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Git index Hanging on To Old Submodule Path?

I have a repository which has two submodules. Git is complaining when I run git submodule init or git submodule update, with the following error: fatal: no submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path ‘AppName.xcodeproj/..Vendor/AFNetworking’ My submodules were not all in the same directory, and I decided to clean up the project. I used to […]

Why does `git submodule` require fetching from a remote repository everytime?

Judging just from the number of results for “git submodule” here on SO alone, this is clearly a commonly asked and easily confused topic, so I will try to be as precise as possible. Forgetting everything about updating/committing/branching submodules (which I understand greatly complicates things), why do submodules get emptied each time I change branches? […]

strange output during git merge

I am in a clone named /private/gmills, and I ran git merge main_int. I am seeing a reference to another clone for some other user on a different machine. What does this mean? I have only 1 remote configured and it isn’t pointing to this other clone or machine. Warning message : warning: Failed to […]

Strange problem with git repo?

I just upgraded to OSX Lion on my Mac and I aquired a strange problem with a git repo. I have my .vim files under version control with a number of plugins configured as git submodules. After upgrading, I ran a git status command into my .vim directory and got the following: fatal: git status […]

Submodule's files are not checked out

I’m trying to add an external repo as a submodule of my repo, so I followed these instructions, doing: git submodule add git:… vendor git submodule init git submodule update then I tired: git submodule init vendor git submodule update vendor The submodule that I’m adding has submodules, and the submodule’s submodules appear to to […]

Git strategy to use in deploying white label instances to different sub domains.

I have a situation where which git strategy is suitable to use? Situation : We have one application which has a git repository. In which we follow the branching strategy, Branch : develop : used by all developers to implement the features Branch : testing : where the code developed till current gets deployed to […]

Why does adding an existing repo as a submodule modify .git/config?

If I add a submodule that does not currently exist, no submodule information is added to .git/config. $ mkdir testing $ cd testing $ git init $ git submodule add git@git.server:submodule.git $ cat .git/config [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true ignorecase = true However, if I add a […]

Hosting a subset of boost used in project on github

I am using git for source control and hosting on github. We are trying to keep the repo as small as possible. I decided to add boost to the project, which (relative to our requirements) is quite large. I have extracted a subset of the features required. Now I am a bit confused as to […]

Git submodule mess: how to use git submodules with developers not familar with git?

I am really frustated about using git‘s submodule feature. Either I still don’t get it right or it just don’t work as I am expecting this. Following project situation is given: Project | .git | projsrc | source (submodule) | proj.sln In this scenario source is pointing to another repository containing the common source data […]

Git rebase and moving directory in submodule

I have moved subdirectory in separate repository and then included it as submodule. Now I want to rebase another branch on top of that change. israfel:proj almad$ git rebase -i origin/master error: could not apply ae1fd9a… Commit message hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths hint: with ‘git add <paths>’ and run ‘git […]

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