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git-svn: replacing trunk branch with another

How to replace the trunk branch with another in svn repository using git-svn tool?

How to remove a file from a git commit to push to svn

I replaced a folder and all its contents with a symlink. That is removed the folder and added a symlink, in a single git commit. Git commit happened normally. However when I try to push to the upstream svn, it complains that the file exists. Now, how do I amend my commit to not contain […]

Is Git grafting dangerous?

I’ve been using Git as a fat client for a Subversion repo, which has been great. I’m supposed to follow the one-commit-per-Trac-ticket methodology, but I much prefer having a rich history of atomic commits for my own benefit, so I’ve gotten into the following habit: Make topic branch for Trac ticket Hack away, making several […]

Replace $markers$ in text file before Git commit

I my text files (java) I use markers like $Author$, $Date$, $Revision$ which are updated on each commit. How can I do this in Git?

Missing revisions after “git svn clone”

After running: git svn clone https://svn.mycompany.eu/project/trunk There are some missing revisions (for exemaple 500 from 4700 of total revisions). It’s a problem, because we have joined a number of commits with a number of tasks in Trac. Can anybody help, please?

Merge and push all git branches

I’ve cloned an whole std-layout subversion repository with git-svn. My git config is defined as: [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true [svn-remote “svn”] url = https://firebird.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/firebird fetch = firebird/trunk:refs/remotes/trunk branches = firebird/branches/*:refs/remotes/* tags = firebird/tags/*:refs/remotes/tags/* [remote “origin”] url = git@github.com:asfernandes/firebird.git fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* fetch = +refs/tags/*:refs/tags/* push = […]

Why do I have multiple branches of a similar name after setting up git-svn

I have just created a new Git repository backed by Subversion, using git svn. On inspection of the branches created, there are several branches with a similar name, suffixed @{number}: $ git branch -r tags/project- tags/project- tags/project- tags/project- trunk trunk@175525 trunk@179205 What do these mean?

git-svn – cloned a single branch, now dcommit to another branch?

I have been using git–svn to work remotely on a spike for a new feature. Now I want to commit my changes to SVN, but on a different SVN branch than the one I first cloned. How do I do that ? The original branch has changed, and I am not ready to merge the […]

Import previous commits using git-svn

What I have done so far: git svn init http://example.com/svn/trunk (latest revision is 1000) git svn fetch -r1000 git svn rebase My repo is up to date and I have in the logs all commits since rev. 1000. How to import the history since revision 800? How to checkout to the revision 800?

Storing .gitignore files for empty directories under Subversion

As mentioned in this question (and in the Git FAQ), you can’t store empty directories in Git. I have a git-svn clone, and I want to use Git in it to work against my project’s Subversion repository. The problem is that there are some empty directories that are stored under Subversion and are necessary for […]

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