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git submodule foreach not working

I want to figure out why git submodule foreach command is not working for me. I have cloned a git repository which has several submodules. I wanted to init and update all submodules at once to pull down the submodules sources. But whatever I try git submodule foreach is not working for me… I tried […]

What are best practices for maintaining/testing (mostly Perl) software in separate git repositories with dependencies between them?

I am working on refactoring a large (mostly Perl) codebase. Rather that put everything into one giant git repository, I’d like to group related modules and their tests into separate git repositories, and to have the repositories structured like CPAN distributions. One problem is that if each repository has a distinct CPAN distribution tree, then […]

Git submodules: specify a specific SHA?

I’m referencing a git submodule in my project, and now need to reference a specific SHA in the target git repo. # .gitmodules [submodule “vendor/plugins/ssl_requirement”] path = vendor/plugins/ssl_requirement url = git://github.com/retr0h/ssl_requirement.git The SHA I want is bc96ad96407a72a60e0542cf3b0cecc6ff9e278e.

Git submodules and rebar

My application uses Mochiweb. As I understand, rebar fetches the latest version from Github when I run make, because there is a line in rebar.config: {deps, [ {mochiweb, “.*”, {git, “git://github.com/mochi/mochiweb.git”, “master”}} My application has a VCS and it is git. So, essentially I have one git repository inside another: myapp .git deps mochiweb .git […]

completely remove a git submodule which is causing a fatal error after repo rename

I have an old project (RAILS) I’m trying to get up and running again. I (probably stupidly, but too late now) renamed the repo for various reasons (using gem ‘rename’ + changing github..etc). There appears to be a submodule attached to the project, (related to a minor change that was hacked onto formwizard) that is […]

How can I determine whether a git submodule is actually ahead or behind its remote?

I did find an old question that answers this to some extent, but it’s not entirely helpful as it stands: how can I find out if a git submodule has new commits Mostly I was hoping that git has changed since 2012 enough that this is easier. When I do a git status with my […]

Insight on handling static library revisions (i.e. binaries) with git

I’m looking for some insight on how to handle git repositories that each utilize a (large) static library, and have some concerns about a solution I thought about. Suppose lots of separate projects, all under version control, each rely upon a large static library that is under (very) active development. Let’s say that repos A, […]

Git submodules not pulling

I have a git repo as my master project. It has some sub-modules added to it. It look like: ~/super_project/ <- main git repo ~/super_project/plugins/admin <- sub-module ~/super_project/plugins/editor <- sub-module All that’s fine, its committed and working. But when I push the super project to origin/master, and then clone it down to another machine, no […]

Git submodule checkout error: “fatal: reference is not a tree”

For reference, see the issue https://github.com/drmeister/clasp/issues/98 To reproduce, do the following: git clone git://github.com/drmeister/clasp claspcl cd claspcl git checkout tags/0.3-test-3 git submodule update –init The result is: git submodule update –init Submodule ‘updatedAsdf’ (https://github.com/drmeister/asdf.git) registered for path ‘src/lisp/kernel/asdf’ Submodule ‘src/lisp/kernel/contrib/sicl’ (https://github.com/drmeister/SICL.git) registered for path ‘src/lisp/kernel/contrib/sicl’ Submodule ‘src/mps’ (https://github.com/Ravenbrook/mps-temporary) registered for path ‘src/mps’ Cloning into ‘src/lisp/kernel/asdf’… […]

Reuse Swift Code between project, running framework code locally and via Carthage

Currently we have two Swift/XCode projects with some shared code. We currently use git submodules which works ok, but we’re investigating if we can use Carthage to simplify/unify the use of frameworks/shared code. However, I am having trouble setting up a shared library and be able to run the shared code locally and at the […]

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