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Add conditional logic after “git submodule foreach”

I am working on a script to update submodules for various projects in a CI environment. The single script needs to take care following three cases: Project that always needs master branch of the submodule. Project that has reference to specific branch of the submodule. Project that has reference to specific commit of the submodule. […]

GIT: (Kohana) Project setup

I am developing a kohana project. There is a repository on github for the framework core. Also, they are many modules on separate repositories that i need (orm, acl, email, etc) I will be creating and working on my own modules, and want to have them in a unfuddle repository (only my modules would be […]

Can I ignore directories from within submodule before submodule update?

I have a submodule in my project that contains lots of media files in the docs/ and demo/ directory. When I ‘git submodule update –init’ the entire repo is downloaded, and then I can add an ignore file. Is it possible to ignore these directories before I update/init submodule?

How to git tag all submodules?

I would like to tag all of the submodules of my project. I tried to do that with: git submodule foreach git tag tagName … but it appears to just return with no errors, having done nothing. Edit: Here are the results of my attempt: Can someone tell me how to properly tag all submodules? […]

Automatically access submodule via ssh or https

Question: Is there a way to automatically checkout git submodules via the same method (ssh or https) as the main repository? Background: We have a non-public gitlab repository (main) that has a submodule (utils) which is also hosted as a non-public gitlab repository on the same server. Those repositories can be accessed either via ssh […]

How do I add a git submodule that has no master branch?

I have two git repositories: A and B. I want to make B a submodule of A. B has no master branch. I ran the following command from A‘s repository root: git submodule add git@git.example.com:B lib/B Which yields the following output: Cloning into ‘lib/B’… remote: Counting objects: 156, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (151/151), done. […]

Converting 'CVS era' repo into git repo's with submodules

We have a very large ancient flat CVS repo with an example format as below. I have imported each subdir as its own git repo with full history. . ├── liba ├── libb ├── libc ├── prog1 ├── prog2 └── prog3 Lets say that the 3 programs use libraries in the following way: . ├── […]

Using multiple Git repos inside folder with same top level parent directory?

I am working on a Magento store (SVN repo connected to Git) utilizing the fabulous HTML5 Boilerplate based Magento-Boilerplate theme (GitHub repo) and extending it with my own child theme (private Git Repo). These all exist in a single www folder which happens to be the top level directory for all three projects. I would […]

Are submodules for plugins or for dependencies?

Suppose Project X is the base project and Project Y depends on X. Project Y might be a plugin for Project X, or perhaps it is a standalone app that requires Project X in some other fashion. I have thought all this time that Project Y should be the superproject, and Project X should be […]

Git Logs and Control per user

I am investigating the possibility of using Git for code management for my Company. I have 2 questions in this regard: We want extensive logs on each “clone” or “code access” per user. There has been past incidents where the 3rd party consultants tried to access the company’s I.P., but there activities were logged. As […]

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