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Git SVN rebase to tags only

I’m extending an open source project with additional functionality. So I’ll be basing my code on the released version of the source code. The open source project uses SVN and I uses Git. How would I rebase only to the released version (SVN tags) instead of to the HEAD of trunk when a new version […]

Can I use git svn in a repository which I cloned using git?

I am using git to get my Webkit repository by following this: https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/UsingGitWithWebKit So I did: git clone git://git.webkit.org/WebKit.git WebKit I have been upgrading my repository using “git pull” My question is: Can I do ‘ git svn rebase’ in my repository? Or I can only do that if I create my repository using this? […]

Removing redundant repo directories when importing with git-svn?

I am trying to import a svn repository that follows the standard svn convention (trunk/branches/tags). The “problem” is that below each copy there are two totally useless directories that I’d really like to eliminate in my git repo. My svn structure looks like this: trunk/redundantdir1/redunddantdir2/realstuff branches/b1/redundantdir1/redunddantdir2/realstuff tags/t1/redundantdir1/redunddantdir2/realstuff … In svn those two directories didn’t hurt […]

How can I use git-svn together with Github, and avoid conflicts?

I am using Git for my SCM of a WP Plugin. But of course I then have to commit it to an svn repo for it to be displayed in the WordPress Plugin Directory. I have written a guide on how to do this so you can see the steps I am using for it. […]

svn repo borked by git svn remove and add?

I had a directory, Dir, that I removed with git svn, and then I added dir. By checking this two-commit in, svn is no longer able to update, hanging on the inability to add a directory which already exists. Is there a way to remove the svn commits themselves that does not require access to […]

Git repo grew after running repack

We’ve been using Subversion and are considering moving to git. So I am very much a git illiterate. I used git svn clone to copy the svn history to git and my git folder was 3.1G. I followed some advice from several blogs to shrink it and ran: git repack -a d -f –window=100 It […]

How do I import multiple branch-type directories into git-svn which aren't exclusive children of the same parent?

Sorry for the long title, but I wanted to make clear the distinction between this question and The one asked by CaptainPicard I have a svn structure like: trunk/ branches/* tags/* Release Candidate/* for all intents and purposes Release Candidates are used exactly like branches. So, I can tell git-svn to use Release Candidates as […]

Using git-svn with slightly strange svn layout

I’m doing an internship and they are using SVN (although there has been some discussion of moving to hg or git but that’s not in the immediate future). I like git so I would like to use git-svn to interact with the svn repository and be able to do local commits and branches and stuff […]

GIT SVN dcommit after folder rename

I have not been able to find a similar answer to my question. Situation: Locally using GIT (git version Remote repository is SVN (not sure of version) Problem: Clone an SVN repo, add a folder, commit it to git and SVN, rename the folder (without telling git), commit to git, cannot commit anymore to […]

Can I make git-svn use my existing ssh-agent for credentials?

ETA: Turns out I may have the wrong end of the stick. Collabnet SVN stores its client certificate credentials not by using ssh-agent, but with gnome-keyring (or kwallet, or other platform-specific keyrings). This, in turn, leads to a longstanding open bug in Git where it won’t try to use some of the various Subversion authorization […]

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