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create a parent repo for an existing git repo

I had an existing maven project A as a git repository. Later I realised that there were more related projects to be created. I have created a parent project and placed all the project P and placed A as a submodule to the maven project. Now I want to make the same changes to be […]

Does cloning a repo by a certain HASH include snapshot of included submodules?

I need help when cloning my github repo with its submodules. I am currently using this generic command : git clone –recursive ${GIT_SOURCE} -b master ${MY_DIR} and it works fine. However, I was wondering if cloning my master branch by HASH will include the submodules “snapshot” (i.e. their own commits corresponding to that particular master […]

Git Submodules vs repos inside repos

I have a repo for my site I will call mysite. I then have a small django app I made called myApp. I think that myApp is kind of useful so I want other people to be able to download it and include it as a submodule in their apps. But I want to keep […]

How can I manage shared App Engine code with Git between iOS and Android?

My team is in the planning stages for an app that will span multiple platforms, and I am trying to figure out how to handle its version control. There will be: an iOS app (has its own Git repo, on GitHub) an Android app (has its own Git repo, on GitHub) a Google App Engine […]

Renamed my Xcode project and directory now trying to git init, but Not a git repository

I had an xcode project that contained a submodule. I renamed my project and renamed the directory where my project lives. Not I am trying to git init, but getting the following error. Not a git repository: RestKit/../.git/modules/submodules/RestKit

How to use git rerere (or similar) for automatic resolution of “Submodule merge conflict”s?

I’m trying to rebase a branch B over a branch A, but one of the newest commits in A deletes one folder replacing it with a git submodule. After running git rebase A, git stops at every single commit of B (about 200) asking me to resolve conflicts. Then I run git mergetool and I […]

merging a git-submodule into a git repo. what happens to existing files?

I may have the wrong approach here, but this is what I want to do and I’m not sure how to do it: I have a source tree (a magento shop) which is one big git repo. magento is expandable with extensions, and I did install one. an extension is basically another source tree, which […]

Add git submodule after previous submodule had been used

I had a couple of git submodules that were causing me problems (reference Verify changes in git modules) I removed the submodules per http://davidwalsh.name/git-remove-submodule. I then tried to add back the submodule, however, as seen below, am not getting the expected results (actually, they probably are expected, just not for me). I tried the –force […]

Git: How to find out if fetching from a remote updated my submodules?

We have a standard workflow, where the local git workspace gets updated from a remote in a standard way at regular intervals. This will merge into master and it will also make sure the existing submodules are made up to date if necessary and that any new submodules will get initialized and pulled too. Part […]

Putting a modified submodule in your repository on Github

I am working on an assignment for a class where my professor has created a fork of MIT’s xv6 OS and I need to work with a partner on the assignment through github. So I set up a private repository to do it and I put the xv6 I was working on inside of a […]

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