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Git: regular merge/rebase of long-living bugfix branches to master

Context We use several git repositories with the same workflow, involving two branches, and are wondering how best to “synchronize” commits from one to the other. Put simply, our git repositories contain: Long living branches Two branches: master (branch for ongoing development) 1.0 (branch for bugfixes only, to maintain a stable version) Both branches are […]

GIT squash per users

All the examples I’ve seen deal with branches where there is only one committer. What I am trying to achieve is an automatic git rebase -i where, for a given branch.. all commit made by a given user will be squashed together. hence, if 3 people work on a branch.. when the branch is merged […]

Git rebase or merge

I understand that re-base is good for situations when you want to add a fix to a base branch and put it in all other branches. but it seems much more complicated than a merge(much more conflicts). Am I missing something?

How can I see how much I have remaining of a rebase?

How can I see how much work is left on a rebase while it’s in progress? I.e. I want to see how much work git has left to check.

correctly rebase a merge

Another git question… I am in the following situation: A1 —- B1 —- C1 \ > D —- E —- F / A2 —- B2 —- C2 Where {A1,B1,C1} and {A2,B2,C2} have no files in common (it’s the consequence of merging two different repositories, so I have currently two roots) I would like the history […]

during git rebase: same file keeps conflicting

I checked out a branch called ‘topic’. I am still working on topic, but I want to include changes that are now in master branch. So I did this: $ git checkout topic $ git rebase master After that, there were merge conflicts for file xyz.txt. So I modified file to be what I wanted, […]

How to use git rebase properly?

I currently use git the following way: clone, fetch repo create topic branch for specific issue do some commits on it checkout master branch merge topic branch to master push new master branch Unfortunately this is getting messy from time to time. What I would like to do is to merge some smaller commits to […]

What's the best way to update a branch to the latest master while still keeping all the changes that were previously committed?

I have a git branch that is based off an old master. This branch has commits on it that the master does not have. I want to update the branch with the master’s code, but keep the commits on the branch. What’s the best way to do this?

Should I rebase master onto a branch that's been pushed?

We use the feature branch workflow in our small team of developers. We’re currently working on a large project, so one of the developers has pushed their feature branch to origin, where everyone else can checkout their own local copy. [leonard@dev public]$ git branch -avv master 9d53b40 [origin/master] Fix reviews * responsive 0c04643 [origin/responsive] Add […]

Git rebase master and multiple branches

I have three branches: master, task_one, and task_two. I want to pull all updates made by other people, and apply these updates to all of my work. What are the correct commands?

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