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Git Restkit submodule .xcodeproj modified all the time

I am not doing changes to the submodule and it keeps making problems every time I am merging or committing. Is there a way to ignore that ?

How do you retrieve the submodules for a repo?

For example, I have a repo, and one subfolder is empty because the code from another repo goes there… What command do I use so the submodule is retrieved and added in all locations of my local repo where submodules are needed?

Push submodule changes in Git

I have a Git submodule that I have successfully cloned in to my main project. However, when I make changes in the submodule and try to push them back to the original submodule repository, Git refuses to do it. Why, and how can I fix this? Example: I have project sub and project super in […]

Library and example circular dependency in git

I’m making a js library and using git for version control. Say it’s located at mylib/lib.js. Inside my library directory, I have a submodule for an example program that I’m developing alongside that library, say mylib/example/example.js. Now, the question is: how should the example program access the library? If I use a relative path to […]

Best way to deploy git projects (with submodules) to FTP server

Hey guys. There is capistrano but that only works for ssh servers, which a lot of our clients aren’t. We also make use of git submodules extensively. What is the best way you know of deploying git projects (with submodules) to FTP servers? I’ve tried Beanstalk and Springloops v2 but they are both falling quite […]

Android Version Control and Git

I have a large Android Library project of reusable components that multiple application use. This library is under git control. The multiple applications that use this Android Library need to point to different commits of the Android Library project (Git Submodules). But Eclipse does not let submodules be children directories of the current project but […]

Git get old submodule

I am working on a GIT repository (called A here). It includes a submodule (called B here). When clone a new copy of A by git clone –recursive <repository url for A> A and B are cloned, but the version of B is out-of-date! No matter how I updated it by git submodule update When […]

Deploying multiple applications into a single tree with Capistrano and Git

I’m trying to deploy a PHP website using Capistrano. The website is composed of 4 components (frontend code and 3 web-services), each stored in its own git repository. I want to deploy all 4 components into a single tree structure (see below), so that switching between website versions would be as simple as moving the […]

Can't add existing Git repository into new repository

I’m trying to create a new repository and add two projects to it. One of the projects was already under Git source control so I copied the project and removed the .git folder and deleted the repository I had for it. When I add the projects to my repository the one that wasn’t under source […]

Git tries to commit submodules files into parent project

So I have a project with some submodules. All this have worked great until I today tried the Visual studio git tools. I tried to commit a submodule in there. I have since read online that vs git tools don’t support submodules properly. So it seems I am left with a bit of a mess […]

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