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Why does git svn init create an empty repository?

i am trying to follow this guide in order to move a project from svn to git. i don’t particularly care about merging things upstream so this seems like the cleanest solution of those i’ve explored. my issue is that when i execute git svn init file:///Users/Ankur/path/to/repository –no-metadata i get the message Initialized empty Git […]

git-svn updates not visible

I created a mirror of an svn repository via git-svn. The first time I did fetch from svn, I got revisions 1-7001, which I pushed to the github. Now that there are 7007 revisions in svn, I did git-svn fetch, which appears to have downloaded the missing revisions, but: I can’t see them in git […]

Don't see a new branch after creation

I have created a new branch and went with a browser to check if it was created but I don’t see it. $ git svn branch -n -m “Students line” student_line –destination branches Copying https://<my_site>/svn at r294 to https://<my_site>/svn/branches/student_line…

Is using VisualSVN server + Git clients (using git svn) a good solution for hosting repositories?

Because I had VisualSVN already set up on Windows 7 as SVN server, and Git can support Git SVN, so will using these two be a good solution 1) for now 2) for the long term? (that is, as opposed to setting up a Git repo with a machine running ssh daemon, which is non-standard […]

Simple “Get all new commits from SVN and put them into a true GIT, to 'svn' branch” setup?

it is my first attempt to make git–svn project. I have Debian server with direct access. Info: – local SVN is one branch and i won’t be doing any local or remote commits What i want to archive: Create true GIT local repository. That’s easy :-] Create SVN local copy(or git-svn repo ? i don’t […]

Git with SVN trunk and branches

Since I’ve been using Git, I liked the fact that you can create a local branch which you can squash to your master branch and DCommit to SVN (on trunk), and then delete that local branch (on Git). Now I want to find out how to deal with SVN branches. I need to work with […]

How to import a svn repository underneath a git repository?

I have a svn repository that I migrated to git using the tool svn2git. Now I would like to push this git layout to a remote repository underneath an existing directory. But, I would like to keep the svn history (tags and branches). For instance: Git remote repository layout: git-repository/dirA git-repository/dirB git-repository/dirC/svn-repository-migrated-to-git Makes sense? Is […]

Is there a way to treat a committed file like a staged file when I checkout branches?

I’m writing a performance test for code that I’ve already committed to see what speed improvements I’ve made. To do this, I created a branch of the code before my performance fix. I have my test class staged which is convenient because I can checkout my branch and the test will be brought over to […]

git-svn local branch tracking remote svn branch

I checkout my own private branch on svn like this: git svn clone svn://server/cfe/project/branches/fb_oz_3173_email Now I am on the branch master. I would like to: rename this branch to fb add branch called master which tracks the remote svn://server/cfe/project/trunk I can’t get it right. Can someone give me a lead? update the first part is […]

Cannot reset changes in Git Extensions

I am using Git Extensions for connecting to GitHub. Recently I have faced there are files that are flagged in unstaged changes. I cannot reset/delete files. The only way to get rid of them is check-in the files.

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