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Switching branch for a subdirectory only in Git

I’m working on a Git repository with two main branches and two main folders. One of these folders is very similar between the two branches, the other is very different. This means that, even if I’m just working on the common folder, switching between the two branches is slow due to all the updates required […]

Git & SVN on same code base

I have a code base that needs to be tracked by both git and svn due to two teams working on the code with different practices. The problem I am having is that git is storing all the .svn directories in its repo. I could use a very large .gitignore file and specify every single […]

Git: Use git-merge-file to resolve conflicts using theirs/ours

I have don a git svn rebase and I got a conflict. I want to use git-merge-file to merge the two versions of the file by choosing the version on the server. git-merge-file has this option called –theirs but git-merg-file takes 3 parameters. How can I pass it just my file that contains the conflict […]

Is there a way to invoke a script on git status command?

I am managing my svn repositories as a git repo through git-svn tool, but there is no way to handle my svn externals. This problem is solved by treating each external as a git-svn repo. This is done using a script and the result is something similar to this: > src/ > — .git/ > […]

svn2git with –exclude, any way to ignore the empty/blank commits?

I’m converting a big SVN repository into multiple git repositories (one for each project). I am running svn2git for each repo with all unwanted directories –excluded this works well to keep the tags and branches (I delete all the unrelated tags & branches after the conversion) The only problem is I have loads of empty […]

GIT: how to revert back only one historical change while keep others as they are?

Say I have made changes and committed N times for my project. After that, suddenly, I found that one change from the N changes causes a problem which has no way to solve. The only way to solve this problem is to revert that specific change back, meanwhile, I need to keep all the other […]

Git: How to get remote updates without checkout?

I’m looking for a way to list all updated files in the remote master branch, similar to svn log. Is that possible in Git? Thanks, Christoffer EDIT (Solution): git fetch git diff –name-status origin/master

what's wrong with my git-svn command? cannot fork git.pm, why?

I was cloning a opensource project using git–svn, but failed. this issue is different from https://superuser.com/questions/266338/git-svn-fails-with-fatal-error since i am not using cygwin this time:( The error message is different as before, it just cannot fork:( r6686 = f7adf2ab3ed10abac505b6ee5c88f983f3080e28 (refs/remotes/tags/NaiveBayes-1.0.1@8503) Can’t fork at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Git.pm line 1262. real 550m4.292s user 17m12.441s sys 52m29.003s jesus cried, git svn […]

Can I make git-svn more like git?

Is it possible (or desirable?!) to set up git svn to behave more like git? For example, instead of writing git svn dcommit why can’t I just write git push Similarly, instead of git svn rebase why not just git pull

SVN -> Git migration with structure variations

I, currently, have the following SVN structure: project1 branches trunk tags project2 branches trunk tags muchMoreStuff branches trunk tags which originally had this structure: project branches trunk proj1 proj2 moreStuff muchMore tags I’m trying to get independent Git repositories, one for “Project 1” and another for “Project 2”. The issue is different but similar than […]

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