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Undo a merge after time, what happens?

How do i undo a merge that has been pushed and later been branched off? And what happens to the repo? This has been asked in different variations before but im not sure if any of the answers explains what happens after. Assume this is the state of the repo: A–B–C———G–H \ / \ D–E–F […]

How can I merge mysql workbench (*.mwb) diagram with git If I know how to make a text representation of it?

First of all, I’m using git and mysql workbench. I’ve found that mysql workbench diagram (*.mwb file) is just a .zip archive that contains .xml file with description of all tables. The diagram itself is a binary file. I wrote a simple script that extracts this xml and makes the oppisite action. I know how […]

Git mergetool using Android Studio (IntelliJ)

I am trying to use Android Studio as my git mergetool in Windows. I followed the instructions on official IntelliJ documentation. Yet, when I try to do the merge, Android Studio launches with the following error: Error showing merge: The system cannot find the path specified Here is my .gitconfig setup: [merge] tool = androidstudio […]

How can I determine what commits cause a conflict?

I’m doing git merge develop feature/ticket-123, and I’m getting merge conflicts. The conflicts are complex enough that I want to see the context of the changes being made, so that I can resolve them properly. I can see which files have merge conflicts, but those files only say what is from develop and what is […]

Testing incoming pull requests using sourcetree

This is about BitBucket, may or may not apply on others. And I’d prefer to do it using SourceTree or any other GUI tool. Suppose I have a repository izharaazmi/repo and somebody forks it which creates his repo, say developer/repo. Now after making his changes he commits and sends a pull request. Now I want […]

git write-tree failed to write a tree

I am trying to merge branch feature back to master. master is a dozen commits ahead of where feature branched off, feature consists of three commits that have no conflicts with anything done in master since. This should be a very simple merge. If I were to do a rebase workflow, no issues whatsoever (filenames […]

Resolve selected merge conflicts using p4merge in GIT

Is there a way to resolve selected file having conflicts using p4merge in GIT? Lets say there are 25 conflicts and each conflict has to be resolved by each developer, if any developer runs ‘git mergetool’ the p4merge which is setup starts with the first conflict. this conflict maynot be related to that developers, so […]

How can I undo a delete from a previous commit: A Gitastrophy

I’ve attached an image to illustrate my question. In Commit C hundreds of files were added. In Commit D a few files were added. When D tried to merge back to develop there was a merge conflict. The developer that resolved the conflict did so by deleting everything that was added in C. After which, […]

Best approach to maintain skeleton for my projects with git

For few years I was looking for way to manage multiple projects I’m working on. Every single one is different in some way, but the core of application in common for all. When I implemented some new features in current project, it was hard to use them in later in other project. I had to […]

How to merge a git branch that results in only a single commit (like using –squash), but allowing future merges without conflicts?

I have a branch with many commits in it since creating it and would like to make a single merge commit to move it back to master, usin a single commit. So the only solution I know if is to use git merge –squash branchname. This works well, but if someone adds more commits to […]

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