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How to revert multiple revisions with git-svn

I need to revert multiple revisions (e.g. 28693, 28756, 28747) which are already in svn repo. With svn I can achieve this with one command: svn merge -c -28693,-28756,-28747 https://repository/trunk How to make the same with git-svn?

git reset branch

Is it possible to reset branch that is not currently checked out? I want to create a cron script that will perform git svn fetch and then update all local branches tracking svn remote branches with new changes.

How to have Git store CRLF in index

I use git-svn at work and people are constantly complaining that I’m committing LF‘s instead of CRLF‘s. (We’re mostly a Windows shop). As far as I can tell, when core.autocrlf is true the working copy is CRLF, when false it’s LF, and when input it’s left untouched. I like the autocrlf = true as a […]

How do I continue pulling from subversion from a git clone which was not originally pointing to svn

Given I have created a git repo on machine1 by pointing to svn with git svn clone –trunk=http://foo/project And I keep pulling in new revisions from svn on machine1 with ‘git svn rebase’ When I clone the git repo from machine1 to machine2 How do I repoint to svn my git repo on machine2 ??? […]

git svn preserve deleted branches

I have noticed that deleted branches in svn is not preserved in git. I know that branches in git and svn is rather different in the way they are processed. However that seems to be dangerous that svn to git cloning looses some information. Is it possible to preserve branches from svn in git that […]

Fork remote SVN repo to git

Apologies if this question is a duplicate, or if I’ve missed something, but in all my searching of the interwebz, I can’t find any information on this. I want to fork someone else’s SVN project, and then turn it into a local git repo (hopefully preserving all of the SVN commits). All the examples I’ve […]

How to make issue# mandatory in GIT while committing

We are setting up GIT. We want to make the user mandatory to enter the issue # in the beginning of comment. LIke “Issue 3222: Fix for result variations”. Is there a way to configure some sort of regular expression so that this check is made before committing? Thanks, Satish

git-svn cloning a repo that lives in git but fetches from svn

I am a bit lost on what is the correct workflow for the following scenario. I’m using an open source project that’s hosted on google code in a subversion repo. I prefer to use git so I’ve used git-svn to clone the svn repo to a git repo. The original author still commits to the […]

How to list committed git files per size?

Is it possible to list the set of committed files in a git repository, per file size? I am using TortoiseGit under windows 7.

Git-svn for repo with independent subprojects

I’m trying to use git-svn for an svn project that has multiple sub-projects, each with its own independent trunk/branches/tags structure: PROJECT SubprojectA branches tags trunk SubprojectB branches tags trunk Is it possible to still support branches and tags with git-svn? I don’t need it all checked out in one repo, if that’s a problem.

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