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Git/SVN interop (preserving histories for both repositories)

I’m developing a software module for an application, owned by a customer with SVN-based development process. Up to now, I have been used my own Git repository in doing so. Now, the module is mature enough to become part of the clients SVN tree. I did some git-svn based work in the past, but never […]

How can I use Git locally in an SVN+Visual Studio environment

I’ve been playing around with git at home and I really like the idea of local commits. Being able to commit smaller changes without spreading my potentially broken code to everyone is nice, as well as being able to revert smaller changes because of the more frequent commits. I’ve been reading about the git-svn command, […]

Git-svn branch hoses dcommit when using an odd branch structure

I had a boss, past-tense, who decided to put svn branches in the same folder as trunk. Normally, this wouldn’t affect me that much but since I’m using git-svn things are going so well. After I did a fetch it created a folder for each branch in my root folder so I have three folders, […]

Advice on SVN <-> Git Workflow

I’m having a problem using Git. Bear in mind I’m very new to Git. The problem: I need to sync my work to my home/mobile. My workplace uses SVN and it cannot be accessed from outside (I can’t change this). I’m also blocked from sshing to outside (I can’t change this too). Back at my […]

Can one git repository track subversion and git remotes?

I am going to set up extra repositories for our partners, while our official repository is svn, I am free to pick the repositories for our partners. My idea is to clone our repo with git-svn(let’s call this repo1), create git repositories for our partners and track partner repositories with repo1. Is this possible without […]

Git workflow with multiple stable branches, syncing with svn

Our project has been converted from svn to git. Developers are now using git-svn, but would like to move on to harness more of the power under the hood. Wishlist: powerful branching, e.g topic/feature branches isolation between mainline and staging work on releases, sometimes multiple in parallel. lean & mean and stable Jenkins-CI setup – […]

How do you push your commits to an SVN repositor?

Once you have checked out a SVN repository with git–svn, and you do some work, how do you push your commits to the SVN repository?

git-svn: How to know current SVN revision of a git-svn working copy?

I have a git–svn working copy and git log gives me no direct info about which SVN revision I’m on. I understand that once I rebase I should have all upstream logs converted into git log, but that still doesn’t seem to give a REVISION NUMBER to me and I’d have to do text mining […]

How do I add branches to .git/config?

NOTE: This question is inspired by the git–svn branching question and NOT a duplicate! Without doing anything extraordinary when I checked out our svn-repo I got the following .git/config file: [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true autocrlf = false [svn-remote “svn”] url = svn+ssh://my_server/opt/subversion/main/trunk fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn [color] […]

Deleted 2 months work with Git. How to get them back?

I don’t really know what I’ve just done so I’m just going to give a kind of timeline. I was trying to set up a gitHub repository today for the first time. I have a folder where I keep all the files from my site and it had a .git folder. Every so often I […]

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