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Are cherry pick merges appropriate in this scheme?

Imagine a git repository that is structured as follows: Main branch – development for the next major release is done here Release branches – development on patches for releases is done here Hotfix branches – hotfix branches are branched off from release branches to fix release bugs for patches. Main ——————————–> \ Release o——–o \ […]

Merge repos while overwriting changes

I’ve got a HUGE project. I was assigned to redo the file structure so that it didn’t drive our devs insane. It’s all in GitHub, so I simply forked the project and made my changes. I’ve finished, and now want to pull my changes back in. However, some of our other devs committed to the […]

How to merge a branch that is not created of Master into Master in GIT

I created a branch ReleaseB from a commit off ReleaseA. ReleaseA was never merged into Master, but ReleaseA code is moved to PROD. So I took the PROD release commit off ReleaseA and created branch ReleaseB. What is the best way to merge ReleaseB to Master or bring Master uptodate with ReleaseB? Can I just […]

Is the following Git commit strategy correct?

I’ve just done the following thing with Git but I am not sure if it’s the right way of doing things. What I have is a file that has some stuff. Then there is a branch that adds extra stuff to this file (extends it, it’s a plugin we sell separately). Let’s say branch1 and […]

Stuck on git rebase while merging diverged branches

I have a local branch with 5 commits not in remote branch while remote branch has 6 commits not in my local branch. I squashed my local commits into a single commit, now i have 1 commit in local branch. I did “git pull –rebase” and it said there are conflicts. I fixed the conflict […]

Have a feature branch in git and can't merge master after reverting a merge from a different branch

We have implemented a kind of git flow workflow in our company but not everyone is actually using git flow yet so there are some hiccups. Here is one. A colleague was working on a feature branch and needed some bug fixes that are currently in master and develop. However, he got confused and merged […]

How do I delete a Git merge?

This question already has an answer here: Undo a Git merge that hasn't been pushed yet 24 answers

git merge going wrong?

ORIGINAL: “<tasks>” + ” <exec command=”ls”>” + ” <runif status=”failed” />” + ” </exec>” + ” <exec command=”ls”>” + ” <runif status=”failed” />” + ” </exec>” + “</tasks>”; MODIFICATION_1: “<tasks>” + ” <exec command=”ls”>” + ” <runif status=”failed” />” + ” </exec>” + “</tasks>”; MODIFICATION_2: “<tasks>” + ” <exec command=”ls”>” + ” <runif status=”passed” />” […]

Can git merge/pull detect when “local changes” are the same as an incoming merge conflict?

I run into this sometimes: On server, git clone myrepo Change foo.sh on machine 1 to solve some problem. It works, so replicate the change on my development machine. On dev machine, git add foo.sh, git commit, git push On server, git pull remote: Counting objects: 1, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1/1), done. remote: […]

Merge files with different end-of-line character

I work with GIT on Linux, and my colleague works with GIT on Windows. I commited some changes to a file, and my colleague commited some other changes to that file. My colleague pushed, and I pulled. Now, my entire file is a one big conflict: <<<<<<< HEAD … [my version] …. ======= … [colleague’s […]

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