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Import svn repo to git WITHOUT history

I need to import svn repo (trunk, branches, tags) to new empty git repo WITHOUT history. Svn history is very large, because many branches and tags exist. Svn’s trunk must get into git’s master. Svn’s branches must get into git’s branches. And svn’s tags must get into git’s tags. All without history. This command will […]

Why git pull for specific folder doesn't work? Which one is better alternative fetch/merge for git pull remote in this case?

I’m currently unable to find a substitute for $ git pull origin /path/to/dir/or/file. And apart of this I’ve tried these two steps but no luck. git fetch origin git checkout HEAD /path/to/dir/ In this manner I’ve fetched the whole directory but while checking out the repo/branch it doesn’t do anything. Why? I’m concerned about this […]

How to rebase Git commits to SVN after having initialized the Git repository in an SVN directory?

When my SVN server was down I created a Git repository in my SVN repository. After some commits on the master branch I want to rebase the changes back to the SVN server (this is logically possible since the masters initial commit is the SVN revision at the time the SVN server went down plus […]

How to avoid subfolder creation when using git svn?

I am trying to clone the achartengine subversion repository running the following command: git svn clone http://achartengine.googlecode.com/svn -s achartengine However, after process finished a unneeded subfolder is created: ├── achartengine │   └── achartengine │   ├── AndroidManifest.xml │   ├── assets │   ├── bin │   ├── build.xml │   ├── demo │   ├── extra │   ├── lib │   […]

Using GIT with both a GIT remote and an SVN remote

My team currently uses svn. I wish to use git for my project and have several remotes that need to work together. I am using a bare git repository for the various git remotes to coordinate. I occasionally need to push my changes up to the svn repository for the team at large. I currently […]

Smart-Git: Adding new remote svn branch to existing repository

I’m trying to add a new remote branch which is in a non standard format and having problems doing so. I thought maybe just modifying svnkit config file would do it and fetching would do but I’m not getting any results. Repository Layout is branches/** master/ release/ prerelease/ <– this branch is new And here […]

git-svn always generates unique hashes

I’m working on a project for a long time was hosted in SVN repository, and now is in the process of transitioning to GitHub. Currently I’m the only developer who works primarily in Git, others work with SVN. My workflow is as simple as: gitsvn clone , git commit , git-svn dcommit, git push . […]

Find the right parent of a merge commit in a non-interactive way

I’m preparing a svn2git migration and while https://github.com/nirvdrum/svn2git has been incredibly useful, I still ended up with a couple of shenanigans. I’ve been able to clean up most of them, but one still remains. I have a history that looks like this: A1 – B1 – C1 – E1 – F1 \ A2 – B2 […]

Git/svn – keeping synced two repositories with different access rights

There is just too much information online for me to understand and be able to get my own picture, so I gently ask the community to provide light to my journey… My situation: we have a SVN server behind a firewall within our company. Impossible to move to DMZ. we need some third party (our […]

When running git svn fetch –all, what does the –all option do?

I’ve been researching how to use Git with an SVN repo, and there are many references that use the following command: git svn fetch –all However, I haven’t found any reference that definitely tells me what –all does differently to git svn fetch, and I haven’t noticed any difference when running git svn fetch with […]

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