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git equivalent of “svn -v status”

I want to know the list of files that are known to version control. I know that in SVN, you can do something like: svn -v status then you get a list of “[rev#1] [rev#2] [creator] [file name]” rev#1 is the last revision that has this file and rev#2 is the first revision that has […]

git svn clone except a particular folder

I want to git clone an svn repository except for one folder in the root folder of svn. How do I do it? I could do git svn clone svnrepo/dir/sb-dir/ if I needed only sb-dir but I need all folders (and files) within the dir except the design folder

Is it possible to make Git aware of SVN revisions?

When using git–svn, Git associates SVN revision with individual commits. Most of other team members quote SVN revisions when they want their code reviewed. Is it possible to some how make Git ‘aware’ of the SVN revisions and implicitly convert them to Git hashes? Or perhaps is there a way to expose the mapping between […]

SVN to Git migration – undefined author, but it is

Similar questions have been asked before (like this one), but the answers have not fixed it for me. My authors file looks like this: cmannett85 = cmannett85 <cmannett85@###> cbamber85 = cmannett85 <cmannett85@###> www-data = cmannett85 <cmannett85@###> And the error I get is; Author: cmannett85 not defined in users.txt file This error happens at about the […]

How to use git-svn clone to only get the HEAD revision from a Subversion repository?

How to use git svn clone to only get the HEAD revision from a Subversion repository? I been trying git svn clone -s http://svn/java/<projectname> but I been getting a lot of empty directory and I tried everything. So know I would like to do a clone of just the head in subversion… Can this be […]

How to set upstream branch in git-svn?

While working on a usual git repository a local branch usually tracks a corresponding remote upstream branch. This way I can easily see, whether I am ahead or behind of my upstream branch and therefore if I need to push or pull to bring them in sync. Also my prompt immediately shows this state, which […]

How to enable multiple usernames for git? ie. Specfic project can have specfic username

This question already has an answer here: git multiple user names for the different projects within the same system [duplicate] 2 answers

How do I avoid git-svn and svn CRLF problems such as this one?

I am using git svn and today I ran into some trouble. I did an git svn clone and worked on my project for a while. After a few days, I’ve pushed my work to the svn remote (git svn dcommit). Then I’ve tried to checkout the project with TortoiseSVN and see if everything is […]

How do I use git-svn to merge changes from trunk to a branch in svn?

I’ve seen people suggest to use git-svn to do the merge and commit it back to svn. I’m looking for a good step by step guide. Is it worth the trouble or should I just use svn to do it. Will people see I’ve used git and is there any meta data about the merge […]

Can I make a file in git read-only?

I’m writing an iOS app that uses a versioned Core Data model. I just very nearly released a version of the app which crashed on upgrade because I’d accidentally edited the old version as well as creating a new one. To stop this happening again, I’d like to flag the old versions in some way […]

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