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How to move a subdirectory from a branch in one git repository to a branch in a different repository, preserving history?

I’ve got a directory containing utility libraries that were developed in a branch in one git repository, but it turns out they really belong in a different directory in a different project. I’ve read through and attempted Greg Bayer’s Moving Files from one Git Repository to Another, Preserving History multiple times, but I’m unable to […]

Intellij Diff and Merge tool on Cygwin

How can I configure git to use cygwin for diff and merge tool. I can successfully call diff on command line at windows command prompt but not for cygwin.

With git how can i merge a repository that has already been merged?

I have a repository that i pulled the changes for, so now it is up to date with the remote repository. Except that now i realized that i needed to pull all of that repositories changes and keep none of mine. I want to go back in history so that i won’t get an “Already […]

Two Git branch names pointing to the same branch?

I think I’ve got myself a strange little problem here… I’m still pretty new to git so please bare with me… I’ve created a bare git repository (“Core”), cloned from a pre-existing repo (“Production”) using gitflow. I’ve cloned that bare repo again into a non-bare repo (“Staged”), then re-initialized git flow in Staged (because it […]

Installing a folder from github

I’m trying to install a Rails plugin for Geany, which is files on github. The repository has a directory /geany which I have to merge with my own ~/.config/geany. Now I could just copy the files manually, but I want to retain the link so I can update. I had a look at both git […]

What is best way to structure code for git merging

What are some strategies that can be used in code so that it makes it easy to merge changes in git when multiple people are working on the code?

Git: Proper way of merging changes to an earlier commit (manually rewind and replay?)

I’m not sure what the correct way of addressing this scenario is in git, whatever I do I get weird results. I have a version X of a file, in commitish A. Over time, this file has been modified and is now at commitish A’. Someone emails me a file X’ which is a modified […]

Are cherry pick merges appropriate in this scheme?

Imagine a git repository that is structured as follows: Main branch – development for the next major release is done here Release branches – development on patches for releases is done here Hotfix branches – hotfix branches are branched off from release branches to fix release bugs for patches. Main ——————————–> \ Release o——–o \ […]

Merge repos while overwriting changes

I’ve got a HUGE project. I was assigned to redo the file structure so that it didn’t drive our devs insane. It’s all in GitHub, so I simply forked the project and made my changes. I’ve finished, and now want to pull my changes back in. However, some of our other devs committed to the […]

How to merge a branch that is not created of Master into Master in GIT

I created a branch ReleaseB from a commit off ReleaseA. ReleaseA was never merged into Master, but ReleaseA code is moved to PROD. So I took the PROD release commit off ReleaseA and created branch ReleaseB. What is the best way to merge ReleaseB to Master or bring Master uptodate with ReleaseB? Can I just […]

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