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your branch is behind by 2 commits

I have a branch of my master branch called 218. I am the only one using this branch. I commit my changes 3 weeks ago looking to do a pull request, but it was rejected as I needed to make changes. Now I have made those changes and I wanted to commit the latest changes […]

Determining why github says “Closed with unmerged commits”

I sometimes contribute pull requests to an upstream repo. Someone applies my pr to master and closes it. Then github says “Closed with unmerged commits”. Why? What I want to figure out what, if any, code edits I made on the branch that I created the pr from that did not get included (applied or […]

Sourcetree: Find out if a branch is merged

How can I know if a branch (or commit) is merged in SourceTree? When Using gitk –all, it will show for a commit (or branch) foo all other branches, where foo is already merged into. To clarify what I mean a screenshot: The encircled (red) area shows all the branches where the current commit is […]

Changing git conflict markers

Is it possible to change the conflict markers to something user defined? Motivation: It has happened several times to me that, due to hasty and not very careful merging of several branches, there are some left over merge tags in my LaTeX document. With most programming projects these tags would result in an syntax error […]

How to stash unmerged code in git?

I did a git pull and found that one of my files needs to be merged. I don’t really want to merge that file right now – I have another branch that I need to work on, and I will get back to this branch later to resolve the merge. What is the best course […]

Git octopus merge with unrelated repositoies

I have a bunch of git repositories, each containing one file. I’d like to merge them all together, preferably in one step. What I’m aiming for is this graph: *—-¬ mergedrepo/master | \ \ \ | | | * repoA/master | | * repoB/master | | | | | * repoB/… | * repoC/master * […]

Does git rebase create more conflicts than git merge?

Is it true that git rebase is more prone to conflicts than git merge? I have hear that before and it is referenced in this post I am speculating based on anecdata here, but I suspect the general anxiety around rebasing stems from two primary places: Due to the mechanics of git rebase, merge conflicts […]

Git: How does git svn fetch work?

How does git svn fetch work? Where is that branch which is fetched so that I can merge or rebase with my master or other branch? Where is the data fetched because git remote doesn’t give me anything on my git svn repository?

Git: Every pull on origin master causes a merge with message

Every time I do a git pull origin master Git pops up an editor and asks me to write a comment about the merge before committing. Any idea why this might happen? Another developer is also doing work on master and has not had this issue. As far as I can tell the branch configurations […]

Undo a Git merge, but keep later changes, and rewrite history

I have a bunch of branches, each with different features. Usually I’ll have some extra branch “not_master” which contains master+feature A like so: (not_master) a–b–c–d–e—M–x–y–z (feature A) –h–i–j-/ Sometimes I want to unmerge feature A, but keep commits x,y,z in “not_master”. In other words, I would like this: (not_master) a–b–c–d–e–x–y–z I see that I can […]

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