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Merge two similar Git repositories?

I have two repositories, one of which is a clone of the other. Essentially what happened was there was a first repo created (A) which then has had work and a bunch of history generated, and then a clone was taken by way of file copy but without creating a branch. The copied repo (B) […]

How to merge only once when master branch diverged?

let’s consider following scenario in local git repository that is synced with remote: ──(A)─┬─(B)── master │ └─(C)── branch after merge branch into master (locally, takes long time since (C)= many commits): ──(A)─┬─(B)─┬─(D)── master │ │ └─(C)─┘ branch During the merge this happened on the remote repository: ──(A)───(B)───(E)── master Now, I want to have this result: […]

git merge not creating merge commit, no MERGE_HEAD

Using Git on Linux, I have been working on two different branches based on master in parallel (call them A and B), and also created a third branch (call it M) which merges those two branches—so far with no non-merge commits of its own. After doing some work on one of the “primary” branches […]

Unable to auto Merge Git Pull request :: No Conflict

My team and I are experience some issues using github enterprise and I was hoping someone out there might have experience this problem. Our development workflow is straight forward, Developer creates a feature branch off of develop, makes changes and submits a pull request back into develop. The code is reviews and merged into develop. […]

.gitignored some files only recently; trying to merge into a previous branch, ignored files show up as conflicts

I had a branch devel from which I branched out A topic branch in the past. devel was always intended to be the parent of A (everything devel had/hadn’t should reflect in A). After a long time, I’ve added some files to .gitignore and updated the index of devel to reflect it. Now I’m trying […]

Can I work on a branch with patches merged from another branches?

I’m not exactly sure what this is called or if it’s a bad idea, so please educate me if I’m going about asking the wrong question. I have a codebase that I’m helping to improve which I’ve cloned from github. I wanted to start by cleaning up some of the obvious warnings being reported by […]

How to fetch and merge from URL into a project from zip file, using git?

I downloaded a big zip file from Github, months ago. I decided to change some parts of the project. I unzipped the file contents and made a mistake and executed these lines: git init git add . git commit -a git fetch https://github.com/Path_To_Project This last line downloaded a big amount of data, which I thought […]

Is it neccessary to update git branch before merging it to develop / master?

Consider a scenario in which I have created a branch from master called “Feature 1”. My friend also created a branch from master called “Feature 2”. He finished his code changes and merged “Feature 2” branch back to master. Now I have completed my changes in “Feature 1” branch and want to merge back to […]

Ignore reverted changes during merge

My commit-tree described below: –(+A)–(+B)-+-(-B)–(+E)–(master: AE) \ +–(+C)–(+D)–(branch: ABCD) Some changes have been reverted in master. We need to merge the changes from the branch to master reverting reverted commit. Does one-step way exists? Or only one way is cherry-pick (B) to master before merging the branch? P.S. Final master must look like: (ABCDE) – […]

Do I need to checkout and pull a remote git branch before I merge it in?

My normal process for merging in develop to my feature\my-feature branch is: name@home ~/myRepo (feature/my-feature) $ git checkout develop $ git pull $ git checkout feature/my-feature $ git merge develop $ git mergetool Can this be replaced with: name@home ~/myRepo (feature/my-feature) $ git fetch $ git merge origin/develop $ git mergetool Does fetch retrieve enough […]

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