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Git tag – Checkout issue

If there are multiple tags available in a Git project, how can we check, which is the checked out tag out of all the present ones. git tag will list all the tags, and entries will be present in .git/refs/tags say for example: – today we did a repository sync from master repository and got […]

Is git push –mirror sufficient as a backup for repository that is used with git-svn?

I would like to create a backup of a git repository that I use for tracking a svn repository (with git-svn). Can I use git push –mirror for that purpose or would I lose any git-svn related information when I needed to restore the backup?

git-svn fails to dcommit, even after clean checkout

I’m trying to use git–svn with the following project: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/commons/sandbox/gsoc/2010/scxml-js/trunk/ Which I’ve checked out using the standard git svn clone https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/commons/sandbox/gsoc/2010/scxml-js/trunk/ -T trunk -b branches -t tags invocation. I started having trouble using git-svn dcommit with git-svn after branching with git checkout -b and not git svn branch, and then merging that local branch back […]

How to run git svn rebase on all branches

I’m using git–svn to manage a Subversion repository using git. I usually have a large number of git branches at any one time. I often need to update them to match the latest code in the repository, but find it a pain to run git checkout <branch>; git svn rebase for every branch. Is there […]

Git: How to commit into SVN branch after rebase?

I have a problem with a SVN branch. I made a checkout of it with git checkout -t -b stable svn/stable. Then I did a merge with git rebase master. After that I tried to commit the merge changes into the remote branch with git svn dcommit But now it seems, that Git pushed the […]

Rewrite a merge commit into a squash merge commit

I made a merge of a long lived branch and it took me time to complete the merge because of the conflicts resolution. I found out that I cannot publish my work with git-svn: git svn rebase will rebase all the commits of the merged branch instead of submitting one single merge commit. I discovered […]

git svn: Delta source ended unexpectedly

I’m using git svn for svn repo. My colleague commited to repo some native libraries and i can’t rebase my trunk after that: D native/libVal.so.v8.0.38za A native/libHelpVAL.so A native/libValuation.so.v9.0.36l Incomplete data: Delta source ended unexpectedly at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 5117 I’ve tryed to set core.autocrlf to false (as suggested) and do the clone but it didn’t […]

git-svn: is there a way to get it to play nice with submodules, or ignore them?

once you have a commit that contains a submodule object, you pretty much cannot get git-svn to commit past it. Any ideas, workarounds, anything that is not “don’t use submodules with git-svn”? So far the answer seems to be a big NO. Is there any way to at least allow existing git commits containing submodule […]

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously?

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously. If yes then how ? I am using Eclipse Indigo and have to share the same android(Java) project at 2 locations. Unfortunately the configuration management can not be changed. Thank you for your help..

Importing Subversion to GIT: problem with subpaths

We currently run a big subversion repository, and I’m trying to move it to GIT. The problem is that it uses trunks and tags below the root directory. For example: MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\trunk\ <– master branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\branch\v1 <– other branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\tags\v1_20100101 <– release tag There are different departments, OS’s, and many different projects. So when I clone […]

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