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GIT: Whats the Difference between a Pull Request and a Merge?

On services like bitbucket and github you have the option to create a pull request.. My question to you (developers), is what are all of the differences between the two? Differences I currently know of: Ability to approve or reject request Ability to provide add a descriptive message with the request Other than that it […]

Git submodule pull request work flow

I am curious about some best practices. There is a git repo that I would like to include as a submodule in my project. I would also like to contribute to this repo and offer pull requests. I have forked the repo and would like to add my fork as the submodule to my project. […]

Git option for `–preserve-merges`?

Is there an option to make git do rebase with –preserve-merges by default? I know about aliases but I dislike the idea to remember their names and also it makes everything harder to do on someone else’s computer when you get used to them.

preventing git merge to master branch

I am using branching to create and deploy custom instances of out platform. These instances usually start as a branch from the ‘master’ branch, get customized somewhat, get deployed into testing and production, and finally archived. If new features or bug fixes are added into the master I would like to be able to fetch/merge […]

How to use Visual Studio Code as Default Editor for Git MergeTool

Today I was trying to use the git mergetool on Windows Command Prompt and realized that it was defaulting to use VIM, which is cool, but I’d prefer VSCode. How can I have Visual Studio Code function as my GUI for handling merge conflicts (or even as a diffing tool) for Git?

git merge Already up to date when it is not

While working on a project using git and bitbucket.com, there are the following branches: master development uat production When I started the project work I took a git clone of development (thinking naturally that it contained the state of the art code). Months of work later, and now it turns out that the code in […]

Best practice for tracking upstream in fork on github

Summary: What are the best practices for handling long running tracking of upstream repositories where you want to maintain a set of local changes? I want to keep a fork on github up-to-date with the upstream but still allow clear tracking of changes unique to the fork. (for this discussion, assume that upstream points to […]

Convert merge into rebase without having to perform the merge again

I made a mistake: I should have used git pull –rebase, but I issued a simple git pull, merged everything and now have a merge commit at the HEAD of my branch. I want to get rid of that merge commit and I thought I’d just issue a git rebase -i HEAD~3, move my last […]

How to get git to correctly merge moved content (not only files)

I am currently looking at a lot of the content tracking features of git. It is very nice to know that git allows me to figure out code which has been moved from one file to another, but I am wondering how this feature is usable when doing conflict resolution in merges. Here is the […]

Merge local master branch with remote master branch in Git

I’m in a strange situation: I have copied a directory (local repository) from a former developer on to my machine. There have been several commits to the remote master that are NOT in his local repository. How do I merge the local copy of master with the most up-to-date changes of the remote master?

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