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Mapping between git committers and SVN users

I’m using git–svn to store a “staging” version of some SVN repo, where other users are allowed to pull from this staging repo and commit there changes back to it, then the commits on the staging repo are periodically committed the upstream SVN repo. I want to know if there’s a way to map between […]

Unable to convert svn repository (without trunk) to git

I’m trying to convert my svn repo to git, but I’m not having much success. The repository in question does not have anything like a “trunk”. The layout is the following: /home/svn/ |— /project1/ |— /project2/ |— /repos/project3/ And underneath those project folders are the files. No trunk, no branches, no nothing special. At the […]

Git-SVN: Update Git repo from centralized SVN server

I’m working on a project for which everyone uses SVN as a centralized server and everybody pushes the changes they do on that server. I want to use Git locally and I’m pretty new to git svn. I did a git svn clone of the repository with git svn clone -r HEAD https://svn.repo/app/branch an I […]

Git Svn dcommit error – restart the commit

Last week, I made a number of changes to my local branch before leaving town for the weekend. This morning I wanted to dcommit all of those changes to the company’s Svn repository, but I get a merge conflict in one file: Merge conflict during commit: Your file or directory ‘build.properties.sample’ is probably out-of-date: The […]

Seamless git svn setup

I am a power git user and a happy one at that. Now, I’m forced to use svn and I am not exactly happy to do so. Not so comfortable using git svn yet. So, here is the setup I’d like and want. I use a git repo, that is git in all ways with […]

Is there any IDE/GUI support for git-flow on Windows/Linux?

Are there any GUI frontends for Git with git-flow support? Our team uses Eclipse IDE on Windows and Linux. Managed to gradually infect them with git-svn, now looking for the next steps to harness the power of real branching (rather than git-svn-rebase/dcommit). Git-flow seems more or less what we need now. However some of us […]

How to see 'git svn dcommit' changes before dcommitting?

This question already has an answer here: How to see what has been checked into git, but hasn't been committed to svn via dcommit? 4 answers

Update git-svn list of remote branches

When I have to use svn, I use git-svn to talk to svn. I cloned the repo with the standard git svn clone -s line, and all the remote branches at the time were there. Since then, a new branch has been created, but not by me. I want to checkout/track this branch locally. I […]

remove a file from GIT control

Possible Duplicate: git – removing a file from source control (but not from the source) I have a .classpath file which is currently in GIT repository. After I pulled from remove repository(git pull origin master). How can I remove this file from GIT control, I mean NOT to delete this file from my computer but […]

Why does “git svn fetch” command seem to be stuck and does nothing?

EDIT: Workaround. Now we understand the issue, here is the solution: do git svn fetch -r REVISION:HEAD where REVISION is the number of the svn commit of the branch creation. I’ve been happy using git svn to work on the trunk of my project for a while, but now I need to track branches also. […]

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