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Migration from SVN to GIT

I migrate from SVN to GIT this way git svn init https://svn… git svn fetch Can I change the commit for migration, instead of “Commit to SVN” in GIT was “Revision number in SVN – Commit to SVN” For example 541 – Init module ABC

Git remote clone

I’ve git repo on remote server. I have ssh access to this server. When I try to clone the repo with command git clone ssh://nick@ip_addres:9022/repo.git I can’t clone it. Error that appear is git clone ssh://nick@ip_address:9022/repo.git Cloning into repo… fatal: ‘/repo.git’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: The remote end hung up […]

Migrating from Subversion to Git where repository was not initially using standard layout

I am try to migrate a Subversion repository which was not initially using the standard layout. I cannot figure out how to migrate it. For Example. In SVN Rev 1. – 700, the layout is [svn]/projectfile [svn]/projectfile2 Until the revision 700 then it change to [svn]/trunk/projectfile [svn]/tags [svn]/branches How can I run the git svn […]

how to not lose branches when cloning a cloned git repo

we have a git svn repo that fetches from svn and shows all the branches. we then have a bare clone of that which people can push to which only shows branches that have tracking branches on the git-svn repo. it’s a pain having to make a tracking branch for everything. is there some way […]

git-svn: Keep single merge commit after svn rebase

I am following this pattern to check in my code in feature-branch to Subversion with git-svn: git checkout master git svn rebase git checkout feature-branch git rebase master git checkout master git merge –no-ff feature-branch git commit –amend git svn dcommit (master is my remote Subversion tracking branch) This creates a single merge commit on […]

Fix history of a remote git-svn branch that is missing its branch point

I’m using git-svn to interact with a remote svn repsitory that follows the traditional layout of trunk, tags, and branches. There’s a branch in svn that git has missed the history of. I know the history to be: r0–r1–r2—r4—r6 remotes/trunk \ r3—r5– remotes/BRANCH_NAME But git seems to have missed the branch point and thinks the […]

Possible to have 3-tier Git-SVN environment?

I’m new to Git (coming from SVN). Was wondering if it’s possible to setup a 3 tier environment for software development. By 3 tier I mean something like this: SVN (as top remote repo) | GIT 1 (as middle tier remote repo) / \ GIT 2 GIT 3 (local git repo) (local git repo) At […]

Output from 'git ls-remote' shows tags not found in 'git tag -l'

I am converting a SVN repository to a Git repository following guidance from Pro Git (found here: http://progit.org/book/ch8-2.html ). After pushing to my newly created remote, I did a clone from said remote. New clone did not have any information about my tags. I then did a ‘git push –tags’ from the original. However, when […]

can't push with gitolite – ENV GL_RC not set

I’ve got a similar problem to this post here: gitolite push error -> remote: ENV GL_RC not set I’ve installed gitolite successfully as a non-root method with no warnings or errors. Hoever I can’t push since I get ENV GL_RC not set errors. (If I try to manually assign that in my ENV I get […]

Revert a commit file

In my repository I got 2 branch when using git-svn $ git branch -a * master remotes/git-svn Now I can see the diff with $ git diff –name-status remotes/git-svn M global/library/Exception.php How can I revert the modification? Thanks

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