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How to I update the path to a moved git-svn remote branch

I have been using git and git-svn for a while now but we have moved out svn repository server to another location. So what i am wondering is what to I need to do for git to look at the new remote path so i can continue like before. I have tried changing the url […]

Importing History from SVN to Git – Change Committer Information

I’m working on converting some Subversion repositories over to Git using the git–svn tool. I noticed that even though it imports the author information correctly, the committer information does not match the author information (e.g. the committer date is the date/time I ran the git-svn tool). Is there a way to make the committer information […]

Migrating from Googlecode to Github with full revision history

Trying to migrate an SVN project to Github I first followed the following instructions to turn SVN into Git: http://code.google.com/p/support/wiki/ConvertingSvnToGit This worked but I’m unsure what to do next to move from Googlecode to Github. I’ve tried: $ git remote add origin git@github.com:GITHUB_USERNAME/REPO_NAME.git $ git push –all origin (I hope that makes sense because I’m […]

git-svn dcommit from post-commit with Kerberos

I’d like to have git automatically push local changes to the upstream subversion repo when a commit is made. The SVN repo authenticates using Kerberos, so there’s no need to hardcode a password or anything into the commit hook. The obvious way to do this is to put “git svn dcommit” into the post-commit hoook, […]

Merge two identical git-svn branch HEADs without losing link with git-svn remote branch?

I’ve got a pair of git-svn branches which have been manually kept in sync by applying patches and what-not; git-merge has not been used. The branches are now in sync, which is to say that git diff A B has no output at all. [A] +—-+–+–+–+——–+—+——–+-+—+-> \ / X / / \ \ X / […]

git-svn merging between multiple remotes

I have git-svn setup to track two remote svn locations, say http://svnserver/develop/project and http://svnserver/release/project . I also created local branches of the remotes in order to make changes and dcommit to them. However, when I try to merge a change from a local branch of develop to a local branch of release, I get conflicts […]

git-svn from the point of view of a git native user

Are there any tutorials for git-svn from the native git user’s perspective? My new workplace uses svn; I know git, and would like to continue using the branching and rebase workflow I am comfortable with, while eventually committing to svn repos. All of the tutorials for git-svn I can find are from the point of […]

git svn branches in a large repository

I am using “git svn” to interact with a large SVN repo with non-standard branching convention. I see that there are multiple ways to clone the svn repo / branches as pointed out here I am seeing really different behaviors: Say the SVN repo is as follows: http://svn.mycom.com/svn/Project –>trunk –>defects –>uat Production is in “trunk”, […]

Github: Unable to add files to commit

I am unable to add the files to the staging area. Whenever I try to do this, I get a bunch of errors. Please have a look at the following figure and kindly tell me what’s the problem here and how may I solve this? I have searched alot but wasn’t able to find the […]

How to show all folders from WordPress.org SVN plugin repo?

I have been approved for a repo on the WordPress.org site for a new plugin I created. I am testing out Tower to see if it will work for me and allow Git as well as SVN version control. I have created the repo in Tower it shows Master but there are other folders in […]

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