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'git svn' does not start git-svn any more

On my linux system (Centos 5.9) ‘git svn‘ stopped working and I don’t know why and how. output is: $ git svn git: ‘svn’ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’. /usr/libexec/git-core/git-svn exists and is fully working ( I can start it manually). And all other git sub commands seem to work (at least […]

No longer track branches with git-svn

I have cloned a svn branch using git-svn and am tracking all folders and branches. I would like to drop everything and only track web/trunk/* (for rebase, dcommit, etc.) Is there any way to do this without reinitializing the repository?

Changing remote tracking branches in git(-svn) after clone with restricted branches

When restricting remote branches to a list of 2 or three (editing the .git/config as seen in {^1}), refetching, carbage collectioning and cleaning all “refs” directories I still get a full list of all remote branches with git branch -avv {^2} I expected to see v2 and v3 only as branches in the list of […]

git-svn checkout project not working with -s

I’m trying to checkout an SVN repo via git-svn and am having issues getting git to play nice with trunk/branches/tags directories. This works fine: git svn clone https://svn-repo-base/projects/path/to/my/project/trunk however when I try: git svn clone -s –no-minimize-url https://svn-repo-base/projects/path/to/my/project/ I just get an empty directory with no files cloned. (the –no-minimize-url is there because git was […]

Git-svn: managing multiple remote tracking branchs

Currently I’m trying out exporting Git repository history into svn via git-svn and using grafts method. As of now, I have successfully exported the git history into svn. But because of the grafting method and that my git repository is cloned from the actual repository, I ended up having TWO remote branches like that of […]

Remove already committed git branches

My normal pattern is to branch from master, do a ton of work, then rebase and git svn dcommit. How can I clean up all my old branches? Basically I want to find any branches that have git-svn-id: in the message and git branch -D those. NOTE: git branch –no-color –no-track –merged gets me most […]

Checking out an SVN repository using Git – Fatal: unable to run 'git-svn' error

I’m trying to check out a svn repository using git. I’m using the following command: git.exe svn clone “https://svn.outserver.net:8443/svn/someProject” I accept the certificate, and the repository transfer starts. After a while, say 15min, I get a “fatal: unable to run “git-svn””. I have tried pulling down multiple times, but I always get this error message. […]

How to clone a specific branch in git bitbucket

I want to clone a specific branch. I don’t want download the master branch. How do I clone the whole project and then switch to validations branch?

When I do “git svn rebase” it fetches the svn author names instead of the git author names

I have used git svn clone -A authors.txt … to clone an svn repository. My authors.txt had entries like this: svnid = Firstname Lastname <Firstname.Lastname@example.com> That worked fine and in git log the authors look like: Author: Firstname Lastname <firstname.lastname@example.com> Now when I do git svn rebase -A authors.txt the authors for the new entries […]

Merge branch that was created with the same name as deleted one

We use Subversion as primary VCS. And I use Git as convenient client. And now I failed to merge feature branch into release branch correctly. Originally feature branch (feature) was created from release branch (Release1.0). Later it was realized that Release1.0 was closed and now the feature should be developed based on Release2.0. No problem. […]

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