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what difference does –bare switch make when initing a git repo?

This question is somewhat related to this question: Is it possible to have a git repo inside another git repo Here is the summary: I had a git repo, which I pushed to my web host. I seperated a subdirectory of that repo, and added that subdirectory back as submodule. Now I am going to […]

Tagging an old commit of a submodule with git

I have a git project (repo1) including a single submodule (repo2). What I would like to achieve is to tag my project using an older commit of my submodule (like HEAD – 3). I tried with a checkout of the submodule to the commit I want, but checkout is wrong since, committing in my project […]

How do I pull a git submodule from separate project?

Let’s keep things simple shall we? I have a git project set up. Let’s call it ProjectA. My friend has another, older git project set up, called ProjectB. In ProjectB, he has two submodules, SubOne and SubTwo, set up. Now, when I mean “set up”, I mean he can just “git submodule update” them. They […]

submodule bare repo issue

I m facing a weird problem with submodules in a bare repo. I illustrate what I did. I have a repo which contains 4 modules. It looks like this- *Superepo (top level repo)- I added following submodules to this repo: mod_1,mod_2,mod_3 and mod_4 (internal submodules). After that I created a bare repo from this Superepo […]

Git's subtree merge strategy doesn't pick the right directory

I have a repository that looks something like this: foo/ subrepo/ a_file_in_subrepo another.ext unrelated_file subrepo is a repository on github, and I have a remote in my repository, say sub, that tracks it, but none of the files are merged. What I want is to merge in sub/master at the subrepo folder. I know that […]

How do I properly implement git submodules using Gitolite?

I would like to create submodules within my hosted repository using Gitolite. Submodules are easy enough in git outside of Gitolite. However, Gitolite seems to complicate things.

Trying to update git submodule with Ruby, how to chdir before executing shell command?

I have some git repo X that has a submodule in the subfolder foo/bar pointing to repo Y. I’m trying to get my CI system to update the submodule automatically, I mean pursuing this commands from RAKE: $ cd foo/bar $ git pull origin master But when my RAKE task tries to perform this, it […]

How to replace a git submodule with vendored in code?

I’ve been in the process of getting rid of git submodules lately. Sometimes I’m adding new files where there’s been the submodule. I’m looking for a nice way to drop a submodule, and add some files in it’s place without creating merge problems for pulling users. Here’s what I’m talking about: This is a commit […]

when dev repo does not map 1-to-1 with production work tree, then is this a good use-case for git submodules?

I am fairly new to git and just figured out the basics of how to update a live website from my local dev repo, via the method explained by these guys: http://danielmiessler.com/study/git/#website http://toroid.org/ams/git-website-howto (‘The one-line summary ^^^ : push into a remote repository that has a detached work tree, and a post-receive hook that runs […]

Can I push my git submodules to Github without using extra repositories?

I have a Github “Gold” account and I’m starting to run out of my allotted repositories. 🙁 Luckily, I have a few very small projects that are interrelated and could be treated as submodules of a bigger project. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to submodules, so forgive me if my question […]

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