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git svn dcommit with different user

I tried to perform git svn dcommit with different svn username using –username option, however it did not help. Commit was authored as default user (user which I used to clone svn repository). Is it possible to perform git svn dcommit with specific svn user?

git svn move directories

I’m working localy with git while our remote server is svn. I had to move many files and folders within the working copy. What I did: git mv SRC_FOLDER DST_FOLDER git svn dcommit Now, the SVN repository contains the new files with all the old history. However, since git doesn’t track empty directories, and since […]

git svn dcommit -> pass password through stdin

I’m trying to run “git svn dcommit” command from python script and deal with password which I have to specify manually. The standard output of this command is: Committing to http://svn/trunk … Authentication realm: <http://svn:80> Active Directory credentials for users. Specific name and password for remote Password for ‘username’: at this moment, I have to […]

My shell prompt looks like this: ➜ ~ git:(master) ✗. How can I get my normal prompt back?

My normal terminal command line has suddenly disappeared and has been replaced by this git command line ➜ ~ git:(master) ✗. How do I get rid of this and go back to my normal command line in Terminal? I on Mac OS X. I have tried typing exit, Ctrl+c, q, etc. but nothing helped.

How to remove files in my git-svn checkout, which are still present after dcommit?

I have cloned a svn repository using the git svn clone command. On my local working copy I made some changes and removed a couple of files. After I checked in the changes locally with git commit it was time to push the changes to the repository, which I did with git svn dcommit git […]

Importing read-only Subversion to Git blocked by “Read access denied for root of edit”

I am trying to import code from a semi-public Subversion repository into my own Git repo. The Subversion repo access is explained here (enable JavaScript to read; look under the “[Download]” link). I have tried to use git svn clone manually as well as via the svn2git utility. Either way, I keep running into the […]

git svn branch history missing

I am using “git svn” to clone a SVN repo. The SVN repo I am working with does not follow the standard convention for SVN branch (puts branch in say folder called “bugs”, rather than “branch”). Developers like me are suppose to work on branches created in this bug folder. To be able to develop […]

How Can I Do Git SVN Correctly?

In a work environment, our version control is Subversion, and that’s unlikely to change. I want to use Git locally, mostly for the advantage of local repositories. Context Base URL: http://www.example.com/code (with ./trunk, ./branches, ./tags). Using TortoiseGit, I was able to specify which one to check out. I’d like to have all branches, tags, and […]

Associating an existing Git repository to an existing SVN remote, with no common history

I’ve recently inherited a project and would like to clean up the ‘code delivery’ workflow, by associating our internal Git repository with the client’s SVN repository. Repository Overview My company has developed a software package for a client. We track our changes using a Git repository. Completely separately, we provide occasional code-drops and released binaries […]

grant access to parts of repository to external company

We’re initiating new project in Symfony2. We would like to grant access to layouts and views folders for a third party who makes them for us, without revealing rest of the project. Is this even possible? And simple? I know that creating two repositories – one with code and one with layouts – could be […]

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