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Git pull – Please move or remove them before you can merge

I am trying to do a git pull origin master from my server but keep getting the error: Please move or remove them before you can merge. There are no untracked files, but it seems like it has issues with the ignored files for some reason. I tried running a git clean -nd to see […]

Git branch diverged

I am new to GIT, although I understand it’s concept I don’t think I understand it’s practice as well. I was given a branch, uitest to work on, because I may have not done the push, commit, pull correctly, I have now diverged the branch. Because I am new here, n I also don’t want […]

Forgotten rebase interactive – git

I ran some times ago some git rebase -i command. But I completely forgot it. Now I want to change new commits order. So I ran git rebase -i HEAD~4, and I get normally It seems that there is already a rebase-merge directory, and I wonder if you are in the middle of another rebase. […]

how to merge a pull request in two branches?

I have two branches develop and test. test is behind develop which was created few weeks back. I have created a pull request for test and my team member merged it. Now I want to push the same change to develop branch. I tried cherry-pick but it didn’t work. Is there anyway, I can pull […]

git: How can I merge my working file with the latest one

I’m new to git, and still having a lot of trouble. Say that I’m working on a.cpp. I modified some code in a.cpp. And, that change is not ready to commit or push. Then, other people also made a change in a.cpp. In SVN/CVS, checking out do either a merge or conflict. I thought that […]

EGit 2.3 new –no-ff option, how to use it?

In EGit 2.3 they’ve added the no fast-forward merge ability according to their release documents “Support git merge –no-ff as an EGit preference.” http://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/New_and_Noteworthy/2.3 Question I have is, where do you set this preference? I tried Preferences -> Team -> Git -> Configuration -> Repository Settings and then under [Core] setting mergeoptions = –no-ff but […]

Keep svn repository in sync with git one

my team mate and I are struggling to get our svn repository in sync with our git one. We are working on a project and we are requested to share our code on an svn repository (hosted by the assembla.com site). Since we are used to version control our code with git, we decided to […]

Can Git merge zip-archives, MS Office documents, etc?

Git for Windows. I am learning Git. My project has some projectname.hmxz file instead of the simple text files. This file is a zip-archive (with the changed extension). It is a special file of project used by Help&Manual program. Can I use Git for such projects? It disturbs me, because each branch will have modified […]

If you write a file to the index in a merge that was conflicted, how do you go back to the conflicted state?

Let’s say I have a merge in git that result in a conflict on file foo.txt. Let’s say I try to resolve that conflict with foo.txt and I git add that attempt. Then I realize I want to undo that attempt. How do I go back as if I never touched the file in the […]

Git: committing to a tag and then merging commit to master

I’m mainly familiar with SVN. I have been using Git for a while, but haven’t done things that are extremely advanced. For my project, I have been creating tags that mark individual releases. For example, I have a tag called v1.2.3 for a particular release of my project. I want to commit a bugfix to […]

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