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Git –bare … Why does fetch not always show the most recent commits?

I have a few GIT repos that I mirrored locally to show up in my JIRA instance, but I have noticed some (to me) strange behaviour. I have a repo, we will call this “myrepo”. If I do a git clone, and git pull, I always get the most recent commits. However, when I do […]

GIT: Updating pull request after review changes commit doesn't show in the pull request

I fork a github repository and made some changes on my fork and submit pull request but the owners of the original github repository ask for some changes and made changes they ask me in the pull request. I assumed adding additional changes to my fork it will show up in the current pull request […]

How can I setup a non-bare git repo on my server?

I’m trying to setup a decent development pattern with my friend. The plan is that we do independent development on our own computers, then push to the dev server for testing, and then we push from the dev server to the productive server (Heroku). The problem is, I can’t make git behave. Perhaps I just […]

How to know the diff of what recently changed on files pulled using a pull operation

I perform a git pull operation and it fetched via few files. How can I run a diff and understand what really changed in all of those files or a selective set of files within that list.

git search local history

I made a couple commits without making a git push. After that I made a git push and know I can’t find these commits that were only local. Can I somehow find those commits that I didn’t push to remote repo?

When does git pull cause merge between multiple branches?

I’m trying to understand the circumstances that caused git to merge a feature branch I was working on into the main develop branch after switching to the develop branch. I was able to revert the merge but it took the better part of a day to fully resolve and I’d like to avoid it in […]

How to avoid typing passphrase for git pull executed under www-data

I stuck on the operation when I need to execute Git pull command running from PHP script. (user is added into www-data group) without passphrase typing. I found that this can be solved using command: eval “$(ssh-agent)” ssh-add But this command is working only under my own user (for example george). But if i try […]

Changing a perl script to executable makes git think the file has changed

I have a project being developed in a Windows based IDE. Included in this project are some perl scripts. After cloning the project onto the production servers (linux based), I change the permissions of the perl files to be executable by the user only. Now if I make a change on the windows server and […]

GIT: How can I do a pull request when I've already commited to my master branch?

My remote repo’s master branch looks like this (each one is a commit): A – B – C – D – E – F – G I would like to get a code review that diffs C and G (C’s changes from B should not be displayed). How do I do this? Do I have […]

Git read updates before pulling

Whenever I have a Git error on pulling, where “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind” is there any way to know what are the updates that have been done on the origin repository after doing git fetch ?

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