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Git how to locally nest remote directories?

What I’m trying to do is have a master repo with root dir named ‘lib’, within this are 2 sub-directories ‘js’ and ‘html’. When creating local/dev branches based on ‘lib’, I need to pull the master ‘html’ directory, but inside that directory I need the latest ‘js’ directory. Fyi, ‘html’ contains several templates for various […]

Incorporate HTML5-boilerplate as a Git submodule or is there a better option?

I’m building a Pythonic web application skeleton and I’d ideally like the static files (a small part of the application skeleton) to be based on HTML5-boilerplate since h5bp puts a great deal of effort into cross-browser compliance, etc. Copying the boilerplate doesn’t allow me to pull in upstream changes made by h5bp, but html5-boilerplate does […]

How to use a specific Git submodule revision per local branch?

I have a git repo with a dev and a master branch. Now I am trying to use a different revision of a submodule in each branch. So for example I do this: git checkout master cd submodule git checkout v1.0 cd .. git commit -a -m “now using submodule v1.0” git checkout dev cd […]

How do I enable submodule cloning in git-buildpackage

We’ve been using git-buildpackage to build debian packages with great success, but we’ve recently hit a wall since introducing git submodules into the mix. We normally run git-buildpackage -b -us -uc –git-export-dir=”latest” to build the package. However, the contents of any submodules are not checked-out and included in the package (we just get an empty […]

Is there a .gitconfig option that corresponds to the git status –ignore-submodules setting?

Is there a global .gitconfig setting that allows to change the default of the ignore-submodules option from “all” to “dirty”, “untracked”, or “none”?

TeamCity + git and authentication for submodules

Trying to configure TeamCity to build our project, I’m having trouble getting the git VCS module to checkout a submodule. The submodule should be checked out using the same authentication as the root module, but I cannot figure out how to configure TeamCity for this. I have tried both password and private key authentication, but […]

Finding submodule commits that never got pushed to a public repository

Can someone help me fill in the missing pieces to a script I’m trying to write? I just realized that I have a public repository that contains references to commits in a submodule that I never pushed to origin (the commits were reorganized before pushing). I don’t know how many times it’s happened, but I’d […]

locally committing to git submodule

I have a git project that contains a git submodule that I cloned from a public read-only repository (i.e. I cannot push to that repository). Is it possible to commit to that submodule? Here’s how I tried to do this [main]$ cd sub [sub]$ git checkout master [sub]$ echo test > new-file [sub]$ git add […]

Organizing External Libs in Git for Several Projects

The Problem I want my company to store all the included external libs in source control, but I would like these external libs to be in a single repo (not included in each individual project) as there’s quite a few libs, and they are large. Prior Art This question addresses the problem but no one […]

Working with Git submodules without .gitmodules

I’m interested in the specific case where you manually place one Git repository inside another Git repository (either by using git clone or by copy-pasting in the filesystem). I’ve noticed the following things happen when you do this: Git will save a pointer to a specific commit, like with a submodule. Git will not allow […]

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