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Git-svn migration with non-standard layout doesn't show merges

After trying several options and a bunch of hints from this site and others I’m stuck. My main question is the following: I’d like to migrate (part of) an SVN repository to Git, preserving history. The SVN layout is non-standard and after git svn clone I do see the right branches appear, but when I […]

How to do git-svn fetch and retain empty directory?

I have created a simple script to migrate fairly large SVN repository. Instead of using git svn clone, I am using git svn init and git svn fetch so that I could specify the revision and fetch it chunk by chunk. More or less, it is something like this: while [ “$CURRENT_REVISION” -lt “$MAX_REVISION” ]; […]

How to trim a git-svn repository to remove branches and tags WITHOUT re-cloning?

If I forgot to only check out the trunk of an SVN repository and instead checked out everything, is there any way to trim my git-svn repository afterwards without re-cloning it?

Is there a way to have media in subversion and code in git?

There is a project which I have recently become part of. The project is listed in sourceforge.net and they have been using its services for last several years. The project has been using sourceforge.net for 17 years and it has lot of graphical assets, music etc. Now they want to migrate the project to github.com. […]

Is there a way to clone a git repository including its remote repositories?

Is there a way to use some git clone / fetch mechanism to keep the repo in my clone up to date including all refs/remotes/ from the remote? This has nothing to do with git fetch –all, git pull –all or git svn. It’s just about copying the remotes of a remote to a clone. […]

git-svn: re-link git-svn cloned repo to svn

I have on my gitlab a git repo which was originally cloned using git svn clone https://svn.url.com/project/trunk. I used to dcommit to the svn as well as git push to the gitlab from my local copy. But now I have now lost the original local copy where I do the git-svn clone from.. I do […]

Using SVN commands alongside git-svn: Possible? Advisable?

I was able to do the following without any problems: Clone a remote SVN repo via git svn clone. Make commits to the local git repo via git add and git commit. Push git commits to the remote SVN repo via git svn dcommit. But because I noticed svn status not reflecting the dcommit‘ed changes […]

How to keep local branch history with an atomic git-svn dcommit operation?

I do my development of various features in git branches. When I want to check my code into SVN via git-svn, I do the following: git co feature_branch git svn rebase git co master git svn rebase git merge –no-ff feature_branch git commit –amend git svn dcommit This works reasonably well, unless another developer commits […]

git bundle with git-svn

I am trying to use git-bundle with a git-svn repo. Essentially, I need to create an offline git repo that has a clone of our production SVN system. The SVN repository is cloned through git-svn, which works great. It clones our code, and lists it under remotes/*. Now the hard part. I need to keep […]

Managing sources across sites

We have several sites and are using one centralized subversion repository. The repository is large and network bandwidth means it takes several hours to get sources between sites. What you would advise? One option is to start using Git but it could be very expensive. What about still having one central SVN repository at the […]

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