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git submodule update vs git submodule sync

The git documentation doesn’t make it at all clear what the difference is between a git submodule update and a git submodule sync is. I’m also not finding any help out on the web. Can someone help me out with what the difference is here? update Update the registered submodules to match what the superproject […]

Are Git submodules a good idea to NOT force library users to download its tests?

When developing a code library I would like to separate its tests from the actual code payload, as I believe when someone uses my library they just want to use it and they’re not interested in testing it — testing is my responsibility, not my users’. I know that storage space is cheap and so […]

checkout commit with different submodule setup does not work properly

In one of our git repo, there was a submodule added at some point. Now, whenever I checkout a state of the git repo, where the submodule was not yet there it does not properly “remove” the submodule. It seems to be in a state, where the submodule is half there, half not. I also […]

Git submodules without detached head?

Maybe I’m using git-submodules not on purpose, but if there’s any other git feature which satisfies my case, would be nice to find it. After cloning repository, I want submodule to be in master branch, I’ll never store any additional files inside of chef-starter submodule. git clone git@github.com:holms/vagrant-starter.git git submodule update –init cd chef-starter git […]

Stash everything in Git including all submodules?

When a project contains submodules you need to stash/unstash all of them separately. Is there a way to do it using less actions? This link maybe helpful: Easy way pull latest of all submodules It is about “pull” command but there are some ways how to iterate between all the submodules.

Git setup for a collection of apps sharing volatile code

We have 7 apps (websites) all sharing a common submodule. website1.git website2.git … shared_engine.git I think the submodule concept of tracking a commit rather than HEAD is great. Nice and predicatable… great for deployment. But, for development.. here be dragons! If our submodules are pretty static eg. an xml library here, a timezone library there, […]

Working with submodules within submodules

I am experiencing some troubles managing some repositories on Github. I am actiually mainting a pathfinding library. The master repo is here: Jumper.This repo connected to 2 others, included as submodules (30log and Binary-Heaps). When I attempt to clone the master repo (Jumper), using –recursive as an option, it works fine. But, when I want […]

How can I get 'git clone –recursive' to clone submodules locally?

I’m in the habit of making a git clone to a master location on my disk and then using a local git clone from there to cut down on download and copy times. However, if I clone a project that has submodules, git clone –recursive, it will use –local for the main repo, but the […]

Git Submodules – Updating and Commiting changes

I’m reading Phil’s blog post about GIT submodules, which will be really helpful to me. http://philsturgeon.co.uk/blog/2011/09/managing-codeigniter-packages-with-git-submodules I’m wondering about one step in the process of updating a submodule: When you make changes to a submodule and go to check status, it says you’re not in a working tree (“you have no head”?). You’re then supposed […]

Using Git Sub Modules to manage 3rd party dependencies?

I’m currently running a test to see how Git sub modules work in the hope that I can use them to manage 3rd party dependencies. In my local test I have a folder with my main Git repo in it. I then have a sub folder called scripts which has a sub module created for […]

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