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git – start tracking untracked remote files/directories

Let say I do this: mkdir some_repo cd some_repo git init git touch dummy.txt git commit -m ‘dummy commit’ git remote add -f some_other_remote_repo path/to/.git git merge –no-ff –no-commit merge remotes/some_other_remote_repo/master No entering git status I see something like: new: f1/some.txt new: f1/some11.txt new: f2/some2.txt new: f3/some3.txt So now I only want to add specific […]

How to add :twisted_rightwards_arrows: (emoji) in message commit 'Merge branch'

How i can add emjoi :twisted_rightwards_arrows: in all the messages that git merge creates. Thanks.

Git – Log commits of dev except which are cherry-picked into main

I have dev and main branches. Some commits go to the dev branch and then some of the dev branch commits go into the main branch. Which means, there are several commits in dev branch which are not submitted/cherry-picked in main branch at any given time. I wonder if there is a way to log […]

How to revert a merge with git

I’ve been working in a branch that has many commits. Once pushed and merged to ‘master’, what’s the best option to revert changes all merged commits from the branch i was working in ‘master’? What about this? git revert -m 1 <merge-commit>

Do I need to merge a branch in a bare repo?

In my setup I have three repos: A bare repo on remote server (/op/git/proj.git) A non-bare repo on remote server (/var/www/proj/.git) A non-bare repo on local machine (/var/www/proj/.git) The bare repo is origin to both ordinary repos on local and remote. Whenever I do a commit on local, I do a local push to bare […]

Interactive rebase to squash commits is hanging

git rebase -i $(HASH) is hanging .. never completes. Here’s command the git rebase -i d8c0f59d5d627efb65b47264d5169e3626195839 Doing this to squash some of the commits.. Since it is interactive – it asks open an editor twice as expected. Then prints something like [detached HEAD fc62e0b3] AIRFLOW-1012 – add run_as_script parameter Author: Tagar Date: Sun Mar 19 […]

Git: see changes on their branch since last merge on merge conflict

I thought that my scenario should be fairly common, and there must be a simpler way of doing what I do. Suppose there are two branches, current and next, for two lines of development. next at this stage receives all changes from the current branch. Being maintainer of the next branch I am syncing the […]

Git: How to avoid intermediate commits of the merged develop branch into Master?

I’m new to GIT and I want to how to avoid intermediate commits say D1-D2-D3 from develop getting added to master branch on git merge? For e.g. A-B-C(master) & D1-D2-D3-D4(develop) _on merge becomes_ A-B-C-D1-D2-D3-D4(master) It should look like A-B-C-D4(master) on merge. Ideally I prefer A-B-C-E(master) where E is a new commit that is a merge […]

Git rebasing branch so commits and unstaged changes do not get deleted or lost

Lets say I have been working on a branch, made a bunch of changes some of which I committed some of which are still unstaged. Then someone else pushes something up to master. Then I am done and try to push my work to master. But there is a merge conflict, because the other person […]

Will Github count contributions from branches merged by -no-ff merge (not fast forward)?

Github article about problems with contributions has no words about –no-ff merges. I’ve found some answers in this reddit thread, but process is still not clear for me. EDIT: E.g. i have done some commits in feature branch, then i’ve merged this branch with master branch. Will Github count all commits from feature branch in […]

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