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How to set up a heterogeneous multiuser git/svn environment

I work for a team which uses Subversion as the main VCS but almost everyone has started using git locally via git-svn. Now we are considering switching fully to git. As an intermediate step, it would be nice to use both of them simultaneously for a while. The problem is not so much the users […]

git-svn fails to commit back to svn repo despite clean rebase

I’ve been using git–svn for what feels like years now without any issues. My typical workflow is work, commit, …, work, commit, rebase, dcommit All of a sudden I started getting this error today: $ git svn rebase Current branch master is up to date. $ git svn dcommit Assertion failed: (svn_uri_is_canonical(child_uri, NULL)), function uri_skip_ancestor, […]

Git push synchronization between team members

What is the “correct” way to ensure that other people don’t push to git remote repo while someone else is doing a time-consuming merge/rebase operation and would like the repo to remain stable while doing so? Is there a elegant way to lock the repo in a read-only mode until a person finishes with lengthy […]

Inconsistent line endings using git-svn with commits from both VCS

I have a remote SVN repository and a local git repository. Using git-svn I have linked git to SVN and am successfully using git svn rebase, git svn dcommit to pull and push to the remote SVN repository. However, when other people check out my previously-git-edited files with SVN and try to open them in […]

Git-svn operation philosophy?

How does git–svn operate? I have access to an svn repository at work but I’m going to start to work with a distributed team and I’d like to start to fire up git use on this project (as a pilot).

I can init and fetch file with git-svn, but can't clone

I read the manual and it said clone is Runs init and fetch. But I tried this: git svn clone -T http://svn.felspar.com/public/m-intercept/trunk/ then got: fileparse(): need a valid pathname at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 405 And not any file was downloaded. But when I used: git svn init http://svn.felspar.com/public/m-intercept/trunk/ git svn fetch All right. It works perfectly. […]

How to run svn update in a loop to import commits to git?

Current setup I am running a local git repository in parallel to a svn checkout in the same folder. Whenever something new happens on the svn server I run svn update to download the commits. Then I git add && git commit the whole set of changes to the git repository. Task I want to […]

Using TortoiseGit with svn-git to clone specific branches of SVN repository

I have a SVN project with following architecture (empty trunk and tags) https://svn-repo.com/svn/company +–my_project | +–trunk (empty) | +–branches | | +–my_branch | | +–my_branch2 | | +–temp_branch1 | | +–temp_branch2 | | +–temp_branch3 | +-tags (empty) I would like to use TortoiseGit to clone this repository into a git repository with branches my_branch and […]

git svn fetch not working

git svn fetch doesn’t fetch any new revisions from the remote SVN server, even though I know that my local version is out of date. When doing git log, the last revision happens on the 5th of December, whereas when I type in git svn log the latest revision is yesterday (not mine). Any idea […]

git rebase fails with Unknown exit code (128) from command: git-merge-recursive

Consider the following scenario: – upstream repository with 2500 is stored in SVN – git user A imports the repository into git and commits 1 patch – git user B imports the repository into git and commits 1 patch – git user A wants to merge the patch from git user B In this case, […]

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