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Committing everything before doing a pull, why?

While working in a branch I’ll have a few files that I’m changing. One of my colleagues tells me that he’s pushed a change that I should pull to fix an immediate issue. If I don’t commit my changes, git won’t let me pull. Even though none of my files I have modified are being […]

Update forked Github repo with all branches

I forked a repository on my Github account that has over 1000 commits and 20 branches. I then cloned it on my local machine. Is there any way I can update both my local machine’s repo and my Github’s repo with the original one with all the branches and commits?

Git pull from someone else's fork

We are two students working on our online repository (different repo) that is forked from a common upstream repo. Let’s say other student made Changes, Commits and Pushed to his repo on a specific branch. How do I pull these changes into my own local repository? Do I need to commit and push those changes […]

Git pull problems with gitignore

I’ve added my files to the gitignore: db/development.sqlite3 log/development.log And I’ve removed them from tracking on both my local computer and server: git rm –cached db/development.sqlite3 git rm –cached log/development.log Then I push from my local computer to the repo, and pull to the server using git pull origin master and I still get this […]

Can I pull to a branch other than the one I'm on?

I need to be able to pull to a branch that I might not be on (in fact, assume for the sake of argument I don’t know what branch I’m on). For example, I have a remote origin with a branch master that is tracked locally in the usual way by a local master using […]

git pull command output message meaning into which branch

Say there is a remote branch br1 checkout on the remote repo, and the master branch on a local repo. Command 1: If I do a “git pull origin br1:br1” it pulls remote br1 into local br1, and shows: 9188a5d..97d4825 br1 -> br1 9188a5d..97d4825 br1 -> origin/br1 command 2: If I do just a “git […]

What causes git to make automatic commits on pull?

I have been working on different repositories and noticed a different behaviour: in one project when I pull other people’s work into mine I just get their commit in my history, in another one git creates an automatic merge commit when I pull. In both cases there were no conflicts, and both repositories are bare […]

Using colon in `git pull origin <remote-branch> : <local-branch>` does not pull to correct branch?

Let’s say I am on a different branch than <local-branch>, called <different-branch>. When I try to pull from a remote branch to a local branch, I do the following: git pull origin <remote-branch>:<local-branch> And, from my understanding this should pull into my <local-branch>, and not pull into <different-branch>. But, then when I check git log […]

Why does git-pull fail with signal 13?

Setup I’ve written a small script to do automatic pull/commit/push for some personal data. This script works great on my laptop (version but on my server, the git pull command is failing with signal 13. I was running version (these are both ubuntu, but the server is 12.04.4 LTS vs 13.10 on the […]

Git over port 443

I have a git repository on my server i can ssh over port 443. But now i want to pull from that server and push to it but git gives me connection refused. I think it’s connecting over port 22 but i want it to connect over 443. I use tortoiseplink to connect with how […]

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