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Using git and svn with multiple developers

I have a svn repository (with no TLB structure if it matters) which I want to use along with git. I can do a git-svn clone, work on my changes in the git repo and commit back to the svn repo whenever I am done. It’s clear until this point. I’m not sure how to […]

Cherry-picking from git to svn (or, How to keep a project history in git and releases in svn)

I’m in a position where I’m the only one using git, everybody else is using svn. I’ve used ‘git svn‘ to connect to the team svn and mostly it works just fine. Lately, I’ve started a project initially on my own, separate git repo and now I need to merge stuff from it to the […]

How to reinitialize a git-svn repository

Following the advice of this tutorial, I cloned an svn repository which did not have the standard layout. git-svn clone -s http://example.com/my_subversion_repo local_dir The -s is there to signify that my Subversion repository has a standard layout (trunk/, branches/, and tags/.) If your repository doesn’t have a standard layout, you can leave that off. Being […]

Using git filter-branch to rewrite authors/committers and commit messages simultaneously

I have a Git repository originally imported from Subversion. Parts of the author/committer information are wrong, which is not Git’s fault but mostly due to sloppy committing with Subversion. I would like to use git filter-branch to rewrite the history of the repository, fixing the committer and author information. The trouble is… I need to […]

git-svn and local branches

I usually using git for versioning, but right now I am stuck with sources in a svn repository, so I am using git-svn to access that repository. However this seems to lead to some trouble, when I try to use local branches. I usually only commit my local repositories about once a day, so I […]

git svn clone fails with “Failed to strip path”

I am using git in a shop that is all Subversion. When I check out a repo using git svn clone -s –preserve-empty-dirs https://<subversion-server>/svn/<repo> <folder-name> All seems well as the cloning process begins, but at some point during the process, git fails with Failed to strip path ‘<path-to-some-file>’ ((?^:^trunk(/|$))) Anyone know what’s wrong or how […]

Workflow for using Git SVN and a Remote Git Repository with multiple users

Summary of the question: I came to realise as I wrote this out that there is a lot of detail, so here’s the headline: What is a good workflow for a team of many users that use SVN and Git SVN within a work environment, but then also want to use a remote Git Repo […]

Importing an SVN Repo into an EXISTING Git repo as a branch

I’ve currently got a project on google code that I’d like to incorporate into a project on Github. The issue is that the SVN project is essentially just a folder of the larger project on github, so I don’t think i can just use git-svn for this. I’m assuming I can use git svn to […]

How to recover from git-svn putting a different cased dulplicate file in the repository?

Git-svn allowed for a duplicate filename, just with different case, to be added to our subversion repository. On Windows this meant that subversion could not checkout the file, complaining of a duplicate. Another developer deleted the incorrectly cased version from the repository. Now when trying to do a git-svn rebase I get a “could not […]

git merge vs rebase using git svn

I am very confused, I have read several posts, blogs and articles and don’t know where to go. I am using an svn server repo that I pull down with git svn and work on. I am currently the only person developing this ( i.e. no upstream changes ) . So i have a local […]

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