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Git conflicts with JSON files

Our website is localized using a bunch of JSON files with translations (one file per language). The content of the files looks like this: { “Password”: “Passwort”, “Tables”: “Tische” } Many team members edit these JSON files at the same time, adding new phrases and editing existing ones, and we get lots of conflicts even […]

Git avoiding “merge branch master”

A colleague and I are using git with a single remote origin repository. We both Commit local then push to origin. As we are working there is naturally some divergence as especially my colleague doesn´t fetch / pull often. Once its time to push to origin i would suspect we can merge local, then push […]

Git: How to “undo” a merge

The situation: Starting with the Master at A I branched and made some changes at B then merged that branch back in (C). After making some more changes I was at D but found I needed to deploy the code without the changes that happened in the branch. If I hand’t merged it that would […]

undoing git merge after merge.renameLimit warning plus conflicts

I am trying to do a merge squash from a devel branch into the master. stefanos-imac:trunk borini$ git merge –squash devel CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in test1 warning: inexact rename detection was skipped due to too many files. warning: you may want to set your merge.renamelimit variable to at least 2224 and retry the command. […]

Override author on git merge

Is there an option like –author of git-commit for git-merge? We maintain a staging environment where some changes must be performed. Some limitations make us to use only one linux user to access staging environment. Anyway, we are a small team with cooperative initiative and we tell when doing commits, which one is the author […]

git – Same file added by both branches causes weird merge conflict

I currently have two branches I am working on. Because of a software update I had to completly change the folder structre. Therefore I moves the files in both branches. Now I reached a point where I want to merge my working branch into my master branch. The problem is that there are merge conflicts […]

Keeping a branch up to date with master

I have a remote repository that I’ve pulled and am branching from. I want to keep the new branch up to date with changes done to master. I’m thinking about the workflow below, does it make sense or are there are better ways to do this? Initial branching and checkout: git checkout master git pull […]

How to set no “fast forward” as default when using git merge

From the git book: You’ll notice the phrase “Fast forward” in that merge. Because the commit pointed to by the branch you merged in was directly upstream of the commit you’re on, Git moves the pointer forward. To phrase that another way, when you try to merge one commit with a commit that can be […]

Unmerge a git branch, keeping post-merge commits

Say there are two branches master and branchA. I work on master, a friend on branchA. Once things are finalized, we merge branchA with master. After several commits on the merged master, the client wants the work done on branchA removed, but NOT the commits done after the merge. How can we do it?

Merging subtree changes – fatal: invalid path 'somefile_BASE_20704.cs'

I have three repos – names changed for clarity: SharedStuff, ProjectA and ProjectB Both of the projects are using git-subtree to maintain a local copy of SharedStuff. They both have made local changes that I’m trying to merge up centrally, test, then merge back out to each again. I’ve run this on the ProjectA repo: […]

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