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Git Svn Migration – Handling directory of binaries

So, in the course of attempting to migrate our company repo from SVN to Git, I’ve run into the following issue – Currently, we have a “lib” folder in our repository containing a variety of DLLs from various internal projects (as well as third-party DLLs, but that’s an easier issue). It is currently possible to […]

What is the advantage of git storing entire content instead of difference between files?

I am reading about how git stores the data/files. I am not able to understand what is the advantage of storing the whole content of a file instead of the differences. What I understand is, if git stores the differences between each file it will take time for git to reconstruct the original file. At […]

git merge between different repositories

I created a repository with git-svn from a big svn repository (git svn clone). I’ve several local commits in my git repository that I don’t need to push to svn but I will need to get updates from it. Now I realized that I don’t need the entire svn history in my local repository, since […]

How to get msysgit to clone a repository where I want it to go?

New to git, not new to svn. Attempting to clone an svn repository to push to appharbor as part of a build process, per something like this thread. However, msysgit always works from whatever directory the app starts in it seems. I understand git svn clone –stdlayout <my URL> but is there an optional parameter […]

Using Git and Subversion in parallel (Tortoise)

At work we use Subversion, I often use it with Tortoise. I want to start to use Git for non-official changes. One problem is we seem to use both SVN Git and Tortoise Git on the same directories. What would be the appropriate Git software to install? How to work? What should I do about […]

Using git-svn, if I have multiple commits not in svn, how do I only push selected commits to svn?

Let’s say I have multiple commits in my local git repository that have not been pushed to svn. For example, these four commits on master. A <– B <– C <– D A is the oldest commit not in svn and D is the newest commit. How do I use git svn dcommit to only […]

How to delete a commited patch from local git repository?

I am a git beginner and I need to delete one local commit before preparing the final patch. This is the list of my branches: [me@myhost]$ git branch -l master * devel I did some fixes and committed the patches with {{{git commit -a}}} and now these are the patches I have: [me@myhost]$ git log […]

Move/rename directory with git-svn

My company uses SVN repository but I would like to use Git. At the moment I’m using git–svn, but when I move or rename a directory with a several of files in Git and “git svn dcommit” such change, in SVN repository this results into individual files moves: Changed paths: D /directory/file1 D /directory/file2 D […]

Problem importing project into git

I am new to web development. I just managed to develop an application using cakephp on shared hosting. I am trying to import the project into git. I am new to git. I have all php files. I read through the documentation on importing to git. I have successfully installed git on the local machine. […]

GIT to SVN migration perseverving user checkin data for multi-user

Question: I was wondering how you would preserve the user check info when migrating a GIT repo to a SVN. Example: Say that I have two repository. One as a SVN and the other as a GIT rep. Say that you have multiple checkin for different users ( user A, user B, user C) on […]

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