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No newline at end of file

When doing a git diff it says “No newline at end of file”. Ok, there is no newline at end of file. What’s the big deal? What’s the significance of the message and what’s it trying to tell us?

How to remove a ssh key?

I’ve currently an old SSH key uploaded on the server. The problem is I lost my ~/.ssh directory (with the original id_rsa and id_rsa.pub files). Consequently, I want to remove the old SSH key directly on the server and upload a new one. I tried the following command without success: $> ssh-add -D Is there […]

Retroactively Correct Authors with Git SVN?

I have a repository which I have already cloned from SVN. I’ve been doing some work in this repository in its Git form and I would hate to lose that structure by cloning again. However, when I originally cloned the repository, I failed to correctly specify the svn.authors property (or a semantically-similar option). Is there […]

How can I use “git-svn” to checkout a local svn repository?

I’m practicing how to use svn and git. I created a svn repository on my computer, at “/Users/name/svnRepo/test”. I am able to use the svn commands to work on this repository. Then, I tried to use command “git-svn clone FILE:///Users/name/svnRepo/test/ .”, and got an error: Initialized empty Git repository in … Bad URL passed to […]

Hooks for git-svn

Can I set hooks for “pull”/”push”ing from/to a git-svn managed repository? The situation is that I have a project host on Google Code, and use git to manage the local working copy. I want to set some hooks so that when checking in/out data from/to the SVN repository with git svn fetch and git svn […]

Git svn rebase : checksum mismatch

I have a problem when I try to do a git svn rebase on my repository. It displays : Checksum mismatch: code/app/meta_appli/app_info.py expected: d9cefed5d1a630273aa3742f7f414c83 got: 4eb5f3506698bdcb64347b5237ada19f I searched a lot but haven’t found a way to solve this problem. If anybody knows, please share your knowledge. Thanks in advance.

How do I add/upgrade/downgrade a remote Git project in my repository without using submodules?

I need to keep a copy of WordPress in my project’s Git repository. I want to use Git to pull down WordPress updates from GitHub, and then push out those updates via git push and/or git svn dcommit. I currently have a solution in place using Git submodules, and it works; but now I need […]

git merge different repositories?

I’ve been using SVN for all my projects. Sometimes project B is originating as a copy from project A. When project A has a generic change, I can use svn merge A within directory B and it will merge those changes. Now, if I wanted to use git. I don’t like having all my projects […]

How do I make git-svn use a particular svn branch as the remote repository?

A word of warning: I’m a n00b to git in general. My team uses feature branches in svn, and I’d like to use git-svn to track my work on a particular feature branch. I’ve been (roughly) following Andy Delcambre’s post to set up my local git repo, but those instructions seem to have led git […]

git-svn not a git command?

While attempting to get an old svn dump of a project under git control, I ran into an interesting problem. Whenever I run git svn, I get an error saying it isn’t a git command, yet there is documentation for it that I can pull up using git help. Is there something wrong with my […]

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