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Needing a git-svn workflow suggestion to keep personal files away from svn

I am starting to read about git-svn now to use it with a project that use SVN. I would like to have some files just for me (todo files, scratch code, etc), and I will like to keep track of them in the Git repository. Is it possible to have some files in the Git […]

Specify explicit fetch ref when doing “git svn init”

When doing git svn init, the fetch ref will always be :refs/remotes/git-svn. This can be changed by hand, but in the hope of automating git as much as possible, it would be great if there was a command-line option that changes this value to something else. E.g. running this: git svn init url1 -R r1 […]

How to import a deleted path in a svn repositroy into git or mercurial

I need to do some research about sources in a svn-deleted path in our company svn repository. Since I need to work a lot with annotate, I want to have the history in mercurial or git. I tried so far: hgsubversion and git-svn: For both programs I can’t find a way to specify that I […]

remove data from a svn synchronized git repository

we have a fairly huge svn repository that i access using git. so far everything was working fine. now someone accidentally added some huge chunks of binary data to the svn repository. (hundreds of MB!) of course git also sucked in those chunks (using git-svn). Is there a way to selectively remove some files from […]

Does git-svn support different revisions for each subdirectory?

I have a repository that is currently using Subversion, but I’d like to use Git locally. So I’ve checked it out with git–svn: git svn clone http://localserver/svn/repo Now, inside repo, I have a few directories: repo/ trunk/ A/ B/ C/ tags/ branches/ The repository is currently at revision 100. I’d like to checkout revision 90 […]

svn to git conversion no refs in common

I am trying to convert an svn repository to git following the instructions at http://www.albin.net/git/convert-subversion-to-git. I’ve done this once before following the same instructions, and it worked, but this time at step 4 in the instructions “git push bare” I get the following error. No refs in common and none specified; doing nothing. Perhaps you […]

what i can do after git svn clone fails?

my issue is not the same as this git–svn clone fails unexpectedly, since it can be solved by remove –no-metadata option, i have no such option in my command, my commad is simply as: git svn clone -s svn://xxx.xxx times amd times again, i failed to clone code from svn repo:( the error message is […]

Git filter-branch not rewriting all history

I’m trying to re-write a repo’s history using: git filter-branch -f –env-filter ‘ an=”$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME” am=”$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL” cn=”$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME” cm=”$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL” if [[ “$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL” = jacks* ]] then cn=”Jack Slingerland” cm=”jacks@teamddm.com” an=”Jack Slingerland” am=”jacks@teamddm.com” fi if [[ “$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL” = jacks* ]] then cn=”Jack Slingerland” cm=”jacks@teamddm.com” an=”Jack Slingerland” am=”jacks@teamddm.com” fi export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=”$an” export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=”$am” export GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=”$cn” export GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=”$cm”‘ — –all […]

Index mismatch error when performing 'git svn fetch'

I’ve been working with a remote SVN repository using git svn for a while without any problems. The other day, I typed git svn fetch and got the following index mismatch error. I tried the solution in this question, but it didn’t work. Here’s the error: $ git svn fetch W: Ignoring error from SVN, […]

What's the correct way to deploy a git repo to WordPress SVN?

I’ve seen a hundred different outdated, makeshift scripts that either use git–svn or do all of the hard work behind the scenes, but I still don’t feel like I’ve found the right way to do this. I have a local git repo that I want to deploy to my WordPress-hosted SVN repo. The ideal functionality […]

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