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git submodules defined by Carthage not being fetched

I have used Carthage to import several frameworks as git submodules. For reference the repo is available on github. Carthage created a mix of configurations resulting in failure of building freshly cloned copy: ➜ IKnowKungFu git:(master) carthage update *** Fetching Nimble *** Fetching Quick *** Fetching CleanroomLogger *** Fetching CleanroomASL Parse error: expected submodule commit […]

How to check git submodule status from the root repo?

I have a repo, let’s call it test. Inside that repo, I want to create a submodule that points to another existing repo called tools. I want to be able to modify files in both repos, then open a git bash from test, do a git status, and see that I have modified or untracked […]

SubModule move conflict on git pull

In the “FrameworkRepo” I moved a SubModule from framework/modules/Vendor/SubModule1/ (this folder was deleted) to framework/vendor/SubModule1/ (this one was added) in “ClientRepo”, committed, and pushed. In “ClientRepo” I pulled “FrameworkRepo” (merged). I am now getting a conflict: Auto-merging framework/vendor/SubModule1 Adding as framework/vendor/SubModule1 ~a853d4bc829db59c0e4d8b4e857034124018a917 instead How do I resolve this? Before anyone says it… I know I […]

git submodule from local folder

This question already has an answer here: Nested git repositories without remotes (a.k.a. git submodule without remotes) 3 answers

Can not add pydal submodule in web2py project

I am starting a new web project with python and I wanted to use web2py framework. But I had some problems in git setup. I have downloaded web2py source from its website, created my own git repository. Unzip everything in my repository folder. When I tried to git add . I get fatal: Not a […]

password-store with git submodules

Git submodules in pass work quite well for using different sets of passwords. My only issue is that I cannot issue git submodule commands through pass. For example, pass git submodule foreach git pull returns: fatal: /usr/local/Cellar/git/2.6.4/libexec/git-core/git-submodule cannot be used without a working tree.

How to handle modified .xcodeproj files in a git submodule

This is more of a process question, but here goes: I have an iOS project with custom build settings. My repository is stored in Git. I’d like to use submodules to include a couple of open source libraries (AlamoFire and SwiftyJson, as an example). However, I’ve found that because of the custom build settings, I […]

git submodule talking about folder that does not exist

So I have C++ project in a folder on a git repository in GitHub, the file does not exist locally for me. I tried deleting it with the command git rm –cached -r foldername but that outputted fatal: pathspec ‘foldername’ did not match any files Also I have a submodule I was trying to initialize […]

Preventing access to specific file for specific user in git

Imagine we have a team that we are using a project in git and we have remote access to the repoitory. The structure of project is: project/ install.sh readme changelog project.odt src/ project.py modules/ a.py b.py c.py Now: git init Imagine I am an admin of project. I want to set permissions on file for […]

Git/hub submodule: track upstream & modify without missing commits

So there are two specific setups. First: repoA submoduleB <– repoB-upstream With this setup, submodule update –remote tracks the latest changes from repoB-upstream. From submoduleB I can commit local changes, and from repoA I can commit changes to submoduleB. Unfortunately, commits in repoA will only store hashes of the changes to submoduleB. Since I don’t […]

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