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How do I make git-svn use a particular svn branch as the remote repository?

A word of warning: I’m a n00b to git in general. My team uses feature branches in svn, and I’d like to use git-svn to track my work on a particular feature branch. I’ve been (roughly) following Andy Delcambre’s post to set up my local git repo, but those instructions seem to have led git […]

git-svn not a git command?

While attempting to get an old svn dump of a project under git control, I ran into an interesting problem. Whenever I run git svn, I get an error saying it isn’t a git command, yet there is documentation for it that I can pull up using git help. Is there something wrong with my […]

git-svn clone | spurious branches

I used the following command to clone svn repo into git and after executing it, i see some spurious branches. git svn clone [SVN repo URL] –no-metadata -A authors-transform.txt –stdlayout ~/temp git branch -a *(no branch) master remotes/abc-1.3.x remotes/abc-1.3.x@113346 remotes/abc-1.3.x@541512 remotes/branch_test_script remotes/tags/modules-1.2 remotes/tags/modules-1.2@113346 remotes/tags/modules-1.2@516265 remotes/tags/release-1.1 remotes/tags/release-1.1@113346 remotes/tags/release-1.1@468862 remotes/trunk Actual branches created in svn were abc, […]

How do I import svn branches rooted in different directories into git using git-svn?

I have an SVN repository structure like below. We are using multiple levels under branches for various release maintenance branches, plus a directory for feature branches. git–svn init seems to work with a single –branches argument, i.e. it seems to expect all of the branches to be in a single location. trunk branches 1.1 1.2.1 […]

Per-directory permissions on git

We are considering switching our VCS to either git or subversion. I’d prefer switching to git, but subversion has a nice feature that I don’t see in git : per directory access control. We currently have project1, project2 repositories in cvs, with different permissions. We’d like to have one single repository, with two directories project1 […]

Git is really slow for 100,000 objects. Any fixes?

I have a “fresh” git-svn repo (11.13 GB) that has over a 100,000 objects in it. I have preformed git fsck git gc on the repo after the initial checkout. I then tried to do a git status The time it takes to do a git status is anywhere from 2m25.578s and 2m53.901s I tested […]

git-svn: Cannot setup tracking information; starting point is not a branch

In git I could run the following lines without error: export SVNPASS=readonly git clone git@github.com:dtenenbaum/RGalaxy.test.git cd RGalaxy.test/ git config –add svn-remote.hedgehog.url https://hedgehog.fhcrc.org/bioconductor/trunk/madman/Rpacks/RGalaxy git config –add svn-remote.hedgehog.fetch :refs/remotes/hedgehog # the following is a shortcut to avoid fetching every commit since antiquity, since I happen to know the commit number # where this folder was added […]

Git-svn: create & push a new branch/tag?

After cloning an SVN repository using git-svn with the -s option (git svn clone http://server/repo -s), how does one create a branch or tag and have pushed to the relevant branch/tag directory in the repository when dcommiting? For instance; if I were to use git to create a foobar branch locally (git checkout -b foobar) […]

git-svn: reset tracking for master

I’m using git-svn to work with an SVN repository. My working copies have been created using git svn clone -s http://foo.bar/myproject so that my working copy follows the default directory scheme for SVN (trunk, tags, branches). Recently I’ve been working on a branch which was created using git-svn branch myremotebranch and checked-out using git checkout […]

Git-SVN with multiple branch locations?

Our company subversion repo is a bit tricky: We’ve got a basic “default” layout with trunk, tags and branches. However, inside the branches, we have a “work” directory which contains more branches. Something like this: branches/release_1_0_x branches/release_1_1_x branches/work/dave/topic_one branches/work/tom/topic_two branches/work/something_else Now how can I get git-svn to recognize all those (and a few more) as […]

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