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show github gist git submodule page link

I’ve added submodules from github before and I like that you can click on the submodule link and it takes you to the submod repo page. However, with gists as submodules it seems like that is not the case. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is this a github issue?

How to hook a git submodule?

I have installed a hook on the staging servers, allowing me to push to staging very easy. However, the code includes a submodule and this one does not get copied over due to access rights. This is the post-receive hook I am using: #!/bin/sh GIT_WORK_TREE=/home/www/staging git checkout -f pwd cd /home/www/staging/ git –git-dir=/home/git/staging.git –work-tree=/home/www/staging submodule […]

how to fix the error in 'git submodule update'

I have a super project named Root and a submodule named subB on which I have no write permission. now I want to git a new branch in another machine . but when run “git submodule update”, get error : “fatal: reference is not a tree: b4ec396a0e1da795a5187f7acf90f686c23c6940 Unable to checkout ‘b4ec396a0e1da795a5187f7acf90f686c23c6940’ in submodule path ‘subB’”. […]

git submodules with rails directory structure

I’d like to split up rails using a git submodule, which as far as I can tell, works basically like a directory. While this works well with a file structure similar to Python’s Django, where each module has a models.py, views.py, etc, this doesn’t appear to work so well with rails, which gives you a […]

how do I check in something that is a submodule?

I want to be able to add everything that I edit in my octopress directory to github in case all the files die. But I get this error: ➜ octopress git:(master) ✗ git add source/* fatal: Pathspec ‘source/about’ is in submodule ‘octopress’ How can I just make this octopress directory part of my overall git […]

Is installing WordPress as a Git submodule a good idea?

I’m curious as to others’ workflow involving Git and WordPress, and whether or not you choose to install WordPress as a submodule. At first glance, it makes sense to keep my Theme, Plugins, and Uploads separate from the wp core files and easier to update/maintain over time. Does anyone have any long-term experience and advice […]

Git multiple submodule references

i’m quiet new to git and i don’t know how to solve this specific problem in the best way. Hope you guys can offer me some good solutions. I searched the web but couldn’t find an example like this which solved my issue. Maybe it’s an design flaw? I just can’t find a good solution. […]

Cloning a git starter project without throwing away the original git linkage?

I would like to clone a starter project for a javascript application. The starter project contains pre-configurations for development and nice folder structures etc. I would be developing my app inside that folder structure. I will be committing the starter project and all my files to my own repo. What I want to know is, […]

Completed with errors, not showing in source tree

I have cloned a project using source tree which came out with the following error: No submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path ‘frontend/bower_components/global’ Completed with errors, see above. I have been told to just ignore the error for now, but the project is not showing in SourceTree, I can see the files in win […]

Should we be using git submodule?

How handy would git submodule come into a collaborating project? If I have a project that contains multiple separate works in different repositories, it sounds logical to use submodule. However, I have read there are certain drawbacks, including how difficult it is when it comes to merging. So can anyone who has experience using submodule […]

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