlab for it. If my customer changes something on his side I would like to fetch the changes and then update my gitlab to […]

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