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Merge two repositories (original project and changed project WITHOUT HISTORY)

I have two repositories: Gephi (big open source project) hosted on github Project of my company based on gephi 7 months ago, when our project started, somebody took a snapshot of gephi project on github and save it to corporate svn => change history loss now i decided to move our project to git repository […]

Push an existing git repository to an existing SVN repository

I have been asked for a school project to submit my work by pushing it to an existing SVN repository. It is an existing repository with some files already there. I have no need for these files or the previous commits. I have been working on my assignment with a git repository on my. I […]

Using git with svn

I have to use svn as source code management tool, but I want to use git branches locally. I wonder if it works without problems and what’s the best approach. I read about ‘git svn‘, but it looks like I would have to sync the whole svn repositoy to use it. That’s not an option. […]

Git Svn clone certain revision, and continue cloning other revisions in the future

I am converting my svn repo to git. It is a very large repo and it keep failing, therefore I have to clone only part of it. I used the following command: git svn clone -r100000:HEAD https://svn.myserver.com/project/ . It completed succesfully, but I only have the latest few commits. Is there anyway to continue cloning […]

create a new svn branch with git-svn

While working with git-svn, and a ‘typical’ svn repo /trunk, /branches/…, /tags/… How do I push a local branch to a new branch inside of /branches ?

How to get the latest SVN HEAD in git-svn?

I’m using git-svn and I’d like to update to the latest SVN HEAD. When I type git pull it says: fatal: No remote repository specified. Please, specify either a URL or a remote name from which new revisions should be fetched. I read here that I should do something like: git checkout -b real-trunk remotes/trunk […]

Dropping older Git commits from history?

I have cloned an SVN repository into a Git repository, and I just want the last commits beginning from f3a5b2a commit. I do want to retain the changes, but they can be part of that f3a5b2a commit, I want to get rid of the unnecessary history because I don’t need it anymore and I have […]

git-svn cannot create a branch to follow SVN branching

I’m struggling with the following issue. When I continue fetching revisions from SVN with git svn fetch I’m getting the following error: Found possible branch point: https://somecompany.com/product/trunk => https://somecompany.com/product/branches/deep/branches/product-001, 72666 Found branch parent: (refs/remotes/deep/branches/product-001) b685b7b92813885fdf 6b8e2663daf884bf504b14 Following parent with do_switch Successfully followed parent error: ‘refs/remotes/deep’ exists; cannot create ‘refs/remotes/deep/branches/product-001’ fatal: Cannot lock the ref ‘refs/remotes/deep/branches/product-001’. […]

Is it possible to keep .gitignore files out of SVN?

I’m using git svn to merge changes from my local git repository to an SVN server. However, when I issue git svn dcommit it will actually commit any .gitignore files that I have in my source tree. This is even after I’ve checked out the SVN repository locally (using SVN), set the svn:ignore property (recursively, […]

git svn dcommit does not find changes and reset head

I have a big problem with git–svn: I need to just push my git repo to a svn server, so I made the following svn mkdir –parents http://host/path/to/repo/{trunk,tags,branches} \ -m “Standard layout for $project” git svn init -s http://host/path/to/repo/ git svn fetch git rebase trunk master git svn dcommit This worked great and everything is […]

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