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Is there a way to use git-svn to mirror a Git repo to SVN and have the Git tags/branches become SVN tags/branches?

I’ve played around with using git-svn to mirror a Git repo to an SVN repo, but I can’t seem to do more than push the master changes to the SVN repos trunk. Essentially what I’ve done so far is create an SVN repo with the standard layout (project-name/trunk, project-name/tags, project-name/branches) and then do a ‘git […]

Unable to determine upstream SVN information from HEAD history

I get this on every git svn command I try. I am using git version on OS 10.6 The initial git svn fetch works, and i can do further fetches after that, but they do not enter the log or update the working copy.

git-svn clone with weird svn tags organization

I want to clone a SVN tree into a git repo using git-svn. I’d like to make a complete clone, including tags and branches, but I hit a problem with the tags organization. the SVN tags folder looks like this: tags/ |– Backup | |– 20080212 | `– 20080217 |– V4.0.1 |– V4.0.2 `– V4.0.3 […]

Fetch from svn. Commit to remote git

I’m new to git and I’m trying to understand if it can solve my problem. A project has a public read-only svn repo. I want to make and track my own changes to its source over time. While still fetching changes from the svn repo. Of course I can do this easily with git-svn. I […]

How do I import an svn repository with a changing directory structure to git?

I have an svn repository where the original structure looked something like: features/ trunk/ branch1/ But then over time moves to the standard svn structure of: trunk/ branches/ tags/ etc. Is there any way for svn2git or git svn to work with this? Alternatively, is there any way to re write svn history in a […]

git: ignoring files in the origin

Is there a way to tell git to ignore a file that’s stored in its origin? Since the files in question are in the upstream repository, just adding them to .gitignore or .git/info/exclude don’t work. Background: My upstream repository has some generated files in it. Every time I do a local rebuild, these generated files […]

Unable to perform git-svn clone on a sub-repository requiring AD authentication

I am trying to use git-svn via mysysgit in front of an entreprise subversion repository. This svn repo uses the http protocol, and requires an Active Directory authentication. I can’t read on the entire content of the repo, I am just authorized to see my team’s projects. So I am trying the following command : […]

Unable to push to phpfog, permission denied (publickey)

I am trying to host my php application over phpfog cloud services, this is my first ever try with any GIT client; following the procedure as defined in PHPfog documentations, I am done with creating keys and adding it. Now when I am trying to clone my repo (git clone git@git01.phpfog.com:myrep.phpfogapp.com) over phpfog I am […]

Trouble pushing from git to subversion using git-svn

I’m trying to push the existing git repo into svn. There are solutions described here and here. That’s what I’m doing: 1.Creating git repo: $ mkdir /blabla/git_repo $ cd /blabla/git_repo $ git_init $ touch hello.c $ git add hello.c $ git commit -m “init” 2.Creating svn repo: $ svnadmin create /blabla/svn_repo $ cd /blabla/svn_repo $ […]

How To Revert Changes made by Some User in GIT Repository

I have one GIT repository in which a number of users (Say A, B, …..X) committed the file. I want to delete or revert all the files which are committed by the User ‘X’. Is it possible or do I have to do that manually?

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