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Migration from one giant Subversion repository to many small Git repos

I’m working on a Git to Subversion migration. We have the following layout in one Subversion repository: Common |– Module A |– Module B |– Module C `– Module D We have a couple of different needs, and everything I’ve found so far hasn’t worked. First, we’d like to migrate just one module, but also […]

git-svn: what's the equivalent to `svn switch –relocate`?

An svn repository I’m mirroring through git-svn has changed URL. In vanilla svn you’d just do svn switch –relocate old_url_base new_url_base. How can I do this using git-svn? Simply changing the svn url in the config file fails.

How to make git-svn act like the keyword expansion of SVN?

Git has limited keyword expansion capabilities. I know that I should write some scripts that actually do the expansion, because git itself won’t. Right now I’m not that worried about the expansion actually being done. My problem is that I have to work with an SVN repository and I would like to use it with […]

Git SVN Reset : Numeric SVN revision expected error

We’re currently trying to convert a large SVN repository to Git. We ran into an issue where the HEAD revision in Git became corrupted somehow. We managed to fix that by running git reset –hard /remotes/git-svn. When we try to do a git fetch now it comes up with a checksum mismatch. Tried following the […]

Debugging why git (svn) rebase does not detect patch (noop)?

I have a git-svn repository (Unexpected merge error in a git svn system?); it has a remote called origingit referring to another git repo, in addition to git-svn which refers to an SVN repo. $ git branch -a * master remotes/git-svn $ git remote show origingit $ tree .git/refs/{heads,remotes} .git/refs/heads └── master .git/refs/remotes ├── git-svn […]

Does Git store history when an empty directory was created?

I am converting Subversion to Git recently using git-svn. I know that I have to add .gitkeep to add an empty directory in Git. Does it mean that Git does not store history when a directory was created? My Subversion repository has many empty directories and if I added .gitkeep to all empty directories for […]

What is going wrong in my git svn workflow?

Since I prefer git over svn I’ve tried to clone the svn repository of my company and work on it over git svn. So far this works fine. I can receive svn updates and commit my changes as usual. However I’m having serious issues when changes overlap. I.e. I’ve been working on a feature which […]

Skip an SVN Commit in SVN to Git Conversion?

I am doing a large migration from SVN to Git. This migration goes back through about four years of history. I am able to successfully push commits up to a certain date, (Nov 11). On this date, there was one commit that pushed a 7GB file, and in the following commit, this file was removed […]

git svn rebase misses/loses commits (on rebase –continue due merge conflict)?

I have a problem with missing commits, in a setup very similar to the one described in Unexpected merge error in a git svn system? (click for full size): Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem in an example, so I’ll try to provide the information that I think is relevant. I work locally in myrepo_git_wc […]

Migrating from SVN to Git with non-standard svn layout (need full history)

I am trying to migrate an svn repo to git from this existing svn structure: branches/ branches/d10 branches/R10 We do not have a Trunk in the clssical sense. located at https://svn.mycompany.com/svn/project1/ I know this is the non stdlayout and I only really care about the R10 branch (the release branch). I have tried a few […]

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