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Commiting changes in nested git subtrees

I have been reading a lot on git subtrees as an alternative submodules and was wondering what is the best way to handle nested subtrees with regards to committing changes: Say you have project A with a subproject B as a subtree (so A is the parent). If I make changes to B while working […]

Proper way to release in Git with submodules

Im starting to work with git submodules and Im a bit confused. Basically on my project I needed a modified version of hybridauth library. So I forked hybridauth, did my changes and added it as a submodule of my repo. Now when I try to do a release of my repo or simple download a […]

Mirroring git repository with submodules

Suppose that I have a git server with several repos, and that one of the repos includes some of the others as submodules. Is it possible to mirror all of the repositories on another server and redirect the submodule dependencies without altering the history?

Does git allow for “bare” submodules?

This may be terrible, I am not sure. Let us say we have a repo “product” with a working directory /product /product/command.script /product/config/ (bare git repo) And a repo “config” with a working directory /config /config/config.json The command.script file has actions to interact with a bare repo. ex. Running command.script BRANCH1 would run the command […]

How do I add a git submodule in a non empty directory?

I am trying to add a submodule in a non empty folder inside a repo with: git submodule add repo_path.git non_empty_folder I get the following message: ‘non_empty_folder’ already exists and is not a valid git repo Is it possible to force the creation of the submodule? Thanks!

Teamcity Git private Submodule checkout fails

TeamCity unable to checkout git projects with private git submodules (projects themselves are private and accessed with username/password and use same credentails for submodules), all source is stored on bitbucket and accessed over HTTPS. TeamCity is able to using the same VCS root checkout other projects without submodules just fine (so im happy credentails/proxy issues […]

Azure github deployment with private submodule

I am trying to deploy private repository with github onto Azure and it used to work perfectly until I made a piece of repository into separate private submodule that is also hosted on github. Now, every time I try to deploy to Azure it breaks during submodule deployment with following message: fatal: could not read […]

Workflow: git-repository with sub-modules to release

My git project (a WordPress-Plugin) contains some 3rd party submodules with extra files (language .po files, /tests folder, coverage.cover) that are not needed in release versions. Is there a command/workflow that strips all of these files automatically for releases?

How to checkout to a different branch in submodules?

We are have 2 rails projects for which /models are common for both of the projects and so we maintained a separate repo by using submodules concept. Now in project1 I created a branch rails3_upgrade from master for my submodules i.e., in app/models. how can I checkout to that branch in project2 models from master? […]

Convert git repo with submodules to single repo

I have a git repository with several submodules which i would like to convert into one single repository containing all the history. Is this possible? The closest solution I’ve found is to merge the submodules into the parent repo as described in these questions: un-submodule a git submodule Git merge submodule into parent tree cleanly […]

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