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Git marks entire file as conflicted when merging master into branch

Possible Duplicate: What's the best CRLF handling strategy with git? I’m currently working on a project where almost every time I merge master into my branch, I get merge conflicts where git says the entire file has changed. Often when I compare these files using Notepad++’s compare tool, it reports that only a couple of […]

Git clone repository into root of other repository?

If I have an empty repository git init and I want to pull in another repository to be used only for pulling in updates how can I do this if I want the files to be in the root directory? So, lets say: cd ~/repositories mkdir newrepo cd newrepo git init echo “testfile” > readme.md […]

git workflow for merging using fast-forward commits

I use git on several projects with many developers. My usual work flow is to branch locally for a specific feature/request, merge my changes to a local branch tracked upstream as a fast forward merge, and push changes. I always branch for even a single commit. I don’t ever commit locally on a branch I […]

Git merge issue(s)

I’m pretty new to git so I’m still getting my bearings with the tool. I have a “small” problem involving a merge. Basically the timeline is as follows: Did a rebase from SVN using git-svn bridge Had conflicts which I merged, but never committed Did other work…lots of it and committed a number of other […]

When does git pull cause merge between multiple branches?

I’m trying to understand the circumstances that caused git to merge a feature branch I was working on into the main develop branch after switching to the develop branch. I was able to revert the merge but it took the better part of a day to fully resolve and I’d like to avoid it in […]

How to fix the history in a wrong merge

I have a problem in Git that I am unable to fix. I have searched for similar cases but I was unable to find a good solution for my situation. I basically have 2 branches, master and bugfix. Bugfix is derived from master at a point when we’ve done a release. Every time we fix […]

Merge current branch into HEAD

Master HEAD has a few changes and I’m trying to merge my current local changes with the Head. Suppose I have conflicting changes. git just refuses to pull. It says I have conflicting changes, so in this case I expect it to tell me the files that have conflicts but it expects me to revert […]

Merging from local commits: up-to-date

I have master repository at server and i have local clone from this. I do at local: change test.txt git add test.txt git commit -m ‘test’ git push origin master after this i dont see changes at test.txt. at git status i see Changes to be committed: (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) modified: […]

Getting into rebase -> merge cycle with Git

I have a branch mainline tracking remote branch origin/mainline My local branch went out of sync with the remote branch so I did a git pull and now when i do a git status I get: Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/mainline’ by 2 commits. Now i want to squansh these into a single commit […]

Merge 2 branches in git ignoring branch in between?

I want to merge a branch into another branch selectively & then merge another branch ignoring 1 branch in between. How do I do this with Git? I am using Git Extensions for visual studio.

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