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Hardware Requirement for GIT server (RHEL linux)

I am migrating from SVN to GIT. Currently my SVN server hosts 30+ svn repos accessed by 1000+ developers 24×7. While migrating, I observed that it uses lot of cpu and makes the system slower. Also git svn command used 25+ gb space while final checkout. I want to know the hardware requirement for GIT […]

Can Git SVN Work Out svn mergeinfo –show-revs eligible

I am using SVN and have a stable production branch and an unstable trunk. For each release we cherry pick the items from trunk to be merged to production. I have cloned my SVN repo with git svn so that I can take advantage of faster searches for commits that I need to merge (since […]

GIT SVN: fetching a recreated SVN branch without the wrong merge parent

I have the following situation with my upstream svn repository: I created an svn branch and did some work on it which led to a really convoluted history. So I deleted it again, retaining the git commits, which allowed me to clean up the history quite nicely. Once I had my patch series ready, I […]

egit and git unstaged files show different status

i use git svn fetch svn repo,and do clone->branch->rebase->merge->dcommit step.with eclipse egit and cygwin client,do some days developing all is ok. but one day ,after a merge/dcommit step,i found eclipse egit stage view status is different from git status in cygwin command line.when some files unstaged changes in eclipse,cygwin ‘git status’ show nothing changes;if commit […]

git-svn: Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I’m trying to sync my svn repository to git on a daily basis. After much reading, I was able to make this work by manually creating the following in my .git/config: [svn-remote “svn”] url = svn+ssh://svn.myserver.com/project/trunk fetch = apps/ios/project:refs/remotes/mirror/project I then created a branch based on this code and pushed it to the git repo […]

How to fool git-svn to recognize merges made with svn?

We have an SVN setup with stable trunk and unstable development branch. Dev work is (mostly) done on the branch and then merged to trunk before deployment. I use git-svn as my SVN client. My merge process from unstable to trunk is as follows: git svn fetch git co -b trunk svn/trunk git merge –no-ff […]

How to handle non-standard subversion import to Git

We have a non-standard subversion respository that we would like to convert to Git. The problem is I don’t really know where to start in order to make sure we keep the full history but don’t end up with a complete mess. Our repository has the last 6 years of history for our companies product […]

git svn and working with private branches?

new git user here. I want to use git, but i’m in an SVN environment. From some books I’ve read and some simple experimenting, I’ve hit some troubling pitfalls and am hoping to get clarification on how to get starting without my colleagues wanting to kill me. I want my workflow to be: a master […]

Maintain set of local commits working with git-svn

I am using git to develop against a project hosted in subversion, using git-svn: git svn clone svn://project/ My general workflow has been to repeatedly edit-and-commit on the master branch, then commit to the svn repository via: git stash git svn dcommit git stash apply One of the local modifications that ‘stash’ command is preserving, […]

Using git and svn with multiple developers

I have a svn repository (with no TLB structure if it matters) which I want to use along with git. I can do a git-svn clone, work on my changes in the git repo and commit back to the svn repo whenever I am done. It’s clear until this point. I’m not sure how to […]

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