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Git-Svn: Retain commit timestamp after dcommit

I’ve been using Git & Git-Svn for a year or so now and somehow just noticed that, after a dcommit, my commit history is preserved, but the timestamps aren’t. In other words, each git commit entry is retained, but in Svn each commit has the same timestamp (more or less). It’s not unusual for me […]

git svn clone failed

git svn clone url Initialized empty Git repository in D:/code/Androi d/ProjName/.git/ W: Ignoring error from SVN, path probably does not exist: (160013): Filesystem h as no item: ‘/svn/Projects/!svn/rvr/100/Android/ProjName’ path not found W: Do not be alarmed at the above message git-svn is just searching aggressively for old history. This may take a while on large […]

Git users in an SVN shop, organising our repos

I work in an SVN shop, but to inject a bit of sanity in my work I use git-svn. A growing number of my colleagues are seeing the light as well, and now we’d like to, in some cases completely side-step SVN. Currently we each have our own git-svn repo, but due to wildly differing […]

error: Untracked working tree file

When I git pull origin development, I got error: error: Untracked working tree file ‘<path-to-file>’ would be overwritten by merge The reason is because one file which is in the remote development branch is not put to git in my local project (I don’t want that file in version control, so did git rm). But […]

How can I combine two commits into one commit?

I have a branch ‘firstproject’ with 2 commits. I want to get rid of these commits and make them appear as a single commit. The command git merge –squash sounds promising, but when I run git merge –squash my terminal just brings up options for the command. What is the correct command? Commit 1: Added […]

Git: git svn rebase failed. RA layer request failed

I did a git svn rebase and I got this: r58087 = a2530aabd7ce119d35f63954e075b1c86067809d (refs/remotes/git-svn) RA layer request failed: REPORT request failed on ‘/svn/path/to/repo’: REPORT of ‘//default’: Could not read chu nk delimiter: Secure connection truncated (https://svn.local) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm line 282 Everytime I do a git svn rebase again I get Index mismatch: 4c97d1eea751f79ddf4e58f48f41e89dc8d254bd != 35962f4b5051693558a975b48ff903f061908235 […]

How can I merge changes from a branch that contains a subset of directories from another?

I’ll try to keep this brief. We have a git repository that is acting as an SVN mirror (managed by BitBucket). This repo contains every project in the company since the beginning of time and having every developer clone it is not a reasonable request (25+33GiB full clone and 15+GiB shallow) But even then, we […]

why git-svn failed with signal 13?

it is confusing that i failed for many times to clone a svn repo using git svn, why? $ git svn clone -s Following parent with do_switch Successfully followed parent r362 = 6be745be496f98f96ac66fccead8211734cf6455 (refs/remotes/tags/8-22) Found possible branch point: =>, 368 Initializing parent: refs/remotes/trunk@368 **error: git-svn died of signal 13** $ echo $? […]

mysterious git behaviour

I have since fixed this problem. But I still don’t know why what I did worked. We have an svn repository for our code at work. I have a local git-svn repository because I <3 Git. 🙂 We use Windows, so I use Cygwin. I think the latest version in Cygwin is Git On […]

Resolving Git Svn Conflicts

I’m using Git-Svn to interact with a Svn repository at work and I can’t seem to find a way to effectively resolve conflicts for the life of me. I’ve read the other questions on this topic, but evidently I need something even more remedial because i always seem to end up in some kind of […]

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