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git-svn cloning a repo that lives in git but fetches from svn

I am a bit lost on what is the correct workflow for the following scenario. I’m using an open source project that’s hosted on google code in a subversion repo. I prefer to use git so I’ve used git-svn to clone the svn repo to a git repo. The original author still commits to the […]

How to list committed git files per size?

Is it possible to list the set of committed files in a git repository, per file size? I am using TortoiseGit under windows 7.

Git-svn for repo with independent subprojects

I’m trying to use git-svn for an svn project that has multiple sub-projects, each with its own independent trunk/branches/tags structure: PROJECT SubprojectA branches tags trunk SubprojectB branches tags trunk Is it possible to still support branches and tags with git-svn? I don’t need it all checked out in one repo, if that’s a problem.

How to install git-svn on Linux Mint 15 (Olivia)

I am required to interface with SVN at work, but prefer to run Git locally to allow me to have multiple local branches open at any given time. After making the switch from Windows 7 to Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) Cinnamon, I’m finding that git–svn doesn’t appear to be available for this release of Linux […]

How to find newly added, deleted and modified files in git repository

Is there a command that would generate a list of every deleted file,added and modified files in the repository.Pls suggest.

Moving from SVN to GitHub

I am trying to move one of my SVN repositories to a new repository in GitHub. Since I don’t have much experience yet with Git, I’m trying to follow instructions I found on Stack Overflow and GitHub. I only need the trunk of the project, which is in a repository together with several other projects. […]

git add is adding files to staging area

I am trying to commit some modified files to my git staging area with command git add. However the files are not adding to the staging area. The below is the output of git status:- :~/Desktop/production-18-12-2013$ git status # On branch master # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git add/rm <file>…” to update […]

git-svn — Why are other branches' commits mixed in with trunk commits on master?

I’m tracking a svn repository using git. A merge was done on 2014-01-09 (producing commit A) and another on 2014-02-12 (producing commit B). When I git checkout master; git log, I see the commits for the merges, but I also see, for instance, a commit on 2014-02-04 (C) made against a branch (which was merged […]

git commit not working on directory

First of all, I am new to git and I’m sorry in advance if my question seems foolish to you. I’m working on the files inside a directory say FrmMain/FrmMain/Forms/ [Has approx 100 files] I have initialized the git at the Parent Directory i.e. first FrmMain Now when I try to git commit the modified […]

Benefit of migrating to GIT from git-over-svn

I am thinking about converting my svn repository on my server to git, but I am not sure what would be the benefit for me, since I already use SmartGit/hg which creates a local git repository and commits all local git commits through to svn already. As far as I can see, there is no […]

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