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Merge 2 branches in git ignoring branch in between?

I want to merge a branch into another branch selectively & then merge another branch ignoring 1 branch in between. How do I do this with Git? I am using Git Extensions for visual studio.

How do I find if a branch has been merged to any branch (not just a specific one)

I’m trying to clean up some branches in a fairly large project. We essentially have master, a bunch of release branches (of which only the most recent is maintained), and feature/bug fix branches off each release. The process is normally bugfix/feature-branch -> current-release-branch -> master Now I can see there’s quite a few old feature/bugfix […]

I just want my development branch to prevail (over master), I don't want to resolve any conflicts

I have two branches, master and development. When trying to merge development into master with git merge development, I get loads of conflicts. I’m not interested in resolving any conflicts, I just want the master branch to be an exact replica of development – how do I accomplish this?

Git: Additional changes during merge without conflicts

Let’s assume you are merging one branch in Git to another one(no fast forward of course). And you don’t have conflicts, so the merge should be successful, without interruptions. But by some reasons you want to make some manual changes directly to this merged file tree to be a part of this merging commit. How […]

Rebase onto branch that has merge commits

I am still trying to decide on the Git workflow for our project. It’s very confusing and somewhat hard to grasp. I am probably missing something obvious or doing it completely wrong. Here goes one of the scenarios that is happening pretty often Scenario create feature branch from master (always stable) do some commit on […]

Put fractured GIT history back together

Background I was working on a project on the road over Thanksgiving break with no internet connection. I used a DropBox sync rather then git to move the files to my laptop before I left. Bad idea. the .git directory didn’t come over correctly and without Google the only thing I could manage to do […]

Specifying branch arguments to git fetch, merge, and push

If I am working on a branch of a repo, say devel, what is the difference between the following commands? In this case, I have already added an upstream remote: $ git fetch upstream devel From github.com:meteor/meteor * branch devel -> FETCH_HEAD and $ git fetch upstream remote: Counting objects: 500, done. remote: Compressing objects: […]

How to resolve this git merge conflict?

I am fairly new to resolving merge conflicts. What should I do in this case? Did the existing code get removed and the new (and very different) code replace it? Do I just delete the code between HEAD and ======== ? Or does this mean that HEAD has a new describe block (pool_availability_bv_callback) that I […]

Git files status of merge commits

What do the file status mean in git merge commits? Such as “MM”, “MA”, “AM”? One can see them using git log –merges –name-status -c One of the commits is like: commit 6be3b2d7d24e0ca90260d422b5e77775d88f459f Merge: 64c222b 87a5495 Author: Zhongpeng Lin <zpl@zebra.propulsion.lab> Date: Sat May 4 14:49:49 2013 -0700 refactor oauth to use events MM GameClient/src/GameClient.as MM […]

Find if my branch conflicts with any remote branch

Our company works with branch-per-feature approach. So each developer creates a new branch, hacks and pushes to shared-repo on server. The server repos’s post-receive hook will trigger the pull-request! Before I allow user to push to server I want to check if his/her branch gives conflict with any unmerged-with-master branch on server! Currently I gave […]

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