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How to merge specific revision of my branch to other branch GitHUB?

In GitHub, I have two branches working and master branch. Now I wanted to merge specific revision of working branch to the master branch. Can somebody explain me how I can do that?

SVN update and commit problem used with git-svn

I can’t svn up or commit. 🙁 There is a svn centrally and I use git locally using git-svn. Basically, somehow, I added a folder that had .svn folders into the git and committed it to svn. Both git and central svn happily committed the .svn as the content folder, without complaining. Now, I can’t […]

git svn rebase always rebases master?

I’m trying to create a git repository that has several branches which each track a different svn repository. I want master to be a git-only branch, not one of the svn branches. Here’s my initial setup: $ mkdir repo $ cd repo $ git init $ touch README $ git add . $ git commit […]

Getting started with git-svn with multiple users

In our project we have to commit all changes to the clients svn repository. I want to move our team to git. So I’m thinking I’ll need a central git repository that uses git-svn to push to the svn server. My questions: Is there a way I can get the central git repository to automatically […]

Removing a specific file with its history from the Git history

I want to delete the revision history for a specific file in my Git repository that was made long ago. The goal is to make it look like the file was never committed for a specific revision. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

How do I fix broken Git history after migrating from Subversion?

I have migrated my project’s Subversion repository to Git, as per How to migrate SVN with history to a new Git repository. It worked very well except there is one disconnected branch due to some incorrect use of Subversion in our history. I’m not sure what the terminology is to describe the state of this […]

Importing a git project into a subdirectory of a Subversion repository while maintaing history

Is there a preferred way to take a git repository and import it into an existing Subversion repository as a new (arbitrarily-deeply-nested) directory while maintaining the commit history? For example, if I have a subversion repo with the following (simplified) directory structure: backends backends/A backends/B and I’ve been working on a new backend C in […]

Git with two remote repos, one git, one svn

So I’m using git-svn to keep in sync with our main svn repo. I also have created a remote git repo to push branches for safekeeping off of my machine until the changes are ready to be merged into svn. The problem is when I have a commit that needs to go to both svn […]

git-svn-rebase is commiting to an SVN tag

I’m just starting with git and using it to interact with an SVN repository. The svn repo is in a standard format so I configured my sandbox as git svn clone <repo> -s All seemed fine initially but after several rebases, dcommits and tags I appear to be always commiting to an SVN tag. Doing […]

How to revert multiple revisions with git-svn

I need to revert multiple revisions (e.g. 28693, 28756, 28747) which are already in svn repo. With svn I can achieve this with one command: svn merge -c -28693,-28756,-28747 https://repository/trunk How to make the same with git-svn?

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