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git pull doesn't bring all the changes

This question has been asked many times and I have tried solution provided there but no luck for me. So … I have master and test_branch Admin@paul MINGW64 ~/my-project (master) $ git diff master test_branch it shows 5 files and so many commits. But when I do: Admin@paul MINGW64 ~/my-project (master) $ git pull origin […]

Making sure Git knows that deleting local branch is safe after PR is merged

I made a pull request to merge my-feature-branch into master on GitHub. The repo owner added one more commit to my branch, merged to master, and delete my-feature-branch using GitHub GUI. I updated with git pull master, deleted the tracking branch with git pull –prune. But when I tried to remove the local feature branch […]

Git merge says up to date

I have two Git branches for my code. oldApp for the old version and the new version is on the master branch. I made some changes in the old app code, and now I want to merge them to the new app but when I try to run git merge it says everything is up […]

How to remove files from wrongly merged branch?

I got two branches: master and ubuntu. Normally I merge master to ‘ubuntu’. ‘Ubuntu’ branch contains master plus own ‘/debian’ folder, which is not in the master. Due to mistake I merged ‘ubuntu’ to the master, and brought ‘/debian’ folder to the master. I want to remove it from the master, but I want to […]

How to merge a remote feature branch into master using smartgit

I am using Amazon’s CodeCommit repository. I have a master branch. I created a feature branch. Now that the development is complete in the feature branch, I want to merge those changes to master. AWS CodeCommit console doesn’t have an option for all the Git operations. So, I have just started using SmartGit to connect […]

How do I make gvimdiff opened by git mergetool open all files at once in tabs?

Normally git -c merge.tool=gvimdiff mergetool opens files to be merged on by one, in batch mode: Normal merge conflict for ‘…’: {local}: modified file {remote}: modified file 4 files to edit … seems unchanged. Was the merge successful? [y/n] n merge of … failed Continue merging other unresolved paths (y/n) ? y Normal merge conflict […]

Restart conflict resolution in a single file

In a larger git merge with several conflicting files, I incorrectly marked a file as resolved (using git add FILE after some editing) Now I’d like to undo my conflict resolution attempt and start over resolving that file. How can I do that?

Interrogation about git distributed workflows and avoiding rebasing public commits

Our team currently works as follows: Individual developers initially clone from the blessed repository (i.e. remote master) The developer creates a topic branch from master They work on their topic branch Before opening a merge request (we use gitlab), the developer rebases the latest master on their topic branch They push that to gitlab on […]

Various methods of merging subtree not preserving commit history

I have two repos, OGrepo and Newrepo. OGrepo has two directories in it: OGrepo |-dirOne |-dirTwo I’d like to put a copy of Newrepo inside of dirTwo, including every single piece of commit history that happened to Newrepo for its entire lifespan. I’ve been trying for a few hours to get this right, and have […]

Proper Git merging as is relates to repo history

Here is the scenario: I have one branch named ‘develop’. I branch off from this branch, the new branch is ‘foo2’. After 3 commits on foo2, I then checkout develop branch and merge the changes on foo2 into develop: git merge foo2 I then run: git log –graph I do not see foo2 in the […]

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