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git – default push to –recurse-submodules=check

I always forget to push submodules. Sometimes I forget to add –recurse-submodules=check to git push. Even worse, others on my team might do the same. Is there a git config option we can set to make check the default?

Git Submodule update over https

I am sitting on a proxy which only allows http/https traffic only, I am able to clone a repository from Github, but I have to fetch/push using the https URL and username/password. Now my issues is a repository with submodules, when I execute git submodule update it times out, and I can only assume this […]

How to merge git submodules

I have just done git merge in the app, I resolved many conflicts But when i do git status, i can see list of submodules with (new commits) in the message, it looks like the submodules (branch/tag) version have not been updated. For example: modified: plugins/myplugin.git (new commits) So, How to update the submodules with […]

Bash: Git submodule foreach?

I have sup aliased to submodule foreach ‘git co master; git up’ (co & up are aliases for checkout & pull –rebase, respectively.). How do add a condition so that if the submodule name is Libraries/JSONKit, it checks out the branch named experimental, instead of master?

Problem with modified files showing up in Git but not updating?

I’ve got some files/folders that just wont leave the Git staging area? # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory) # (commit or discard the untracked or modified content in submodules) […]

Git submodules workflow issues

We are having a lot of problems recently with our Git repositories. We are users of git submodules for a total of 4 shared repositories between our applications. For example, repository ‘website’ has a total of 3 submodules. [submodule “vendor/api”] path = vendor/api url = git@your.cool.domain.com:api [submodule “vendor/auth”] path = vendor/auth url = git@your.cool.domain.com:auth [submodule […]

What came first: git subtree merge strategy or git submodule?

What is more recent invention — git subtree merge strategy (not the new git-subtree command) or git submodule command (or maybe underlying mechanism if there was a separate one symmetrical to git subtree command vs. merge strategy). What was included in Git distribution release first? Bonus points for links to relevant Git ML posts. I […]

How can I add/update a submodule, using an existing repository to save bandwidth?

Say I have some big repo, BigRepo, and I want to add it as a submodule for another project. Normally I would do $ git submodule add git@somewhere.com/me/BigRepo.git but I don’t want to download the whole thing again. Luckily I already have a checkout of it, so I try $ git clone ../BigRepo Cloning into […]

How to work with submodules and n-tiers git repository strategies

We are migrating to git. We have a large number of modules that make up our products, some of them are shared between products. The product is represented by a “thin” super repository (ssh://server/product.git) that only contains submodules: [submodule “module1”] path=module1 url=ssh://server/product/module1.git [submodule “module2”] path=module2 url=ssh://server/product/module2.git … I can clone the super repository and work […]

Private git submodule not found in Jenkins

The problem I’m trying to build my application in Jenkins, and it is on a private repo on Github, also there’s a private submodule. I can clone the private repository in Jenkins by setting up it’s credentials, but Jenkins can’t clone the submodule, here’s the output of a failed build: Started by an SCM change […]

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