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How do I setup my Git repositories for Android development in Eclipse?

I need some help with properly versioning my Android project with Git/Eclipse. I have no problem setting this up with a single Android project. However, I am trying to figure out the proper and correct way to set this up, if I add one or more third party Android libraries to my main project (e.g. […]

switching between branches where a subdirectory was in the main repo vs. submodularized

We’ve made a subdirectory S into a separate repo and re-added it as a submodule in a branch B. Now when I want to switch back to the original branch A, where the subdirectory was checked into the original repo, git complains that the stuff from the submodule is untracked and has to be moved […]

Ensuring relative Git paths

I’ve moved a Git repository (containing several submodules) to another directory on the local disk. Any git command produces the error: fatal: Not a git repository: <absolute path to .git/modules/*> The error is derived from absolute paths to files encoded in various places[1]. Two questions: Is there a Git command for fixing these paths, i.e., […]

How to properly manage a git repo in a subdirectory, ignored by the parent directory, as its own project?

I am looking to use Vagrant for a development project for laravel. To facilitate this effort, I am using this github project, Laravel4-Vagrant. The vagrant configuration is managed as a git repository. Part of the Vagrant setup has a per-defined www directory which gets mapped to /var/www once the server is setup so you can […]

Understanding git submodule and “freezing” it at a specific commit hash or version

Assuming the following project layout:- mainrepo_git |____ .git |____ .gitmodules |____ proj <——- directory containing the code files for mainrepo |____ 3rdpartysourcecode <– directory containing upstream open source code | |____ .git | |____ 3rdpartyfiles | |____ mainrepofilesanddirectories mainrepo_git contains source code I am directly responsible for. I have read/write access and can push and […]

How to incorporate WordPress automatic updates with Git as version control?

I am trying to find a solution to a very difficult task: properly version controlling WordPress, specifically when working with automatic updates. WordPress allows a lot of simplicity by allowing users to update WordPress core files, themes and plugins by simply clicking a button. But what happens when you have that website under version control […]

Add a submodule which can't be removed from the index

I’m trying to add a submodule that already existed (different git remote repository). As I didn’t searched before how to do it correctly, I think I’ve messed up my repository and I need some help to fix it again. I’ve already deleted all the relevant sections from the .gitmodules and .git/config regarding the submodules I […]

Git submodules, switching branches, and the recommended way to include external JS dependencies (oh my)

I have a Ruby on Rails project (versioned with git) that includes a number of external JavaScript dependencies that exist in various public GitHub repositories. What’s the best way to include those dependencies in my repository (aside, of course, from just manually copying them in) in a way that allows me to control when they […]

How do you handle deploying rails applications with submodules?

I recently turned a couple of my plugins into submodules and realized that when you “git clone” a repository, the submodule directory will be empty. This makes sense for co-developers to initialize their submodules and update. However, when I deploy with capistrano the submodule code will obviously not be deployed which causes problems. I could […]

How to checkout old git commit including all submodules recursively?

I have a git repo with multiple submodules. One of those submodules has multiple submodules of it’s own. All I’m looking to do is check out an old commit on the master repo and have it checkout the appropriate commits from all submodules to get the correct state of the code at that time. I […]

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