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Can Heroku ignore git submodules on deploy?

We have a git repo with a submodule which contains some binary test data. We don’t need it to run the app and it is huge in size and slows down the deploy considerably. But heroku tries to clone including the submodule, even though the submodule is in a directory that is in .slugignore. Is […]

Understanding git submodule pulling and pushing

I have read the following articles: Git Tools – Submodules git-submodule Git Submodules: Adding, Using, Removing, Updating easy-way-pull-latest-of-all-submodules But I still do not 100% understand submodule handling. My questions are: What does git submodule update do? Is it the same as doing git submodule foreach git pull? What is the difference to git submodule update […]

Adding a submodule in a Project, Can't see it in Xcode, but See it in terminal

I have been trying to build a proof of concept for how submoduling works. I have created 2 projects: One called Core – Which contains a custom view which turns red. And one project called: Test. I want to pull Core, into test, and use a class in Core to update my view Controller to […]

How can I do `git push –recurse-submodules=on-demand` when the parent repo is on the `develop` branch with this new git version 2.13?

Before the git version 2.13, everything was perfect around here, but now with this version they broke my workflow: Push: process for submodule ‘Packages/Advanced CSV’ failed D:\SublimeText\Data> git.exe push –porcelain –progress –tags –recurse-submodules=on-demand origin refs/heads/develop:refs/heads/develop src refspec ‘refs/heads/develop’ must name a ref process for submodule ‘Packages/Advanced CSV’ failed I am using the Smartgit client, and […]

Switch branches in a git repo with submodules

What is the proper way to switch branches in a repo containing one or more submodules? Consider all cases, maybe there is a different approach for each: submodules exist in only origin/destination branch one of the submodules contains un-pushed/un-committed/untracked files that you may want to keep submodules in origin/destination branch point to different sha1, with […]

How to git diff multiple sibling git folders

For reason I can’t change, I have N sibling folders. Each of which is a differente git repo. When developing a feature I have to touch files in every folder (more or less). There is a way to recap all those diffs? Can I make those N folder ‘submodule’ of a MAIN git repo (local […]

git segfaults on merge – submodule conflict

I’m trying to combine code on two branches with the ‘git merge‘ command, but git is crashing during the process. I need to find an alternative way to merge these branches. To increase merge output to a debug level I ran: $ export GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY=5 I am currently on the destination branch. git-status shows everything clean […]

git submodule error

Getting this error: fatal: cannot read object aab1ca8db3ab8f1508db42220f9badc7b62dd4aa ‘vendor/plugins/simple_stuff’: It is a submodule! When doing git pull from the main repo. I don’t have any submodule defined any where inside my project, still I have another repo inside vendor/plugins/simple_stuff. Any ideas?

Fork github repo with submodules?

A friend of mine has written an irc bot, and has the code on github. I made a fork, and wrote a few plugins and pushed to my fork. The owner of the original repo moved the plugins folder to a submodule (I don’t even really get that, I’ve never really used git) and fetching […]

Easy way to add -A/commit main/all submodules

By using git add -A and git commit -a, I can obviously add/commit all changes to the repo I’m currently situated in. However, is there a way to include all submodules in an add/commit and apply the same commit message to each?

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