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How to include subfolder from one git repo to another?

Say I have Project1 in a git repo. Within Project1 there is a subfolder that I want to include in Project1+ (Project2, Project3, etc.) By “include” I don’t mean copy-and-paste. I want a reference to Project1 so that if I make changes to Project1 I can automatically integrate those changes in Projects1+. Further, I want […]

Jenkins Git change submodule path

Is there a way to change the submodule path to pull from a different repository during build time?

Git Submodule: Which commit (hash) do I need?

When I roll back my git working directory to a particular commit, the submodule shows as “modified.” The submodule is checked in and has no modified files, but it’s at different commit than it needs to be. How can I find out the name/hash of the correct commit?

git submodule pull and commit automatically on webserver

I have the following setup, I am working on a project project with the submodule submodule. Whenever I push changes to github it sends a post request to update.php on the server. This php file executes a git command. Without submodules I can just do a git pull and everything is fine but with submodules […]

How to use mercurial or git subrepositories that are connected to the latest release tag?

I am looking for a solution that would allow me to use subrepositories that are getting not the HEAD and instead a specific RELEASE tag, or if possible the latest tag. Is this possible, how should I implement this? Did anyone implemented this?

how do i know if a submodule has changed in git?

Currently I have a few submodules in my parent project. How can I tell if one of the submodules has recently changed and I need to do a git submodule foreach git pull origin master

What is the best practice using git and hudson with one repository including multiple projects

I have raised a similar question before yet after doing some research and bashing my head for a long time , I have concluded that I need some more guidance. We have currently migrated to GIT from SVN and biggest impact was to our CI Server. Since you can’t checkout sub-directories in GIT. Our repository […]

Can I add a GIT submodule to the existing project`s root, where files are not joint?

For example, I have Magento project: app/design/frontend/base/ app/design/frontend/default/ errors/default/ errors/local.xml.sample … skin/frontend/base/ skin/frontend/default/ … … and external Theme for it: app/design/frontend/[theme name]/default/ errors/[theme name]/ errors/local.xml.[theme name] skin/frontend/[theme name]/default/ README.[theme name] But when I try to add theme`s repository as submodule to the root of project … $ git submodule add -b theme_name git://theme_repository.git . ” […]

filter history to clean git repo from submodules

How can you remove references to submodules in a git repo which no longer uses submodules (merged them) so that bazaar can import it? bzr: ERROR: The repository you are fetching from contains submodules, which are not yet supported. It should be possible according to jelmer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/402814/comments/43 There is no way to tell the import […]

How to push the forked repository which has submodule?

There is a A project and the A project has a submodule S A |-S |-B |-C A repo: git@github.com:benjamin/A.git S repo: git@github.com:owner/S.git To contribute some bug fix, I forked the A repository and cloned it. $ git clone git@github.com:benjamin/A.git and then to download a submodule S I commanded $ git submodule init $ git […]

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