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what does it mean when git svn clone runs for a long time, completes, and accomplishes nothing

I upgraded git on my mac to 1.7.2. I can no longer get git svn clone or git svn fetch to succeed. With GIT_TRACE=2, the last words on the subject are: trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.branches-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.tags-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.branches-maxRev’ ‘12912’ trace: built-in: git ‘config’ ‘svn-remote.svn.tags-maxRev’ ‘12912’ […]

Why does `git-svn` hang at `Found possible branch point:`

Since a few days, my git-svn hangs at Found possible branch point: …/trunk => …/branches/foo, 8809 when I do git svn fetch. The clone acutally is at revision 163671 already. My box had a freeze lately, so it might be that something got stuck during a git svn fetch when it froze and I had […]

git svn clone not checking out all directories

I have a project in SVN and I tried to clone it with git–svn. I followed the example in the git-svn docs. git svn clone svn+ssh://host/path/trunk project_name The command completed with no error msg, but the cloned project does not contain all the directories as the project in SVN. At the top level, my SVN […]

Publishing a “git svn” repo

I’m modifying an open-source project that’s stored in an SVN repo. Since my changes will likely take a while to complete, I’ve checked the project out as a Git repo using the git-svn bridge. I don’t have access to the project’s Subversion repo so I can’t push changes back to it, but I’d like to […]

git: mv command

i’ve read that the mv command is basically the same as $ mv README.txt README $ git rm README.txt $ git add README just to be sure, is it exactly the same if i do it this way: $ git rm –cached README.txt # [rename file using right click rename] $ git add README

git svn clone: <file> was not found in commit <sha>

I am trying to git svn clone the SSH.NET repository from Codeplex. My command is: git svn clone https://sshnet.svn.codeplex.com/svn/ But it always stops with an error message. This is my first time got an error during git svn clone, I don’t know how this SVN repository is special. I have tried to google for an […]

git-svn: Is there a good branching and merging pattern?

I’m running the git–svn client on my machine. I’d like to have a pattern similar to a standard git branching and merging pattern, wherein you have a development branch which was branched from trunk, and you have several feature or bug-fix branches that have extended from the development branch. The problem I’m having is that […]

How to keep a backup git repository in sync with a local one, “git push –mirror” or “git remote update”

At work we use svn on the server but I am using git locally (via git-svn) to make use of the speed/branching/commits that aren’t ready to share etc. This is working fine but I’m uncomfortable having changes just one my computer for days on end in case something goes wrong, and would like to have […]

How do I keep my local version of files, without using .gitignore?

Don’t want to change .gitignore because other people want the files in the repo. But I have my own copy that I want to use. I edited .git/info/exclude and added the following: /Gemfile /Gemfile.lock /config/database.yml /spec/spec_helper.rb This doesn’t seem to do anything. git status still shows: # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git […]

using git to clone a CodePlex project that uses SVN

I have a project hosted in CodePlex, I chose SVN when I created this project. Now I try to use Git to clone this project. I tried: “git svn clone the_url” But it just hangs forever. It did not ask me for username or password or anything, just hangs. Any idea how to get this […]

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