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Git merge conflict

I’ve recently started using Git. I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I was working on something, that I committed, but when I went to push the commits I got a merge conflict. I pressed some stuff and somehow, the git repository has my commit as the head, and the work that was pushed […]

Merge local files than pushing to git

So, I have a cloned repo on my machine.(folder A). And I have another folder in which my files are updated, but it is not a git repo.(folder B). I would like to merge all files and folders from folder B with folder A (which is my cloned repo). The rest is easy, just git […]

Committing same file to different forks. Will this cause problems?

In short, I am a designer on an engineering team that is working on multiple forks. I would like my team to always be using the latest iOS app icon, but I don’t want to burden them by asking them to swap the art out every other day. My first thought was that I should […]

How much can i delete a file from a git branch?

There are many threads in SO about tracking different files in different branches. Since git eases deployment too, people try to add deployment specific secret files to an in-house branch and the problem discussed in those threads will arise. One possible suggested solution is using submodule. I prefer to avoid it. So by extending this […]

How to fork two git branches around failed merge

I have the following situation in my git repository at the moment. HEAD — 0 — 1 — … — 3 — 5 master \– 2 — … — 4 –/ branch-1 The branch “branch-1” has been forked from the master some time ago (see commit 5). At commit 0 I wanted to merge it […]

GIT how to update branches with different files

I’m having a master branch with english texts and another branch called german_translation. The german branch is identical with the master branch – but the german branch has an additional folder /value-de with one file in it strings.xml. When adding new stuff to the master branch, I want to update the german branch with the […]

Git subtree post hook

I would like to be able to update subtrees automatically. I have one repo that consists solely of subtrees from third-party repos, and would like to use a post hook to update these whenever the main repo is pulled.

How to make git to save different versions of a conflicted file into the workspace

In SVN if there is a conflict, the different versions of the conflicted file are saved to the workspace with postfixes. Can I have this in Git as well? I should now hold some training about TortoiseGit, and if a binary conflict occurs, I don’t see any simple option to have the different versions of […]

Git squash commits with interactive rebase with merge commits between

I have a test repository with the following history: commit eb4a4d52a8fe6abdebb93c7747beac2d511003af (HEAD, master) Merge: 22f849c 94e27d1 Author: Your Name Date: Mon Jan 27 00:51:42 2014 +0100 Merge branch ‘cheryr’ Conflicts: FILE commit 22f849c403b6cdf43280e66e937931bf9d0ab25a Author: Your Name Date: Sun Jan 26 21:01:35 2014 +0100 4 toto commit 94e27d1c78833784619e25eeb8e0186f154f2282 (cheryr) Author: Your Name Date: Mon Jan 27 […]

Trying to understand advanced git branching

I’m trying to play with Git branching in order to create feature out of the master, but I too often end up messing my git repository :/ I searched on Stack Overflow about what I’m trying to achieve, and often I can find how to merge/branch/revert/etc but not in the workflow I’m facing, which is, […]

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