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GIT Cherry-picking one commit X times

I’m facing a strange behaviour with some commits on my SVN migrated GIT repository: I tried to cherry-pick onto a release branch a commit from the master that had been previously already merged onto the release branch with SVN. GIT did not detect it and added the code a second time in the source file […]

Create commit link between GIT and SVN

I have projec in GIT, but now I need to make commit to empty SVN repository also. I did: git clone https://path/to/git/project1 git svn init -T http://path/to/svn/project1 git svn fetch After I did git svn dcommit I got msg: Unable to determine upstream SVN information from HEAD history. How to fix it? How to create […]

Handle large repository with binaries in git-svn

At my workplace there is a large svn repository (+80.000 revisions) with lots of binary files. I am experimenting with git-svn over it, but it seems impractical to clone the whole history (it takes more than 100 GB and nearly a week to complete the process). I have tried cloning a subset of revisions (last […]

“git svn clone” chokes on moved directories?

I’ve been trying to use git svn clone in order to use Git with SVN. I am running the clone command on the whole SVN repository and I chose to disable tracking the standard trunk/tags/branches layout. However, the process of initial “git svn clone” operation always stops at the same revision (28) every time I […]

rebasing a heavily-merged branch prior to pushing changes upstream

I have a local branch that tracks an upstream SVN branch, in which heavy development work was done while I was also working on local changes. During that time, I have merged upstream into my own branch frequently, as well as cherry-picked isolated commits and sent them upstream. So, in essence, my history looks like […]

Could git do not store history of specific folders when working with git-svn?

In short: Is there a way to disable storing full history for specific folders in git-svn repo? We have pretty large SVN repo with big checkout. I would like to migrate it to Git for my local development, because Git speeds up update and status commands orders of magnitude. When I simply do git svn […]

Git confusion – getting git repo on server after switch from svn

I have a 3 year old svn repo I just converted to git using git-svn. Then I cloned the new repo and want to copy it to a our main server (running ssh). The git project is organized like this: ~/server.com/ ~/server.com/.git ~/server.com/htdocs ~/server.com/includes etc. Following the instructions in the gitpro book, it says to […]

How to create empty directories using git-svn?

I am trying to create a git repository from a part of an existing svn repo. I absolutely need to preserve empty directories. I have used the –preserve-empty-dirs options but it has not worked as I expected. Here is the command that I used : git svn clone –stdlayout –no-metadata –no-minimize-url –preserve-empty-dirs –authors-file=users.txt http://<url-to-svn-repo>/path/to/myproject/ myproject […]

How to get the removed branches in git

I merge my all of the branches to a wrong branch and deleted all of the branches. Is it possible to recover all of these branch and unmerge them. I also resolved conflict at the time of merging

Git Clone from SSH Repository

I used to be able to clone from my personal git repository but now i seem to be running into an error. user:dev.site.com mikesilvis$ git clone { my ssh directory } server@ipaddress’s password: remote: Counting objects: 3622, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (2718/2718), done. error: git upload-pack: git-pack-objects died with error. fatal: git upload-pack: aborting […]

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