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Managing Internal Shared Libraries with Git and Nuget

I have just started splitting up our Git repository that houses all of our product code, which includes shared libraries, server, client, and tooling code. As a part of removing some of the tech-debt we have with our DCVS, we are proposing moving our shared client, and server libraries to a Nuget archive that will […]

Moving submodules with Git

This question already has an answer here: How do I move an existing Git submodule within a Git repository? 10 answers

trouble with adding/removing a git submodule

I’m trying to add a git submodule to my project, specifically ShareKit. My project is a git repo, and when I try to type git submodule add git://github.com/ShareKit/ShareKit.git Submodules/ShareKit into Terminal I got an error saying that the submodule already existed. I guess I added it a while ago to this project, and ended up […]

Git add Folder with Existing Git Repository

I am making a git repository for my MacVim installation. Some of the plugins in my repository have their own .git folders and repo. The problem is… when I try to add one of these folders to my main repository, it does nothing. My guess: I can’t add the folder because it is a git […]

Releasing multiple Maven artifacts when using nested Git submodules

I have been searching for a while now and could not find any working solution or guide/tutorial for releasing Maven modules when using nested Git submodules. We have a complex structure of public and private projects that require a specific order to build successfully. Our goal is to perform a Maven release in order to […]

Shallow clone with submodules in git, how to use pointed commits and not latest ones?

I know it’s possible to have shallow submodules using the –depth option with git submodule update. However, If I run git submodule update –init –recursive –depth 1 on my project with several submodules, I get a fatal: reference is not a tree. So I’ve tried again with git submodule update –init –recursive –depth 100 which […]

How to resolve git submodule conflict if submodule is not initialized

I have two branches A and B. Both contain a submodule (in the folder sub), however at different commits (which do not fast-forward from one to another). A B | / BASE I’ve checked out A, but the submodule isn’t initialized yet. Now I merge B and I get a conflict on the submodule. $ […]

Git: Create repo as submodule

I’d like to create a new repository as a submodule of my project. Usually, I create a Github repo and then add it as a submodule using the command git submodule add url_to_repo.git Is there a way to create a new repo directly as a submodule without creating the repo somewhere else first (neither locally […]

git submodule update fails with error on one machine but works on another machine

I created a git submodule and pushed it onto our main repository. This worked fine and I can see the submodule in the repository via a browser. To test it works fine, I tried to get the source is a fresh build tree. First I ran git submodule init and then git submodule update <submodule-name>. […]

Why is git submodule update failing?

I have the following .gitmodules file: [submodule “web/blog”] path = web/blog url = git://amygdala.servebeer.com:lucky_blog.git [submodule “web/old”] path = web/old url = git://amygdala.servebeer.com:old_lucky.git When I clone the repo and run git submodule init && git submodule update (or git submodule init –update) I get the following error: Cloning into web/blog… fatal: Unable to look up (port […]

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