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git svn take long time

While migrating from SVN to GIT, git svn clone … command took almost 54 hrs on RHEL5, 4GB RAM, 2-CPU each@2.67GHz Is there any way the git-svn cloning time can be reduced? PS: git-svn checkout data was around 25+ GB. And final bare git repo space is: 939M

SVN to Git using a fast import/export stream

I have been working on converting an SVN repo of ~32,000 commits to any DVCS (Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, Plastic SCM). After a week or two I realized the best option is to convert the SVN repo to Git, get a fast-export stream, and import the .fe stream to whatever DVCS, as they all support the […]

Is this workflow possible with git-svn?

I’d like to be able to do the following: Create a git branch off of a remote. Locally, create a new branch off of that local version of the remote. Do my dev work within that branch. Create a pull request from that branch into the original git remote. At this point, the pull request […]

Git not ignoring files

I have ran the following in cmd git rm -r –cached . to remove any files that have been committed and shouldn’t have. I then added this to my .gitignore file: settings_local.py *.pyc which should ignore any .pyc files and the local settings file. However, when I try and scan for changed files in git, […]

Svn to Git of only one subdirectory

I know about git–svn and have used it to migrate SVN repositories into Git. With one repo I have a specific requirement, which I can’t find a solution for. That SVN repo contains multiple actual projects as subdirectories: trunk/ project1/ project2/ project3/ branches/ branch1/ project1/ project3/ project2/ … and so on… What I want to […]

How to tell git-svn that files are NOT binary

I am converting a large SVN-repo (~28k Commits) into Git using git–svn. When the process was through (~ 1 1/2 weeks) I encountered some .ps1-files being treated as binary in the diffs. I have commited a .gitignore file on master (after the conversion of course) that tells git to treat the files as text: * […]

Autofixup consecutive commits of same message and author (of the complete repo)

I have migrated a big SVN repository to GIT and there are tons of consecutive commits with the same message of the same author. Now I would like to automatically fixup the commits into one single commit. Thoughts?

Convert svn to git using git svn clone

I am attempting to convert a svn repository to git. The layout of the svn repo has the branch/tag/trunk. When I do the conversion to git (git svn clone) I have the exact same layout. I get the branch, tag and trunk folders. I have noticed that many of the recommendations for converting to git […]

Code page using git-svn

When i am cloning repository using git svn i get something like “єС‚уальное” instead of national characters (russian) in file names …. (i cant read this…) I think git is trying to use UTF-8 instead of UTF-16 while saving files, while windows is using UTF-16. Is there any solution? Can i specify code page to […]

Using git-svn without “trunk” sub-directory

I’m using git–svn to checkout a standard SVN repository such as this one: http://example.com/ – trunk – branches – tags with this command: git svn clone -s http://example.com/ The problem is that git-svn is creating a “trunk” sub-directory in the target folder. Instead of having this kind of directory structure: c:\www\example I’m having this: c:\www\example\trunk […]

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