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how to prevent unpushed submodules in git

is there some hook script in git that will detect if the submodule source tree is available whenever you push to the main project? Intend to avoid people pushing a master project that has unpushed submodules

Can I use fetch recurseSubmodules on git clone set in .gitconfig

Is there a way to set in .gitconfig to git clone automatically add –recurse-submodules flag ? I trie to add in .gitconfig the following: [fetch] recurseSubmodules = true But it doesn’t work. $ git clone upstream nowyprojekt2 Cloning into ‘nowyprojekt2’… done. I need to add the –recurse-submodule flag $ git clone –recurse-submodule upstream nowyprojekt2 Cloning […]

Git submodule update overwritten

I’m working on a git project with several people and we have included an external library as a git submodule. We share a common remote that we regularly push to and pull from. Since we first added this submodule there were some changes in it, so I did a git submodule update –remote to update […]

JGit: git submodule foreach command

I know the support for git submodules is limited in JGit, but still was wondering how can I achieve this: git submodule foreach git checkout <branchName> and similar commands using JGit. Or is there any other better Java based API for Git?

Readable submodule status information in git

I have a script that checks out a repo, checks out the submodules, then prints some info about the submodules so that the user knows which tags/branches they are dealing with. The output on my own workstation looks like this: Entering ‘SubModuleA’, * feature/some_feature_branch, Branch is, feature/some_feature_branch, Tag is, undefined, Entering ‘SubModuleB’ * (detached from […]

Git detects changed files that are actually byte-identical

I have an issue with git (through tortoise git) that shows some files of my project as modified, but they are actually not modified. I have double-checked that by making a fresh clone of the repository, and, without touching it, I already have git detect “modified” files in the newly created working copy. This is […]

Git submodule vs Git subtree vs dependency manager CocoaPods

I have two apps/projects – one for customers and one for workers. Both projects have the same back-end API related code, the same business-level objects, the same custom GUI controls and some functionality. I want to replace the identical code with the shared one. For example to move this code to a separate repo. Since […]

Git submodules confusion

I created a new project that included some folders that already had a git repository. Edit: inner git repositories were not uploaded somewhere online and no commits where made in them, only in the main repo When i added all the files with git add –all for the initial commit and pushed them to bitbucket […]

Changing branches in a way that ensures a clean/correct working tree and submodules (Git)

I’m tasked with making our build go faster and one of the movements I’m trying to make is from CVS to Git (wish me luck guys). Currently one of the most cumbersome tasks in our build is the actual checkout of the project which can take around 15 minutes at the worst of times. I […]

git submodule update –init Error while installing dot-emacs files

I try to install a dotfiles config for emacs (https://github.com/dhaley/dot-emacs). I did all like instructed (download and install of the macport of emacs via brew, clone of the repsitory) and now when I use the command git submodules update –init I get the following error: $git submodule update –init fatal: reference is not a tree: […]

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