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git svn rebase not working but git svn fetch does

I’m having an issue where when I run git svn rebase or git svn rebase -l nothing happens. However, git svn fetch brings down new revisions successfully. This started happening when I used ‘gitk’ to revert my working copy to a previous revision, then accidentally ran “git reset –hard HEAD” without switching back over to […]

Checkout different SVN folder using Source Tree to push to WordPress plugin assets folder

I am using SourceTree to push to my SVN WP Plugin directory. I have set that part up successfully. The problem is with pushing to the assets directory as explained in the wp plugin FAQ. SourceTree only shows the trunk as an available remote: The WordPress FAQ states to: Start by creating an assets/ directory […]

Git svn clone pulls bad repository

When converting a JavaScript/Web project from Subversion to Git, I’m seeing a problem, even when I start over from scratch (the first Git repository is always bad). The git svn clone works fine. From here on, pulling a bare repository looks good, but pulling a repository with working directory either from the original cloned repo […]

Pushing revisions of a single file via git-svn

I am developing a small project in git: it is actually a single XML file plus a couple of scripts for testing purposes. I need to submit that XML file to a third party who keeps a several such XML files (no scripts) in an SVN repo. Is it possible (and how) to setup git-svn […]

Convert svn projects to git, but allow merging of bugfixes made in svn

I have a svn repository with many projects—but I am only interested in some (parts of server and full-client). trunk server src src-that-should-be-in-client other-src-that-belongs-to-server cfg cfg-that-should-be-in-client other-cfg-that-belongs-to-server client docs foo bar In the process of transforming the build system of the client I want to convert the project to git. But all support branches where […]

Git-svn get all revision history

When I first started my project, I did a git svn clone -rN of the latest revision in my repo. However, I would like see all the code’s history via git blame/annotate. How do I check out all the revisions that I’ve missed from the repo? I am fully aware that I can just make […]

Mac OS X Git self assigned SSL certificate issue

I want to clone project form GIT repository which has self assigned SSL certificate. Source tree client under Mac OS says the server requires certificate. Console says fatal error unable to access “Server URL”: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to {Server URL}:-9824 I don’t know how the server is configured, but there is some […]

Branch name starting with '-' in git

I am moving from svn to git using git-svn, and some of my branches names started with ‘-‘. Now with help form this question and this migration documentation I am able to pass parameters starting with ‘-‘. but on creating branch git returns an error stating: fatal: ‘-CLOSED-mybranch’ is not a valid branch name. I […]

Rewrite git-svn repository with '–ignore-paths' after clone

I have big svn repository cloned with git-svn without any excluding/ignoring directories. Now, I want to exclude one folder from cloned repo. It is possible to add –ignore-paths to existing git-svn repository? Need to rewrite history to increase free space and accelerate fetch.

Doing git svn rebase after using git-subtree

Introduction We are moving from Git to SVN using git-svn. We have a single SVN repository with a large directory tree. A project links to other subprojects using relative paths. The simplified example below has a MainProject that is dependent on SharedProject1 and SharedProject2 SVN └── trunk ├── MainProject ├── SharedProject1 └── SharedProject2 Moving over […]

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