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Git “leaky” branches?

We usually do feature development on new branches and then bugfixes on the master branch. This time, for some reason, one of the feature branches had a leak where it was merged back into master when it shouldn’t have. From the screenshot, you can see that we have the feature branches sms_open and 121217. 121217 […]

Merge two commits where commits are between

I want to merge two commits – there are commits between these two commits. The commits between don’t change files edited by commit 1 and commit 6. The commits are not pushed yet. Is this possible? f68ffb5 commit 6 … d294fac commit 1

Git: after preparing a real merge commit, how to create a simple commit?

After invoking git merge –no-commit <commit>, performing a commit will result in a merge commit with two (or more) parents. What command to invoke to create a simple commit instead (without having to re-perform the merge command with the –squash option)?

strange output during git merge

I am in a clone named /private/gmills, and I ran git merge main_int. I am seeing a reference to another clone for some other user on a different machine. What does this mean? I have only 1 remote configured and it isn’t pointing to this other clone or machine. Warning message : warning: Failed to […]

How to prevent merge from falling back to normal merge strategy when a fast-forward merge is not possible?

The git merge command has an option to perform fast-forward merge, but this is not what I want, because if it can’t do a fast-forward merge, it uses the normal merge. Is there a git command which only performs a fast-forward merge (from the tracked remote branch) and does nothing if the fast-forward merge is […]

In git, how do I increase the context for merges?

When I merge large changes, git often gets hopelessly confused because it’s not using enough context lines. It gets mixed up between the similar-looking endings of two different subroutines that both happen to end with: . return 1; . } (dots used here to represent blank lines) When I use ‘git diff’, I can say […]

Should I merge master into a feature branch to bring it up to date? Would this be considered bad practice?

I have a situation like this: (master) A – B – E – F \ C – D (feature-x) Should I merge master into feature-x if I need critical fixes E and F into the feature-x branch to continue development and I intend to merge back into master? Is there any disadvantage to repeated merging […]

Merge conflict error, when there was no change in mentioned file

I have a site local repo and a remote repo. Local repo contains the 1-2 month old content of remote repo. I try to pull the whole content into local repo. git pull origin master From ssh://…/site.git * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD … CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in admin/process_email.php Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and […]

How to set difftool/mergetool for a specific file extension in Git?

Is it possible to set a custom tool for merging files with a specific extension in Git? Thanks for any pointers! Update I wasn’t able to come up with any better solution than defining a custom difftool and calling it by hand as @jarodeells suggested: [diff] tool = mydiff [difftool “mydiff”] cmd=”script.sh \”$LOCAL\” \”$REMOTE\”” Then […]

Undo git fast forward merge

I have this situation : Working on some testBranch for some time and I wanted to sync with master so I did git checkout testBranch and git merge master/testBranch So now my branch is synced with master but then I found out that I want to undo that merge and problem is that merge is […]

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