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Git merge inconveniences

We are a team of developers who switched from SVN to Git thinking it would be simpler and more standard. Unfortunately, until now we only encountered failures and problems. We don’t have the need for feature branches. We have a single branch called “develop” which all developers are sharing. We are used to TortoiseSVN so […]

git workflow branches updates

Here’s the situation. There are 3 branches on github: master, his-tests, my-tests Let’s forget about the master branch for a moment. After the initial work on master, a person I work with created a branch ‘his-tests’ where he continues developing the code. I then created my branch based on his with: git checkout -b my-tests […]

Reproducible android builds with git with fast forward merges

I’m looking reproducibility between android system (AOSP) daily builds against repo’s collections of git repositories and the impact of using fast-forward merges. The problem is that when doing daily builds you will get a tip-of-tree while development is happening elsewhere. If HEAD hasn’t changed when the change is pushed, it will do a fast-forward merge […]

Merging two git repositories from some specific commit

I have to make a merge between repositories. I was working with some people in project A. Once we finished project A, we started the project B. Project B has project A as base so we cloned A removed the git files and started working with this files (I don’t really know why we did […]

Git Submodule in branch not master

EDIT: According to @VonC in the comments I have a nested repo, not a submodule. However my problem remains the same below: I created a branch off of my local repo to work on a new feature. The new feature required me to install the Azure PHP SDK via composer. Turns out that the Azure […]

When you `git show` on a merge commit, what does the diff mean?

When I git show on a merge commit, it usually shows no diff, but sometimes, it shows a small diff. What is it showing me? My guess would be that it’s showing how any conflicts were resolved.

Merge codes from different authors on github

I am new to GitHub so please excuse my dumb question. I have a repository on GitHub with 2 contributors (one is me and the other is X). I had pushed some code in the repository with say 5 files(a,b,c,d,e). Now both of us (X and me) downloaded that code and modified it. X modified […]

Avoid merging master into development branch

I have been monitoring two branches starting from each sprint – Release and Master. Master branch is from where developers create new branch(task specific), implement their changes, and creates pull request which gets merged into the Master. Release branch is sprint specific which remains always submittable to the production. We only merge branches committed to […]

Git rebase circles back to same place again and again

I am having problem with Git rebase that I have to merge the code again and again but still unsuccessful. I had cut of my branch (A) from master. I started working on my branch and made more commits. At the same time, master was also changed and underwent bunch of commits. Now I am […]

git – exclude commits when rebasing

I have recently merged a feature that was not ready to go into master. Without realizing it I rebased the bad master into another branch that was good. But now I am not sure how to pull those bad commits out of my other story. HERE is my git log file commit 15bb0d630f9b9cf59axxxxxxx8100d3a7302 Author: Moises […]

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