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How to find the git hash for an svn revision when git mirror of an svn repo is used?

I would like to use git when experimenting with llvm and clang code. Therefore I already cloned the source files from the git mirror: % git clone http://llvm.org/git/llvm.git % cd llvm/tools % git clone http://llvm.org/git/clang.git Now I would like to use 3.4.2 as a base of my work. I’ve found that it is svn Revision […]

How to remove duplication in git tree from git-svn

I am using git–svn to track a canonical subversion repository. My local repository had the commits from the svn, but also additional branches that I was working on concurrently, that were not in the subversion respository. My old computer died, and so I’m trying to duplicate that setup on my new computer. Luckily I backed […]

Can't rebase a branch containing solved merge conflicts

I want to rebase my whole git history on top of a new initial commit to be able to push it to SVN. What I don’t understand is why I have to solve the same merge conflicts again. They were once solved in the original history, why can’t it just take those solutions? I’ve published […]

Missing branches cloning a non-standard svn repository using git-svn clone

I am a complete git newbie and I want to clone my svn repository using git-svn. However, the branches are missing after the clone command is run. The repo layout is as follows: trunk/ branches/team/releases/release-1 branches/team/releases/release-2 … branches/development/user1/feature1 branches/development/user1/feature2 branches/development/user2/feature3 branches/development/user2/feature4 … tags/release1 tags/release2 The command I’m using is: git svn clone –trunk=/trunk –branches=branches/*/* –tags=tags/*/* […]

Report of bitbucket and github pull and push

I need a report of all pull and push by all team members.

Convert two subversion repos on googlecode to a single git repo on github

(1) How do I convert two subversion repos, one of which is an external of the other to a single git repo on github? I want the history to be interleaved so that the gitk output makes sense! (2) Why would I want to use svnadmin dump instead of just git cloneing them and then […]

Is there any way to speed up git svn?

I am trying to convert an SVN repository to Bit Bucket, with 18 years of history, over 6000 branches and over half a million commits. Git svn went through the first 50k commits in about 6 hours and has spent 3 days converting the next 40k. It has crashed twice and stopped twice because of […]

How to preserve line endings when extracting git commit messages in a bash script?

I am using git svn to access a SVN server. I am trying to write a script that converts and copy all SVN tags into git tags. I found this: http://gitready.com/advanced/2009/02/16/convert-git-svn-tag-branches-to-real-tags.html And this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3357357/882697 To create that: git for-each-ref refs/remotes/origin/tags | cut -d / -f 5- | while read ref do msg=`git log –format=%B -n […]

How to import Subversion commits into Git upstream repository

Here is my scenario: a upstream Git tag 1.2 has been used as first commit in an empty Subversion repository without git svn. Files have been copied and added into Subversion trunk working copy. in Subversion, a small list of changesets have been committed in /trunk I now would like to use a Git fork […]

Git svn workflow with two clients

I use git–svn as a ‘better’ svn client. Sometimes I work from home on my laptop, which has IP connectivity to my main PC. Whats is the best way to move changes between my laptop and main PC? For example I am half way though fixing a bug and have commited some changes in a […]

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