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Move Git Repo to submodule of itself

I have cloned a (gui) library repo into a local repo and now find I think a better structure would be to have that as a sub module, where my main code lives in the parent directory/repo. What is the best way to move the files that currently live in the repo to be moved […]

Git submodule not getting removed from git repo and not getting pushed successfully

A cloned project from git repo A was copied in another folder in the local system and tried to be pushed in an another new repository B. All the files except the previous cloned project folder got pushed successfully. The folder in the git repo showing as [folder_name]@232435. I want to remove this remote folder […]

Git – Sparse checkout of submodule doesn't clone?

We have a submodule in our super project. That submodule uses a sparse checkout (think of the submodule as a large core library where we choose which parts are necessary for the current project). Despite the checkout working perfectly with its sparse checkout on the original project, new clones of that repo don’t have any […]

How to update git submodules in Android Studio?

I’m trying to build this project at “https://github.com/jonasoreland/runnerup” on Android Studio. But when I’m going to compile it I received this error: I think it’s because I’ve to update git submodules like said on a page project where is specified to Run the following command to get all submodules: git submodule init && git submodule […]

Clone git repo inside another repo (and don't treat the cloned one as a submodule)

In a previous project I was able to clone a third party GIT repo into my project repo. I then added the cloned repo and committed the changes to my project repo. That way I was able to keep the cloned repo up to date via git pull in the cloned repo folder, and also […]

Using Git and knowing when to update or commit a submodule that has changed

I’m trying to learn when to simply git add/git commit a submodule, or submodule update, when I see (new commits) in my status. Note: I’m okay to have the final version of the /form submodule as part of the parent, i.e., I’m comfortable integrating the entirety of the current status of the submodule into the […]

composer install private repository in custom directory

I am trying to install my private repository using composer and i have this code for my bitbucket repository which is being cloned inside vendor/paladinstha/core “repositories”: [ “type”: “package”, “package”: { “name”: “paladinstha/core”, “version”: “dev-master”, “source”: { “url”: “git@bitbucket.org:paladinstha/core.git”, “type”: “git”, “reference”: “origin/master” }, “autoload”: { “psr-4”: { “”: “src/” } } } } ], […]

git: manage multiple remotes in a submodule

My team uses a publicly available github hosted project as a submodule in our main project. We would like to manage our own patches against that project, without pushing upstream, but then we can’t share those patches unless we have a mirror where we push our private branch. Assuming we have the mirror, our submodule […]

Using the same code in multiple directories of a Git repository

I have a Git repository. In this repository is a directory called core_code, which contains common code used in several pieces of software (like a common library). There are also directories called program_alpha and program_beta, which contain two different pieces of software but are related. Both program_alpha and program_beta rely on core_code to function, and […]

How to use git for setting up a component based project

I’m planning to design a platform which will have a structure as follows. Root Common module_1 module_2 … module_N This is a node/express/mongodb based plaform. As per my understanding, i can use git sub modules, Which allows to add more modules in future and handle each module as a independent project inside the main project. […]

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