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Cannot find repository from submodule

To update my submodules, I use git submodule update –init –recursive. For all the submodules, I get an output similar to this: GitLab: The project you were looking for could not be found. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. However when […]

Tracking a child-repository in the parent, preserving pull-ability

I can’t figure out if subtrees, or otherwise are the answer here; I really only know that submodules (probably) are not. I have a repository at ./parent (with it’s remote on GitHub) I want to clone a remote repository into ./parent/child I want to track the changes I make in the child repository as the […]

How to make a Git repository or submodule shallower

I’m cloning many third-party projects’ git repo under a “Third-party Software” subdirectory in my workspace, however I don’t want to keep any history from them(the latest snapshot will do); also I’m sharing many same submodules in many project in separate repositories(like clean filter, pre-commit scripts…etc.) and don’t want to keep history in any of them. […]

Recursive submodule checkout on every branch switch

Is it possible to make SourceTree not do a recursive submodule checkout when switching between branches? Even though the original checkout was done without submodule recursion, a branch switch always does this: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false submodule update –init –recursive atlassian community thread

Fatal error “could not read Username” when update submodule using git

I’ve encountered a strange issue, and searched for a long time with no solution. I have a main project named lapp-yhkt(local path: /g/webstorm/lapp-yhkt): and the content of .gitmodules : At this directory, I take the steps from Git-Tools-Submodules: First init submodule, $ git submodule init Submodule ‘app/base’ (https://git.mobcb.com/liteapp/lapp-base.git) registered for path ‘app/base’ the update it […]

How to assign different git per-folder permissions while you maintain the commit binding?

Background I’ve searched a lot and I am aware that different folder permissions under the same repository is something that is not supported by git. However, I still haven’t found a satisfactory git model for my infrastructure although I’ve studied both submodules and subtree References Why are git submodules incompatible with svn externals? Using two […]

How do I manage active development on git submodules

I’ve got a git project with 3 git submodules. Now I’m actively developing (changing code) in all 4 projects, and I normally do it using vim, from the base directory of the main project. So if I use git status, I see the status of just the main project. If I use git submodule status, […]

How to use git repo with submodule nested in subtree

Apparently, adding a subtree of a repository that has submodules will break git submodule init. Here is a script which reproduces the problem: #!/bin/sh set -ex mkdir submod cd submod git init touch foo git add foo git commit -asm “This is a submodule” cd .. mkdir subtree cd subtree git init git submodule add […]

Git submodules vs subtrees vs branches – how to choose the right one in a directory structure

I have a private Git repo with the following structure: A is the root directory and the remaining are the subdirectories. There is only one branch – master as of now. All of the code is meant to be run on Windows platform. Now, I had migrated D to Linux and to categorize/group logically, I […]

How to disable this message `An error-prone admin area configuration` on Smartgit client?

The configuration is correct, I have a parent git repository on the folder D:\, with the submodule Packages/ANSIescape, while I also have a unrelated git repository on the folder D:\Packages. 1/73: The submodule at ‘Packages/ANSIescape’ has an error-prone admin area configuration. For the submodule at Packages/ANSIescape the .git-admin directory is not located below D:\Packages\.git, but […]

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