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Finding an approximate Git fork-point

Often when vendors publish their kernels, they either release a tarball or squash all the commits down into one (branch public in this post); I have no access to internal. I’m attempting to create a branch (recovery) to clearly identify what changes have been made from the mainline kernel (original). original: A–B–C–D–E–F internal: A–B–C–D \ […]

Git how to merge conflict if want to use source or destination file only

When I am doing megring from source to destination branch, Lets say I got conflict in 5 files and I am sure I want to use source or destination branch, how to do this quickly. In perforce i use the option accept target or accept source, to resolve merging conflict

How to cleanly merge branch containing revert (branch containing revert sees revert as new changes)

I have a branch containing a revert that I would like to move to master. However, the revert seems to be seen as new changes and applies them to master when it is merged. This is overwriting a lot of things in master that should be untouched. I would like to merge to master as […]

git creates merge commit instead of using fast forward. Why?

I am working on a WebApp project that uses a bare git repository that is organizes in three branches: dev-master beta-master public-master All development is done using a clone of the dev-master branch: Not the complete repository was cloned but only the specific branch: git clone /path/to/bare/repo.git –branch dev-master dev Once a new feature is […]

How can I be sure that BitBucket will do merge (with website button)?

Let Alice and Bob works on the same BitBucket git repository. Alice has admin privileges, while Bob has the restriction to write on master branch. So each time Bob want to contribute, he makes a special branch, commits to it and then do a Pull Request. Alice prefer GUI while Bob is OK with command […]

How to use git merge –squash?

I have setup where we have a remote Git server, Here is the scenario which I want to perform, For each bug/feature I create a different Git branch, I keep on committing my code in that Git branch with un-official Git messages In top repository we have to do one commit for one bug with […]

How can I migrate merge requests from one git server to another?

Our team moved from a git server hosted at site A to another one at site B. They were able to move the source code, and all its branches correctly. But we couldn’t find any way to move the Merge Requests that the team had opened on branches when we were working on site A […]

Git diff3 file “deleted by us”

On regular merges, merge.conflictstyle diff3 shows me a helpful <<<<<<< HEAD changes on HEAD ||||||| merged common ancestors base ||||||| changes on branchB >>>>>>> branchB How can I show this diff for files “deleted by us” on a merge conflict? I’m aware that one of the blocks will be empty as “we” don’t have anything […]

Git rebase or merge not detecting changed files

I forked a repository from some other person. I am working on a branch develop on my forked repo. I checkout a new branch from it named issue. I did some changes in the new branch issue and pushed it. Then I realized that the develop branch in the remote repo got updated and so […]

Git: git diff show changes, but merge says up to date?

So I have two branches: master and other. I merged other branch into master, but for some reason source for one commit have not changed. I can see those commits in master by running git log, but actual source code have not changed. In other branch it has new changes, but master does not. So […]

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